Tourist information about the village of Nikolaevka in Crimea

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General information

Отдых в Николаевке

Mykolaivka (Nikolaevka) – a small village on the West coast of the Crimea, 45 km from Simferopol airport (mykolaivka on the map of the Crimea). It is about halfway between Sevastopol and Evpatoria, but it is part of the Simferopol area. The village is quite small, with a population of less than three thousand people, but in the high tourist season, the number living there greatly increases. The city has many hotels, restaurants, cafes, shops, a disco.

Rest in Nikolaevka

>Отдых в Николаевке

On the website you can read enthusiastic descriptions of the village as an ideal place for vacation in the Crimea with the perfect beaches, lots of entertainment and excellent infrastructure. However, in reality things are not so simple, and a rest in Nikolaevka has its pros and cons.

Mykolaivka is primarily a beach vacation. In fact, budget vacation by the sea is the only reason to go here. No sights here at all, and a bit of entertainment: mostly cafes, bars and discos and a bit of beach activities. The beauty of the nature the village is no different: around the desert, no mountains, little greenery. The village itself is also plain, without architecture, beautiful waterfront, monuments and sculptures. If you are used to while in the evenings stroll along the beautiful promenade or the tourist strip, here you will be disappointed, nothing there. Another of the downsides of the village is not very nice beach, too narrow and poorly maintained. On weekends, residents of Simferopol and Sevastopol are coming here EN masse to rest on the sea, while arranging right on the beach, picnics, alcohol, and the night the drunk companies are moving to bars and night clubs. Even a sense of celebration and rest in Nikolaevka can slightly mess up all sorts of unpleasant things like sticking out of concrete blocks on the beach, rusty fittings, broken and crowded to the top of the "waste" of public toilets near the beaches, etc. In General, seasoned travelers here might feel that they were in the past, 20 years or more ago, perhaps even during the Soviet era. But if such trifles do not frighten, vacation in Nikolaevka can be to your taste.

The same advantage of the village is low prices. Choice of budget accommodation and guesthouses very big budget to eat in restaurants and canteens. Entertainment here is also cheaper than in neighbouring more developed resorts. Is warm sea, which warms up sooner than in Yalta and other resorts of the East coast. The water is mostly calm, the waves small, and moderately transparent. Infrastructure in the village for such a small settlement developed perfectly. However, keep in mind that in high season all the stops here, and if you arrive too early in may or early July, or linger until September, there is simply nothing else will do, all closed.

In General, summing up, we can say this: if you are not very important to the quality of the service, resort comfort, availability of activities and attractions, a beautiful beach, if only it was clean and warm sea for a little money, then the Vita will suit you perfectly. Otherwise, it is better to go on vacation in Evpatoria (sandy beaches, lots of entertainment for children), or to the resorts of the South coast (pebble beaches, very beautiful mountain scenery, many attractions).

Infrastructure in Nikolaevka

Продажа экскурсий в Николаевке Selling tours in Nikolaevka

As we mentioned, the infrastructure in Nikolaevka, including tourism, has developed well. Here a large number of hotels and a large Fund of housing in the short term, many restaurants, cafes, canteens and even disco. In the village there are no shopping centers, but a lot of shops with basic necessities and food. And if you can't find in stores what you need, is likely to find it on one of the two Rykov, selling everything from fresh fruit to electronics. There is also a ATM and a branch of the Bank RNCB. Excursions can be purchased from distributors on the streets, in travel agencies and in hotels.

Of cultural institutions there is a concert hall, culture house, cinema.

Beaches in Nikolaevka

Пляж в Николаевке, Крым The beach in mykolayivka

The sea is nice, calm, water is clean, because there are no ports and industries. But the beaches of Nikolayevka is one of the weak points of the resort and that's and understatement. Beautiful and cozy beach town seem just the most unassuming tourists.

The length of the coast in the village about 3 kilometers, and borders the beach never ends and stretches on for miles. Almost everywhere on the shores of pebbles, sometimes sand, in the center of pebbles mixed with imported sand. There are huge boulders and piles of rocks. The bottom is pebbly everywhere, under water across slippery moss covered stones and concrete slabs. The slope of the bottom is different everywhere, there are places with shallow waters ideal for children.

The beach is mostly narrow, only in the center (opposite the bus station and Lenin street) there is a wide spacious plot, which is always crowded with tourists, especially on weekends. Almost all along the narrow beach strip old concrete fortifications, in places torn down, with them sticking out of rusty rebar. In other places concrete blocks "trapped" water in the sea, and they "delight" travelers under water. Thanks to all that concrete strip of beach at high tide becomes very narrow, and some where the water rises directly to the concrete strengthening, leaving quite place to stay.

Infrastructure on the beaches almost none, only chairs and umbrellas for rent. To go to the restroom in the nearest cafe, or going further inland, to change clothes anywhere. There is entertainment: rental of catamarans, water motorcycles, banana boating. More or less beautiful beaches is the area near the base of rest "SKIF", but it kinds of spoil the rusty fences and crumbling concrete fortifications.

Panorama of beach in mykolayivka

Hotels and accommodation where to stay in mykolayivka

In Nikolaevka very large selection of inexpensive accommodation options. Please note that we are talking about a large number of budget options, rather than that the prices here are lower than on other resorts of Crimea. Only here there are about a hundred hotels and guesthouses, a few resorts, and a large number of rented a room in the private sector.

The price of accommodation in the budget options in the private sector starting from 300 rubles per person per day, or 1,000 rubles per family 2+2. Usually for a minimal price you get a tiny room with a couple of old beds and chairs, TV with toilet in the best case on the floor or even on the street. For a room with air conditioning, good furniture, separate toilet and bathroom already have to pay up to 2000 rubles. And for placement on the first line with access will have to pay 2,500 rubles. The prices greatly vary depending on the season. So if at the beginning or the end of the season (may, June, September, October) you can rent a decent room for two for 1500 rubles, that in high season the price jumps up to 4000 or higher. So if possible, we recommend you to book comfortable rooms in advance before the start of the season to lock in the price, otherwise you'll have to choose from cheap enough comfort options.

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

Search and book hotels or accommodation in mykolayivka are best at the following sites, because only they provided the most options for accommodation:

Search and book hotels in mykolayivka

Hotels in mykolaivka on the map

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Attractions in Nikolaevka

Монумент в Николаевке Monument in Nikolaevka

Attractions in Nikolaevka none at all. Symbolically you can see the Church of St. Nicholas and visit the memorial to soldiers of the great Patriotic war, and nothing more. On the streets from distributors and hotels offer package tours to tourist attractions in all corners of Crimea. You can go by bus in one day in Sevastopol, Evpatoria, Simferopol, or, and see the sights and interesting places there. See:

Entertainment in Mykolayiv fared better than the sights. In high season, in July and August, on the beach appear inflatable slides, water bikes, riding the bananas. Offers horseback riding lessons and horse riding (1 hour from 1000 rubles). You can rent a bike or ATV and explore the area, however, if the objective, nothing interesting and beautiful around the village to see fail. In summer, the area near the center of the amusement Park "Lunapark", but in some years he could not come.

In Nikolaevka there is an Aquarium. In a small basement on St. Lenina 2A are several common cubic aquarium with local and exotic species of fish and amphibians, a crocodile and turtles. The admission prices are somewhat high (400 rubles), but because more especially to go nowhere, once you can visit here.

For adults in the evening beginning to work a variety of bars and discos everywhere heard music.

Keep in mind that at the beginning or at the end of the season (may, June, September) many of these opportunities do not work.

Weather, tourist seasons in Nikolaevka

Like other resorts of the Crimea, the high tourist season here runs from may to October. Water for comfortable bathing warms up here earlier than at other resorts of the Western coast of Crimea, so the swimming season opens here in mid-June, and peak season is July and August.

Seasons in Nikolaevka months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in mykolaivka and forecast

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