Tourist information about the village of mysovoye in the Crimea

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Татарский пляж, село Мысовое Tatar beach, mysovoye

Mysovoye (Mysovoe) is a small village on the shore of the sea of Azov in the Crimea, is situated 180 kilometers from airport, 100 kilometers from Kerch bridge to the mainland, and only a few kilometers from the most popular Crimean resort on the Azov sea coast – the city of ShChelkino (on the map). The population of a Cape less than 500 people.

All the beaches are sandy, shallow, perfect for even the youngest children. That is why in this resort village go on vacation families with children to relax in a quiet, rustic atmosphere. Unlike neighboring resort mysove, there are no traditional tourist attractions, to do besides relaxing on the beach nothing at all. But you can pass only 2 km from Shelkino, where there is a tourist center with cafes, disco and children's rides.

Mysovoye is located on two coast of the Cape, and great beaches there are two. On the West side is the beach in the Bay is Russian, which, without interruption, stretches for three kilometres from Shelkino. In this part of the village is a large part of the infrastructure, namely, mini-market, three stores, a cafe, and the best in the County pizzeria "Felicita". Another shop is on the road about midway between the shores.

On the Eastern side of the promontory is the beach of the Tatar. This is a very long sandy beach. Just imagine a sandy beach here stretches for 30 kilometers. But in this part of the village there is almost nothing but a few abandoned lodges and camps, kite boarding school, but no civilized of accommodation options and shops. If you stay here, every time the products will have to go to the center of the village on the other side. Another feature of this beach - constant wind. If you decide to stay here in a tent, be prepared for the fact that the wind will "torment" you, even at night. But for lovers of kite and Windsurfing on the beach simply heavenly.

Lovers to retire to sunbathe in the Nude will find many secluded beaches around the perimeter of Cape Kazantip, a sanctuary, which at the same time is the main and only attraction of the resort.

To stay on vacation in mysovoye in one of the few guest houses or pensions, or in the homes of local residents, who rent them to tourists during the high season. If you like tenting, you can camp right in the Tatar beach.

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

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How to get to the village of mysovoye

Mysovoye – the village is so small that there's no buses from other cities of the Crimea, with the exception of the district center Lenine. Therefore, all of the trails here lead through shcholkine (see how to get to Shelkino). When you arrive at the bus terminal mysove, to the right place in mysovoye can be reached on foot (2 kilometer to the center), on a rare passing buses from Lenine (7 times a day), well, or taxi.

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