Jellyfish in the Crimea, whether they should be wary

Dangerous jellyfish in the Crimea

In the two seas surrounding the Peninsula of the Crimea, sometimes there are large concentrations of jellyfish. Fortunately, much you mustn't fear them as deadly poisonous species here not found. From a meeting with Medusa in Black or Azov sea may burn comparable to a burn of the nettles, and more.

Where and when you can find jellyfish in the Crimea

For the most part, jellyfish are found in the Black sea and the Azov puts them over or storms.

The appearance of clusters of jellyfish of any kind on a particular stretch of coast depends, in the first place, from the direction of the currents and water temperature. Comerota, for example, prefer cool water and rarely approach the beaches. Aurelia and ctenophores, by contrast, are found in shallow water often enough.


Burns from the tentacles of jellyfish can be quite painful, allergic reactions are possible. Do not touch the jellyfish, it is better to stay a few meters away from her. Also, do not take up a beached, dead creature: the poison in the stinging cells may still be active.

What to do for burns from contact with the jellyfish

The burn is washed with salt water, vinegar, or ammonia, is cooled and shelter from the sun. You can also be treated with a decoction of chamomile or panthenol.

Usually the trace of the contact with the tentacles will disappear after a day or two. If the burning sensation is very strong or noticeably deteriorated – contact to the clinic.

Species of jellyfish of the Crimea

In the Crimean seas is home to three species of jellyfish: kornerot, Aurelia and Mnemiopsis. They differ in appearance, and the degree of possible damage to health from meeting with them.

  • Kornerot (Rhizostoma pulmo) – a rather large jellyfish with a bell-shaped dome thick body and korepodobnaya of the oral lobes. Color from pink to purple and blue. Lives in Black sea, in shallow waters rarely comes up, especially with large animals. Touching the tentacles can lead to significant burn, comparable to the feeling of nettles.
  • Long-eared Aurelia (Aurelia aurita) – almost transparent small jellyfish, the diameter seldom exceeds 40 cm Is the upper part of the body four characteristic ring-shaped spots and a barely noticeable thin fringe of tentacles along the bottom edge of the dome. Unpleasant sensations can arise only in contact with the tentacles in the eyes or on the mucous membrane of the lips and mouth. Inhabit mainly waters of the Black sea, is sometimes found in the sea of Azov.
  • The Mnemiopsis (Mnemiopsis leidyi) - non-hazardous to human jellyfish Ctenophora. SAC, devoid of tentacles the body is usually not more than 10 cm in length. Capable of emitting a colored glow, which is the cause of so-called "phosphoric" in late July – early August.
    Common to both shores of the Crimean sea.

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