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Curative mud of the Crimea

Лечебные грязи Крыма

No matter how far stepped medicine, in the treatment of many diseases remain the most effective means known to mankind since ancient times. Mud therapy – one of the most ancient ways of healing. Millennia ago, Egyptian doctors treated their colds and skin diseases, advise patients as a means to strengthen the bones, gives strength and increases immunity. And beauty of ancient times used the dirt to rejuvenate.

Among the Crimean therapeutic muds are among the most valuable in the world. Thus, the content of nutrients in the mud of Saki lake is several times higher than the world-famous Dead sea.

About the unique properties of the local mud written hundreds of volumes of scientific works. But before the end of the secret healing power of muds is not already open. Silty mud of the Peninsula was formed over millions of years but very quickly consumed the modern world. So if you want to take advantage of their healing power, you should hurry, since it is possible that in a few decades all their reserves in Crimea may dry up.

How to treat mud

  • Treatment in institutions

    A mud treatment can be obtained at any Spa. Most of them are located in area of Yevpatoriya, Saki. It is the most effective and safe way. Under the supervision of doctors of dirt will have the most effective impact and will not cause harm. And the latter is very important since there are so many contraindications in their use. For example, the mud of certain types cannot be used for cancer, active tuberculosis, arrhythmia, pregnancy, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, angina, cirrhosis of the liver, bleeding wounds.

  • Self

    Лечебные грязи Крыма

    Despite all the warnings from experts, residents and tourists use the mud for self-treatment. Access to most lakes, including those to the most effective Saki, is open to applicants. Sometimes there are warning signs on the prohibition of self-treatment and the use of mud, but they in fact do not work.

    The mud is extracted from the bottom of lakes, and, usually, it is under a layer of dirt and sand. On the shores of the Black sea of volcanic mud can be extracted directly from the cliffs along the banks. Inexperience is easy to confuse the real mud and just clay or silt. Real mud has a very rich black color (or gray-blue) and may have a distinct smell of hydrogen sulphide (rotten eggs). The consistency is very thick like clay and the water does not break.

    On popular lakes, which are usually a lot of wishing to carry out self-treatment, you will have to move away from the coast for hundreds of meters to find the real mud. Fortunately, the lake is not deep, rarely deeper than one meter, even in the center. For the collection of a therapeutic composition is best with him to take water capacity (often used simply cut a plastic bottle, you can find a lot of them on the banks), and to put it in "production". The procedures should be performed on shore and not in the water. To recruit and take the dirt home not much point, as it quickly loses its properties. And yet, take on self fresh water, then to wash off the brine and dry salt.

    Spread on the banks of the joints, sore spots, wounds a layer of dirt. No need to apply a very thick layer, thin in self-medication would be safer. Next you need to wait a while, then rinse with salt water and rinsed with fresh. No need to wait until the mud is completely dry, it is not the right approach. In hot Sunny weather you can even cover the area with plastic wrap so the dirt does not dry out instantly. What is important for different types of muds it is necessary to observe the maximum time of treatment, and then delete it. Read more about the treatment each kind below. Mud is used for treatment of internal (vaginally and rectally), but we are extremely rekomenduetsa to conduct a self-similar treatment.

    And again that mud cannot be used for cancer, active tuberculosis, arrhythmia, pregnancy, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, angina, cirrhosis of the liver, bleeding wounds.

  • Purchase dirt

    There is a third method of treatment is to buy dirt at the pharmacy, but use it strictly in accordance with the enclosed instructions. The effectiveness of such treatment is much lower, but at least you don't hurt yourself. The greatest effect of such treatment is cosmetic.

Types of therapeutic muds

  • Blue clay

    Blue clay of the Crimea is of volcanic origin. It is the ash of the volcanic eruption which occurred on the Peninsula seventy million years ago. Once in a hostile environment, which is salt water, fly ash interacted with dissolved substances and gradually turned into a soapy clay – Kil. It is also called "bentonite" and "carfecillin", "breather", the "soap stone", "skin", "mylivka".

    In fact, this clay is not always blue, often comes across as gray. It can be distinguished from simple dirt both by color and by the fact that in water it becomes slippery and sudsy. You can find on the bottom of the lake Oyburskiy, on the shores of the Black sea in the areas of volcanoes: Cape Chameleon in Koktebel; the shore in Kurortne, Feodosia in the Large; in the walleye beneath the castle wall; at the foot of mount Echki-Dag from the beach Fox Bay; the bays near the village of Ordzhonikidze. On the coast it is usually found in the form of a solid dried layers and stones, which at first glance is not so easy to distinguish it is real stone. But it is necessary to exert a little effort to such "rock" as it breaks.

    Professor N. P.Buglak, many years studying the properties of blue clay and is the author of the recommendations for its use in the Crimean health resorts, says: "Despite the uniqueness of the Qila, and its efficiency is comparable to the black mud of the Dead sea, a panacea it is not. Unlike muds, clay not load the body, but because of contraindications, not so much. But absolutely can not use it for tuberculosis, neoplasms, cardiovascular, infectious diseases, tendencies to bleeding. Absolutely contraindicated in the treatment a Tr at the elevated temperature of the body."

    Healing properties of blue clay are greatly exaggerated by marketers, who sell it as a finished product. We can say that it is more cosmetic than therapeutic. With the clay that is sold in stores and pharmacies, is at least three times less effective than extracted from nature. Besides, there are many fakes.

    The effectiveness of pinolene proven in such cases:

    • rehabilitation of patients with cerebral palsy and patients in post-traumatic conditions of the spinal cord;
    • neuritis, polyneuritis;
    • lumbago;
    • radiculitis, muscular dystrophy;
    • gynecological and urological problems;
    • eczema and psoriasis;
    • acne and furunculosis;
    • cosmetic procedures, including non-mechanical methods of rejuvenation.

    Blue clay is used for external applications and mud baths and internal treatment. Thus it is necessary to observe some simple rules:

    • the exposure duration should not exceed 20 minutes and no more than three treatments per day;
    • not to use keel in the sun;
    • an hour before the procedure to eat, and after the procedure to rest a half hour.

    The course of treatment – not less than two weeks. Overdose not scary – clay will be taken from the body only garbage, nothing more. Once used mud for re-use is not necessary.

  • Black dirt

    Black mud of the Crimea (iodobromide, sulphide, silt) is much more efficient blue clay is added to the treatment. Herodotus described the efficacy of therapeutic lake mud from the shores of Tauris. In the early nineteenth century, Felix de Serra, the French scientist, examined it, and since then began the history of the Crimea, as the Peninsula resort.

    The muds of Crimea is extremely powerful in its effects on the body. Composition is a complex complex, valuable for the body chemical and biological substances, including hormones, biogenic stimulators, and penicillinate vitamin-like substance. Under the influence of mud complicated processes are happening in all the systems of the human body, resulting in aktiviziruyutsya forces able to overcome the disease.

    The content of lipids, vitamins and amino acids in the Crimean mud in two and sometimes three times higher than in muds of the Dead sea. They are used in:

    • the list of diseases of the musculoskeletal system – up to 75% of cases cure*;
    • diseases of the nervous (Central and peripheral) and respiratory systems – recovery occurs in 69% of cases;
    • gynecological and urological diseases, infertility and 42% of the cases of healing;
    • eye and dental disease – 87% positive outcomes;
    • skin problems, including psoriasis – 98% efficiency of use.

    * The effectiveness of the treatment specified in accordance with the research scientists of Kharkiv University. Karazin.

    Rules for the use of black curative mud of the Crimea:

    • Black dirt should be applied for no more than 10% of the body surface;
    • While single session should not exceed 10 minutes, three times a day, the course is not more than 14 days;
    • Not be applied in the region of the heart;
    • Apply preferably in the morning or in the evening. In the sun the application is not desirable;
    • Take an hour after meals, but not on an empty stomach;
    • After ingestion rinse with lake water or sea water, then washed in fresh water and rest for about 1.5 hours.

    Often the mud have an effect in cases where traditional methods are powerless. In particular, ankylosing spondylitis can be defeated only with the help of mud. But there are serious contraindications: neoplasms, tuberculosis, conditions after stroke and myocardial infarction, hypertension, fibroids, fibroids, cysts, varicose veins, hemorrhoids.

    Treatments mud application and abdominal (rectal and vaginal). Treatment has the right to appoint only a subject matter expert. Self-treatment can have undesirable consequences. In some cases, after mud therapy in sanatorium conditions may exacerbate the disease. It is a balneological reaction and is a direct indication of the effectiveness of the treatment.

Where to find in the Crimea mud

Mainly the mud is extracted from the bottom of the salt lakes, the geography of which stretches around the Western coast of the Peninsula, but they are not exhaustive. On the Peninsula there are 34 lakes with healing mud, and most of them are concentrated in the areas of Yevpatoriya (including Saki), Tarkhankut to the Kerch Peninsula and in the Northern district of Sochi. You can also find "healing" volcanic clay on the East coast of Crimea. Among all the lakes of the 14 officially recognized by the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 11.12.1996, No. 1499 "On approval of the list of water resources that are related to the category of medical" treatment according to the results of analysis of samples of mud and brine.

Here are the most famous places:

  • Saki lake

    Saki lake on the map.

    This is the most famous medicinal lake and its mud are the most useful and the only in the Crimea, used for medical purposes. The mud here is black. In Soviet times, near the lake built a few resorts that are still operating. The town became a resort and even more: speaking of "Saki" every Soviet citizen meant mud. Today you can come here as to a sanatorium and to take useful treatments under medical supervision, or independently to extract the dirt from the bottom and carry out the procedure.

  • Chokrak lake

    Chokrak lake on the map.

    This lake is considered the second most useful properties on the Peninsula, but it is far less popular and practically equipped. It's as well as Saks officially considered a treatment. Kerchenskom located on the Peninsula near the tiny village Resort (not to be confused with the town of Spa in the Big Feodosia). There are no specialized sanatoriums medical staff, and therefore the use of the wonderful properties of this lake is usually carried out by vacationers themselves. The mud here is black, saturated with hydrogen sulphide.
  • Oyburskiy and Adiabatique lake

    Oyburskiy lake on the map and Adiabatique lake on the map.

    A large Deposit of mud is near Evpatoria, between the villages of Popovka and Storm. First map of the Peninsula looks more than impressive. The second, located at a distance of 50 meters, size is much less and has a composition of the brine. Both lakes are reported between underground streams, but differ in the composition of silty mud. Oyburskiy contains blue clay, and aji – iodide-bromine black dirt. Efficiency exerted on the human body, these dirt have no analogues in the world. During the war they even took on the best Bavarian and German scientists studied the miraculous properties of these natural ointments.

  • Lake Dzharylgach

    Dzharylgach on the map.

    Around the lake there is no infrastructure for the qualified use of mud under the supervision of doctors. With this dirt, though not among the most active, can be used in therapeutic, cosmetic and Wellness purposes. Dzharylgach officially recognized by the medical.

  • Moinakskoye lake

    Moinakskoye lake on the map.

    Located on the outskirts of the city and it was the first medical lake, famous resort for its black mud. Unfortunately, today because of the influence of man and nature, the lake has become more fresh and considerably lost its healing properties. But locals and tourists still happy to get dirt from the bottom and coated them, especially since the harm to health is difficult, because their therapeutic effect is negligible.

  • Uzunlarskoe lake

    Uzunlarskoe lake on the map.

    This lake has not escaped desalination and lost its healing properties, although the dirt is still there in large quantities. Officially therapeutic.

  • Tobechiksky lake

    Tobechiksky lake on the map.

    In the Eastern part of the lake (the side closer to the sea) there are great deposits of black mud, of volcanic origin, pushed up to the mud volcanoes located in the bottom of the lake. Similar in composition with the mud of the Chokrak lake and also officially considered a treatment.

  • Lake Sivash

    Lake Sivash on the map.

    This huge lake or Bay separated from the sea of Azov by the Arabatskaya arrow and connected with it by a narrow Strait. It mud have a mild medicinal effect, therefore, can be used for self-treatment, of course, subject to all maximum time for the black dirt.

  • Lake Sasyk-Sivash

    Lake Sasyk-Sivash on the map.

    It is the largest lake in the Crimea, except for the lake Sivash along the Arabat spit, which is actually correctly considered the Bay. Sasyk-Sivash is better known to tourists as the scenic pink lake, but the therapeutic black mud here, too, abound. Although it is located near the city of Saki and Yevpatoria, medical institutions on its shores, and there is only self-treatment. Convenient beaches for self-treatment are located in the Coastal village. Officially therapeutic.

    This lake also has Northern freshwater part, which is separated from the salt by a narrow Causeway. Getting fresh water in the salty part of the threatened loss of the therapeutic properties.

  • Clerical lake

    Clerical lake on the map.

    It is a small lake estuary on the outskirts of the Village officially is not curative, but local residents and tourists enjoy is extracted from the bottom of black mud treatment in the open air. The lake is very shallow, you can move it almost knee-deep in water.

  • Cape Chameleon

    Cape Chameleon on the map.

    This Cape near a Quiet Bay in Koktebel consists almost entirely of deposits of blue clay.

  • The Village Resort

    Dirt in Kurortne on the map.

    On the shores of the resort village there are a few places with blue clay. Quite a lot of volcanic clay is produced whether the path along the shore from the village to the beach Fox Bay and further along the Bay at the foot of mount Echki-Dag.

  • Feodosiya

    Dirt in Feodosiya on the map.

    On the outskirts of Feodosia there is a wild beach at Cape Distemper. The healing properties of volcanic mud on this beach is not proven, but locals have long used it for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes.

  • Sudak

    Sudak on the map.

    At the foot of the fortress of Sudak there are deposits of blue clay.

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