Where better to go for a vacation with children in Crimea

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Отдых в Крыму с детьми

In Crimea, a lot of resorts and beaches, but not all of them suitable for comfortable rest with children. Unfortunately, objectively, we should admit that the infrastructure for the rest of the Peninsula is very weak, and especially this sensitive children. It is possible to be on a beautiful beach with a warm sea, but in the absence of children's entertainment this holiday will be a real torture for the children and will be spoiled for parents. Let's see, where do you go on vacation in the Crimea with the children, and where a child should not go.

The best beaches for children

If you and your children most importantly – the beaches and the sea, and you are willing to put up with the lack of attractions, poor infrastructure and lack of facilities, then, of course, the choice to start with the beach.

In Crimea there are sandy and pebble beaches.

Even safe for children important depth and water temperature. Just out of competition the beaches of the Azov sea, which is very small and well heated. However, in the early season (may and June) the Azov sea is still too cool, because North is Black, but in high season the water is very warm. Is also very attractive beaches of Evpatoria with clean fine sand and well-developed infrastructure. In Yalta on the popular children's beaches from the coast you can step back a hundred meters, and the water barely comes to the waist. That is why Yalta is always a huge number of tourists with children.

Where is the best infrastructure for children

Отдых в Крыму с детьми

To make children happy during the holidays not only sea and beaches, but also entertainment on many resorts of the Crimea, but, unfortunately, not at all. If you want to treat the kids rides, trips to the cinema, Dolphinarium or water Park, is constantly in the atmosphere of fun and celebration should be very carefully approach the choice of location. Here's our ranking of the most suitable places for children where they will not be bored:

  • Yevpatoriya

    Ideal for children, perhaps the best in the Crimea. There are a lot of children's entertainment, the infrastructure is adjusted young tourists, a lot of children's sanatoriums. The beach here is sandy, season to clean. Perhaps the only disadvantage of the index – not too many natural beauties around the steppe, little greenery and no scenic mountains. Oh, and, the accommodation prices here are quite high.

  • Yalta

    The most developed and popular for recreation city of the Peninsula, but for children it has everything you could wish for. On the waterfront in the center of a lot of amusement and constant fun, so the atmosphere of fun and celebration is assured. Also in Yalta is a zoo, water Park, aquarium and much more. Of the minuses, perhaps, only pebbly beaches, which will appeal not every child. Prices for accommodation are lower than in Yalta.

  • Sudak

    In Sudak, a good quay, on which and near which there are rides and a children's amusement Park, there is a Dolphinarium and a water Park. Entertainment in General is not very much, but in season there is an atmosphere of celebration and fun, in addition, the city is clean and well maintained. You can go on a tour of the Sudak fortress, taxi ride in the cozy village of Novy Svet and walk there even available for the kids walking the trail Golitsyn, and those that are older, to go Hiking on mount Karaul-Oba. The beaches in Sudak pebble, mixed with sand.

  • Feodosiya

    Feodosiya is quite suitable for families with children, especially if you stay near the center. There is a children's Park, offer simple rides, a promenade, but even Sudak Feodosiya inferior. The beaches here are pebble mixed with sand.

  • Big Yalta

    Big Yalta includes the resorts of Gurzuf, Gaspra, Koreiz, Mishor, Alupka, Simeiz, foros and others. All of this is a small and peaceful resort towns in which almost nothing for kids (not counting the town of Gurzuf, day of the children's camp Artek), and the atmosphere is predominantly rural. But what is good with the centre of Yalta, these towns are connected by public transport, and if to live not too far from the city center, you can get out to have some fun in the city. But keep in mind that the buses run not so often, and comfortable to call them very difficult.

  • Zaozernoe

    The settlement Zaozernoe near Yevpatoria, a 25-minute bus ride away. Here quiet environment, the infrastructure as a whole to stay there. The beach is sandy and very long. But with children's entertainment is really bad. Fortunately, thanks to the proximity and accessibility of Yalta by public transport, it is possible to consider a drink as something between a quiet village and developed resorts of Evpatoria.

  • Atrek

    About the children's camp Artek in hurzuf in Yalta not to mention impossible. But if you stay in Gurzuf, access to entertainment Artek your children to not be able to. Everything in Artek, goes only to the children of Artek, and beyond, in the village for children entertainment quite a bit.

When to go with children in Crimea

The first guests start arriving on the beaches of the Crimea in may, but in the beginning of the tourist season the children will not be comfortable and cool. June also still too cold period: the water is not warmed up, sometimes the bad weather and cold snap. It is best to go with the children to the Crimea in July and August, you can stay here and for the first half of September.

More tips for choosing a place to stay with children

  • Steep slopes to the beaches. Some resorts are situated on mountain slopes and steep banks, and to get to the beach, you will have to overcome steep climbs and descents. It is mainly some of the resorts of the southern coast of the Crimea, from the village and ending with Sevastopol. With young kids (under 5 years) in such places would be difficult.
  • Baby food. Even if you are willing to live with them in tents on the beach or in the village house, do not forget about nutrition. Unfortunately, some developed five years ago the resorts of today are in ruins, and to buy baby food would be a big problem.
  • Intestinal infection. Intestinal infection in Crimean resorts happen often. To pick up an infection while swimming in the sea or in a local café. Children need to be especially careful, be sure to bring a first aid kit.
Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Nata February 15, 2017
Why didn't you mention fishing. Vacationing there with the kids last year, we loved it. The sea is clean, in August it was very warm. ...
I February 20, 2017

In my opinion fishing a suitable place can not be called. There you may like, but like kids... I'm fishing not live, but was passing about half a day, and before that read about it online. For me it is for the better is no different from dozens of other small resorts, but in General I did not like, all in ruins, the embankment is broken, there is a way. For children there is nothing. ...
Faina Starchenko 21 February, 2017
Come to Sebastopol :Super:
Here and walk where there are the evenings to go to and with children is where to buy. Some of the Sebastopol (only Iceman) are bringing children on the Blue Bay and remove the housing to be bought there. Some go out of town in the same Balaclava to the beach there to go long but not without adventures and beautiful views), Yet it all depends on the age of the child, need to specify)
But, of course, sandy beaches we have, except that Uchkuevka. In General, all depends on your preference) ...
Nastja 23 February, 2017
Nothing to do there with the kids. Service no, the prices are high, staff from the Soviet Union arrived. If there is no possibility of children to Turkey or Egypt to fly, it is better to go to Anapa, Gelendzhik and Sochi. So at least a different attitude to the guests, not so boorish and consumer, as in the Crimea. Personally, I will not go to the Crimea, and especially with children. ...
admin on 24 February, 2017

Hello Nastia! Can't completely agree with you. Of course, Crimea is inferior to infrastructure development and service even Krasnodar resorts, then I agree. But that is so hard.... In the Crimea has its advantages, including for families with children. First of all, the prices are still slightly lower than in the resorts of Krasnodar. Easier and cheaper to find an apartment for a short time, which is very convenient for families with children. At least from my experience so. Rude treatment I strongly do not pay attention, as it is already setting yourself up for it, and try not to notice such things. Though of course you partly understand if you where offended, osadochek remains. Well, personally for myself, I have found rest in the Crimea, is still preserved the ability to travel by car and with tent. Such places there is less and less, and believe me, in the Krasnodar region with such a vacation is much more complicated, at least judging by my own experience. ...
Faina Starchenko February 24, 2017

Don't know the sea only in the Crimea rested, all was well, no "this" relationship did not notice) If you give us more details something he wrote, his story, then it would be clear, your attitude, and the big question remains) :?
Plus, again, it all depends on your queries, who likes the "lazy" holiday, I like to lie in the sun on the beach for a week and sunning and, of course, if to Sevastopol to come for that purpose only, then there is nothing to do a week) With such queries then it really is better to Turkey or Egypt where all inclusive. And "All inclusive" usually the children are not interested, like to lie on the beach a week, is, as a rule, have their tired parents who just "sick" at work and want to just sit on the beach and in cafes in the evening, and the kids need activity, Hiking, mountains, etc.) and the Crimea, particularly around Sevastopol, unable to provide this opportunity. ...
April 15, 2019
And our family is not the first year of rest in Olenevka, Cape Tarhankut. Few people know about this place, but it's much better and cleaner than Yalta and Alushta. There is a sandy beach with gradual slope for children. Incredible rocks. Stop in Marlin, great hotel! A large green area. Cheap prices. Helpful and friendly staff!Large room. Comfortable beds. Everything works and the TV and air conditioning. Hot water always! You can use the kitchen and cook their own meals. On site roast on the grill meat! It does not ask , as we asked in Alushta in the Riviera sunrise 5000 rubles for the use of the grill. Vacationers prepared, there is even risotto!To the beach went by car. But many went to sea on foot! 10 minutes. The sea is beautiful! Clean! Transparent! Sand! Right on the beach. I recommend this place! This year will again go to the Village ...
admin April 15, 2019

I agree with you 100 except that few people know about this place. ...
ShowRest.com 7 July, 2019
In my opinion Alupka is great for families with children, there is a special beach for children with a closed Bay, the shallow depth and lack of waves, and even a catamaran can be rented for 600 rubles per hour, however the season will have to wait an hour or two, until freed, but it's worth it, we were lucky and we saw dolphins https://www.showrest.com/files/blog/1.jpgв June of this year!!! For the first time fortanulo so.
Be sure to take a butterfly net! On the beach there are crabs and shrimps! In those days when we were at the yarn kids all fished marine life and traded it :lol: crab 100 rubles, 50 rubles shrimp :lol: :lol: ...
marmiladka 15 August, 2019
Children better stay there , where the sea is shallow in Evpatoria, Zaozernoe, olenivka. ...