Mites in the Crimea, whether they should be wary

Is there mites in the Crimea


In Crimea there are ticks, but contrary to popular belief that in the southern regions it is much more likely to be bitten by a tick in the Crimea is no higher than in other regions of Russia and much less in comparison with Siberia and the Urals. To indulge in the journey on the Sunny Peninsula for fear of ticks completely unjustified, however, preventive measures should be taken.

Features of the Crimean tick

In the Crimea distributed European tick forest that looks extremely similar to its lethal counterpart – the taiga tick, living in the far East and Siberia. It can also carry the encephalitis virus, but weaker, Mediterranean type, not causing serious health damage. Another serious disease that is put forward to them – Lyme disease.

Where and when the danger of meeting with mites

Mites prefer the shady, grassy clearings, bushy Bluebell and parkland. The largest number accumulated in close proximity to forest trails, water points and pastures, attracted by the smell of animals and humans. The victim is waiting, sitting on the grass or sheets, usually at a height of not more than half a meter above the ground. Falls on the human body by clinging to clothing or the skin, usually in the area from foot to knee, and then rises on the lookout for a suction space.

Ticks are active from April to October, the largest amount celebrated in may and September. Also uneven tick activity during the day: you can meet them from 8 am to 2 PM and from five to seven o'clock in the evening.

The tick is most prevalent in the following areas of the Crimea: Simferopol, Belogorsk, Bakhchisarai, Alushta, Kiev and Sochi.

In steppe areas, on beaches and open spaces tick lives.


  • Clothing for forest walks, preferably light tight to the wrists and ankles. Mandatory hood or headpiece.
  • Shoes preferred high and closed.
  • To stay in the forest should be located in a dry, light place, away from trails and tall grass. The site for the camp is supposed to clean of leaves and fallen trees, the perimeter and the exposed areas of the body can be sprayed with repellent compounds (repellents).
  • While in the forest is required every a couple of hours to examine the body if there is travel to see each other.
  • Clothes and shoes need to handle acaricidal (tick) means, the exposed areas of the body with insect repellent.
  • Returning from the forest, it is recommended to examine the body. Clothes to inspect and iron iron or dry in the sun.
  • Carefully examine Pets.

If a tick has sucked

Carefully remove it by grasping with tweezers or tying thread close to the proboscis. You should gently pull, twisting or shaking to the head of the parasite is not left in the skin. If, however, the proboscis will come off, remove it with a needle or tweezers. The bite should be treated with iodine, "brilliant green", spirit.

Tick it is desirable to keep alive and pass on for analysis in the lab. They will answer if he was infected. If a tick check no follow the condition: fever, chills, nausea can indicate infection, in that case, immediately seek help at the hospital.

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Faina Starchenko 21 Feb 2017, 21:02
Subject to the beaches of Sevastopol and around the city. I know that in Internet a lot of information on this subject, but wanted to contribute, like a local. As how much information was available online, still there is a perception that the beaches we have (as such).
Well, first is Blue Bay, which is located on the Cape Chersonese, not so many people is from where to jump into the water. Nearby free Museum complex "35th coastal battery". In 2014, the beach became a little to Refine, dining set, sun loungers (paid, of course), sand is not brought Come here often with barbecue people come.
There is a beach further out on the Cape near the lighthouse, which has been operating since 1816. Here, too, but people will be less. We have more junk, as in fact the beach is wild will.
The beach in Hersonissos, you could say covered, and it's ugly as it was, good that it did.
The city did not suggest to go if you want sand - Uchkuevka, if species go to Balaklava and Fiolent (a loooot of stairs ) or in Roll.
But I must warn you that the farther, so to speak, from civilization, from the crowds of swimmers, the more nudists. So be prepared if you go with the child.
Somehow, I will be glad to questions, tell all) ...
Faina Starchenko 24 Feb 2017, 22:46
Don't know the sea only in the Crimea rested, all was well, no "this" relationship did not notice) If you give us more details something he wrote, his story, then I would know your attitude and the big question remains)

Plus, again, it all depends on your queries, who likes the "lazy" holiday, I like to lie in the sun on the beach for a week and sunning and, of course, if to Sevastopol to come for that purpose only, then there is nothing to do a week) With such queries then it really is better to Turkey or Egypt where all inclusive. And "All inclusive" usually the children are not interested, like to lie on the beach a week, is, as a rule, have their tired parents who just "sick" at work and want to just sit on the beach and in cafes in the evening, and the kids need activity, Hiking, mountains, etc.) and the Crimea, particularly around Sevastopol, unable to provide this opportunity. ...
Ivanichkin 29 Mar 2017, 08:38
image.jpegDear friends , I want to share with you impressions about the rest))

Went last year with his family in early June for two weeks on Tarkhankut , the hotel "Marlin" I really liked it. Prices are low, the sea is warm. Free big beach with white sand and gradual slope for children, people on the beach a little. Ate in the hotel restaurant , the portions are large , food is delicious and inexpensive.

For Tarhankuta traveled by car , steep cliffs 40 metres high , is the bomb!
I was diving with an aqualung, my son was learning to windsurf.
Booked the hotel boat excursion along the coast , very much))))

To the sea 15 minutes on foot, by car 3 minutes , you can put direct on the beach.
The hotel area is immersed in greenery, a swimming pool, gazebo, barbecue.

We were delighted! Already booked a room for the shares in June 2017!

On the hotel website you can look photo: Olenevka, Marlin.Russia
image.jpeg ...
Yuri 10 Jul 2017, 19:07
The trail along the Kara-Dag is not 300 rubles, and 600, and it is not the reserve has been... ...
admin 13 Aug 2017, 15:18
Thank you for the clarification about the mountain lakes, it is, of course, about the mountain Castel corrected. But Villa Alina is still according to the maps located in the azure, rather than on the edge of the Professorial corner, almost azure. ...
admin 01 Sep 2017, 04:43
If was looking mainly for a trip to the Crimea, it is certainly worth it, although I'd consider an alternative like Turkey. As for the place, then all southern coast of Crimea considered itself warm, i.e. it's Big Yalta and its resorts, but IMHO, the big difference between South coast and other resorts, I did not notice, however I was in the Crimea at the beginning of the season. ...
Mardis 19 Dec 2017, 10:26
A long time was neither here nor there. But the walleye love for more correct to say - movement. And New Light and pike beautiful visually, but in a New Light this beauty hides nothing, neither the crowd nor the house nor the street. For me the best is to leave the children with grandma in Sudak when you want silence, and to guide the foot in the direction of the New world - 2 hours only. Next summer will be there, already paid for the apartment on the website-Twill - look forward to Hiking with his wife. And, Yes, my children only sand, so the choice is obvious, without a Perch to rest not glued ...