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The Yeni-Kale Fortress (Yenikale)

Крепость Еникале

Is an Ottoman fortress, built in the early 18th century. Turkish name translates as "New Fortress". The fortress was built by the Italian architect, Galoppo, who converted to Islam, so the structure has such an unusual look. Occupied the territory of about 2.5 acres, and contained houses, a mosque, a powder magazine, Armory, storage for water. To ensure the water fortress was built underground plumbing.

For the Turks the fortress was supposed to be very important, namely, to prevent the passage of Russian ships from the Azov to the Black sea. But served this purpose, it is at least sixty years old, and was taken by Russian troops from the land without a fight in 1771 during Russian-Turkish war.

Today the fortress is a historical monument. Unfortunately, the main part of the fortress remained only ruins, and what is left continues to disintegrate. The lack of control on access to the sights only worsens the situation.

Visit Yenikale is convenient to combine with a trip to the ostrich farm, the lighthouse and the lighthouse beach.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to reach: the fortress is located 11 kilometers from the centre of Kerch (the fortress on the map). To reach it from town by bus number 24 (directly but the fortress), No. 1, 18, 36 (to stop "Stroygorodok", and then a 20 minute walk). The fare is 12 rubles. All buses depart from the bus station and go on Gorky street.

Fortress "Kerch" and Fort Totleben

Крепость Керчи

If the fortress Yeni-Kale was built was built by the Turks to defend against the Russian, Kerch fortress was already built by the Russians in the 19th century to guard its southern shores, and in the first place from the Turks. Interestingly, first addressed the issue of the restoration and fortification of the fortress Yeni-Kale, but in 1856 was commenced the erection of a new fortress on Cape AI-Burun (Cape of Pavlov). It was designed by the military architect Eduard Ivanovich Totleben. In hostilities, the fortress almost never involved, except in the great Patriotic war. As Yeni Kale during the Russo-Turkish war, then the fortress was almost taken without a fight by the Germans from the land. Military purposes the building served until 2003, when it was transferred to the Kerch state historical-cultural reserve.

Today the fortress is an architectural monument and can be visited for a fee, with a tour service. A large part of the fortress is actually underground, so it was conceived during construction. Underground tunnels so vast and complicated that one can easily get lost. Moreover, it is believed that it is still not cleared completely, so a visit is possible only with a tour service, although to get to it easily through the gaps in the fence, bypassing the entrance fee. On a cursory visit with a guided tour will take about two hours to see everything here, you need at least one full day.

No infrastructure here, so the water and drinks you should take with you. The visit takes place by different routes, each of which covers only a certain part of the fortress. And yet, children under 7 years are not allowed.

🕐 Working time: the fortress is open from 09:00 to 18:00, the tours begin from 9:30 to 14:30. At 10:00 and 14:30 will start the group tour. Monday's a holiday.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 200 rubles for adults and 60 rubles for children

🚶 How to reach: the fortress is located about seven kilometers from the centre of the city (the fortress on the map), and it is possible to get to get on the city bus №3, 5, 6, 19, 23, 26, 28, 29, 31, 40, 41, trolley bus No. 1 from bus station or Gorky street. The fare is 9-12 rubles. You need to go to the stop "Hospital", "Voroshilov" or "ATP", and then walk two kilometers to the shore. By car you can reach the fortress itself, but the road is very bad.

Adzhimushkayskie quarry


Although the history of the adzhimushkay quarry begins several centuries ago, today's landmark dedicated to the heroic events of the great Patriotic war. Then the place became a place of fierce fighting between the Germans and had stretching for many kilometers and the quarry moves about 13 thousand people, among whom were many military. The result of the confrontation, which lasted from may to October, 1924, died almost 13 thousand, only 48 people were taken prisoner.

Today, there is a "Museum of history of defence of adzhimushkajsky stone quarries," and it's definitely one of the must places to visit during your holiday in Kerch. The Museum visit consists of a tour of the quarries, during which in detail tell about the bloody confrontation, visiting the preserved weapons and household items used for survival. Visit only possible with a group which either are formed in a certain time at the entrance to the Museum, or come here from out of town. Unfortunately, photos and filming are prohibited. To visit it is better to have a flashlight. Children under 6 years are not allowed.

🕐 Working time: 9:00 to 17:00, ticket office closes at 15:25. Monday - day off.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 250 rubles for adults and 100 rubles for children. Personal service without group – 1000 rubles

🚶 How to get there: the Museum is located three kilometers from the city center (Museum map). You can reach it by bus №4 from bus station or Gorky street, the fare is 12 rubles, go to the stop "Museum"

Mount Mithridat

Гора Митридат

Mount mithridat is located in the center of Kerch, its height and 91.4 meters. It is geographical and cultural center of the city. The view from the summit offers a wonderful view of the surrounding area, moreover, there are several historical monuments.

It is believed that on the hill was situated the ancient city Pantikapey, and she is named after the Pontic king Mithridates VI Eupator. Since the 19th century to archaeological excavations, and still made amazing findings and discoveries. Archaeologists believe that numerous passages under the mountain hiding more than 3.5 thousand ancient tombs, of which scientists have studied only a few hundred.

This place is one more important event. In 1943, after a stubborn defense, the Soviet troops broke through the defense of the Nazis and were able to raise the red flag on top of a mountain, and a few days Kerch was liberated from the invaders. This is dedicated to the Obelisk of Glory, established in 1944, and also eternal fire.

To the top of the stairs, to overcome that forces any traveler, but a little endurance to overcome the 436 steps needed. You can also climb up by car

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get: mount mithridat is located in the city centre, and to reach it easily on foot (mountain on the map). If you get to the mountain of the outlying areas of the city, the easiest way to get to the bus station and from there walk for 15-20 minutes. Hiking the ascent to the top starts from the street of the 51st Army



Ruins of the ancient city Pantikapey is located on the slope of mount Mithridates, and a visit be sure to combine. The Greeks laid the foundations of the city of Kerch the construction on the site of one of the oldest cities in the world - Panticapaeum, in the seventh century BC. Today the tourists to visit seems to be very little, only one arch and a few remnants of the columns, but the place is iconic and a must see.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get there: the ruins of Panticapaeum are located on the slopes of mount Mitridat in the center of the city (the ruins on the map).

Tsar's mound

Царский курган

It is believed that the Tsar's burial mound was built in the 4th century BC for the burial of one of the Bosporan kings. But during excavations after the discovery of the mound in the 19th century, researchers no burials were found. To establish exactly, whether the burial was looted, or just not place, install failed.

Today this place is visited as an ancient landmark, and the architecture is really unique. It all starts with the entrance of the corridor (dromos), which is designed specifically to create a visual illusion: if you look to the side of the mound, it seems close, but if you look at the output, it seems that it is farther than it actually is. It is assumed that this is done in order for the soul to exit from the mound would have to go the hard way, and she would prefer to go through the top of the camera, not through a dromos.

The burial chamber lined with limestone blocks without the use of connecting mortar, and the whole structure is thanks to the careful processing and a precise fit of the blocks. The body of the camera formed in the shape of a cone with height of 9 metres, narrowing to the top. This is done in order that the soul when picked up, purified and refined, and at the top, very subtle, could seep through the wall into eternity.

Attributed the mound to the place, a must visit, probably not, but overall this is a very interesting sight, especially with a tour service that is offered for an additional fee at the box office. Duration of tour is 1 hour. It is recommended to combine a visit to the mound to visit in adzhimushkayskie quarries that are close.

🕐 Working time: 9:00 to 17:00, ticket office closes at 15.15. Monday - closed

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 rubles for adults and 50 rubles for children. Excursion service – 200 RUB

🚶 How to get: the mound is located three kilometers from the city center of Kerch, near the entrance to Gumuskaya quarry (barrow on the map). You can get here by bus №4 from bus station or Gorky street for 12 rubles, go to the stop street Malchenko. Then you have to walk about a kilometer, what is best to use the Navigator or the help of local residents because the entrance to the mound is very inconspicuous.

Melek-Chesmensky mound

Курган, Керчь

The mound was built in the 4th century BC, and is the most perfect technically and artistically among the Bosporan crypts. Was explored and opened to the public as a tourist attraction in the 19th century, and that for a long time were pillaged and destroyed by the efforts of local residents. In 1994 was the reconstruction of the mound.

On inspection of the mound and facilities for burial with a tour will take no more than 15 minutes. Nothing special to watch, but the story of the guide, which are available when buying tickets, there really interesting. Which is very convenient, is a landmark in the heart of the city. Unfortunately, despite the schedule, the mound is often closed.

🕐 Working time: from 9:00 to 17:00, ticket office closes at 16.30. Monday – closed

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 40 rubles for adults and 20 rubles for children. Excursion service – 200 RUB

🚶 How to get there: located at the bus station Kerch, Gorkogo street and Marshala Eremenko (Kurgan on the map). Almost all public transport is here.

Historical and archaeological Museum


This is the place from which it is best to start exploring the city and surroundings. The Museum is located in an old mansion, the collection is housed on two floors. Most of the exhibits generated from archaeological finds made in the vicinity of the city, and includes antique plastic, ceramics and sculpture. However, keep in mind that this is not a typical Museum, and it is represented mainly by the ancient period. The Fund of the Museum more than 130 thousand exhibits.

There is also a pottery workshop where you can learn the craft and creativity in the ongoing by appointment workshops.

🕐 Working time: from 9 to 17:00, ticket office closes at 16.15. Monday – closed

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 rubles for adults and 50 rubles for children. Excursion service – 200 RUB

🚶 How to get there: the Museum is located in downtown at Sverdlova St., 22 (Museum map). You can get there on foot or by bus № 5, № 6, № 19 to the stop "Museum"

In the gallery you'll Kerch art exhibition "adzhimushkay.1942". It is dedicated to the defense of Kerch in the great Patriotic war. Work of honored artist of the RSFSR Nikolai Yakovlevich booth and artist studios military them. M. B. Grekov (Moscow). In the main exhibition of 29 paintings. Here you can also see the diorama "the Church of St. John the Baptist" (X-XI CC.) and a copy of mosaic from the Vatican's St. Peter's Cathedral "Christ Pantokrator" (XII century). In addition, thematic exhibitions, devoted to the city of Kerch.

🕐 Working time: 9:00 to 17:00, Monday – closed

💵 Entrance fee / cost of tickets: 100 roubles for adults and 50 roubles – for children

🚶 How to get there: the gallery is located in the city centre near mount Mithridates, street Theatre, 36 (gallery on the map). You can get there on foot or by bus №3, 5, 6, 19, 28, the trolley bus №1 to the stop "Lenin Square"

The Church Of St. John The Baptist

Храм в Керчи

This is one of the oldest churches of the Crimea. According to various estimates, its construction began in the eighth or tenth centuries. The temple is distinguished from the rest with unique architecture, classifying it as a cross-domed Church in the tradition of Eastern Christian architectural school. Moreover, up to our days it has remained almost in the same way as many centuries ago. During the period of its existence, he even managed to visit the mosque. Today the temple is active.

Hours: daytime

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get there: the temple is located in the city center near the ascent to the mountain of Mitridat (the temple on the map)

Valley of mud volcanoes

Грязевой вулкан

Mud volcanoes (mud geyser) is a very rare natural phenomenon. Them on our planet is even smaller than the lava. One of their clusters is six kilometers from Kerch. A series of large (the largest volcano – Andrusov) and many small volcanoes are constantly throwing mud, which is considered curative. See "eruption" can not at any time, and sometimes you have to wait. And sometimes the tourists are leaving and not seeing the flow of mud lava. But still the place is worth a visit, especially if you are here on the transport.

During the inspection must be careful and it is better to wear rubber boots, or, on the contrary, is to take off their shoes. The fact that you can go knee-deep in mud, which hides under a thin dried crust on top

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get there: the valley is located six kilometers from the city near the village of Bondarenkovo (mud volcanoes on the map). Better get here all on our own transport or by bike (but the road here is a dirt), but can be reached by suburban bus to the village, and on foot. The buses run only once a day.

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