Tourist information about the village of Katsiveli in the Crimea

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Вид на Кацивели View of Katsiveli

The village Katsiveli (Katsiveli) is located on the southern coast of the Crimea, 23 kilometers from Yalta. Nearby are the resorts of Yalta and the village Ponizovka (Katsiveli on the map of the Crimea).

Katsiveli is a very small village with a permanent population of just over 500 people, almost completely exists through tourism. But the stay here is not suitable for everyone. From here, you will be like at the cottage by the sea, and nothing more. Such here a situation: in the countryside or in suburban array. No tourist walking areas, poorly developed infrastructure, entertainment and attractions no. The main advantage of rest in Katsiveli are deserted beaches, clean water and air, good weather, away from the bustle and noise of popular resorts as well as low housing prices. Holidays here will suit those who need only the sea and nothing more, for example, for families with children and small children. But keep in mind that near the village there are also disadvantages that may not meet your expectations about the rest, but all in good time.

The Beaches Of Katsiveli

Пляж под телескопом в Кацивели The beach under the telescope in Katsiveli

Here are a few of the beaches, and the main advantage of Katsiveli is their solitude. Even in the height of the season there are very few people, and at the beginning of the season (June) or late (September) the beaches can even be completely empty. Accordingly, no facilities and no entertainment. Towel, water, food, and entertainment will have to organize yourself. All beaches are shingle and large pebbles. Under water and on the shore there are large boulders. The water is very clean. Another issue with beaches is their inaccessibility.

If you stay in the Eastern part of the village, close to Simeiz and water Park, you can relax on the beach Blue Bay beneath the radio telescope (see beach map). This is a very nice and beautiful beach, easily accessible and with beautiful views of the mountains. But every year it is visited by more and more tourists from Simeiz, and even come from Yalta on the day, so it is possible that in high season it will again be filled with vacationers.

Заброшенный санаторий в Кацивели The "famous" abandoned sanatorium

Other beaches of Katsiveli is located in the Western part of the village (the side farther from Simeiz, see the map), and go through to the Ponizovka. Beautiful and cozy to call them is very difficult, because along these stretches of dilapidated concrete embankment of the Soviet period, which requires a major overhaul: here and there strewn torn pieces of concrete, rebar, rusted metal. The entire coastline is divided into sections "terrible" concrete fortifications (the bun). But the worst thing is that the access to this beach is difficult. From residential homes to host tourists and hotels, it is separated by the territory of an abandoned boarding house that now belongs to the FSB. Theoretically, go to the beach, it is not closed, but the road to it from the center (from the bus stop) is closed, we have to get around giving a big hook past the dilapidated and unfinished resorts (about 800 meters). In the season of 2017 on the way to the beach through the boarding house allowed only families with children and persons with disabilities. And yet, the centre of the village is above sea level, because at this beach you have to descend very steep, and back to climb up.

Activities and places of interest in Katsiveli

Гора Кошка между Кацивели и Симеизом Mountain Cat

Activities and attractions in Katsiveli not. Near Simeiz is a good water Park "Blue Bay" (the website Admission price:

  • Full day adults - 1400 rubles; children – 700
  • Half day (13:30 to 18:30) adults -1200; children – 600
  • The inhabitants of the Crimea discounts

You can still climb a mountain Cat, or take a stroll in Simeiz, where you can find some interesting places and entertainment (see Simeiz attractions and things to do). By bus you can go to Yalta and see the sights and have fun there (see the sights and entertainment of Yalta). Also buses available to other cities and towns of the Big Yalta and its attractions. Excursions to other places of the Crimea from Katsiveli to purchase difficult.

Infrastructure in Katsiveli

Центр Кацивели Center, Katsiveli

With regard to infrastructure, it is very poorly developed, even the most basic. There are literally a couple of cafes, and the prices can not be called the budget. There is a shop, a mini market, but prices are also higher than in other cities. There is a problem with buying meat in season (it either does not happen or the prices are very high). There is no pharmacy and the sale of commodities. At desire it is possible to reach on foot or by car to Simeiz (4 kilometers), so buy everything you need, or to go to Yalta for shopping (50 rubles for the bus, 40 minutes on the way). There is a problem with the acquisition of tours in the Crimea. They theoretically sold here, but shipped only in the recruitment group. Therefore, a more reliable option is to buy a tour in Simeiz and go on trips from there.

Hotels and accommodation in Katsiveli, where to stay

Отель в Кацивели Hotel in Katsiveli

As for accommodation, there are literally a couple of hotels and guest houses, basically tourists are accommodated in the private sector. The prices are low even by the standards of the Crimea, but need to be able to bargain and choose the best options. For example, a holiday home for the family, you can rent from 2000 rubles per day. It the whole house or country floors for families here is the easiest and more profitable to rent, as accommodation for one or two people better to look for hotels or guesthouses.

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

Find and book hotels, apartments or apartments in Katsiveli/Simeiz using the following sites or search form Get:

Find hotels in Katsiveli

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How to get to Katsiveli

To get to Katsiveli only to suburban buses from Yalta (how to get to Yalta – here). From the bus station of Yalta runs every 30 minutes bus No. 107, costs 50 rubles, about 40 minutes. He goes to the water Park "Blue Bay", but before that stops in the village centre. From the bus stop to anywhere in Katsiveli can be reached on foot.

Another option is to first drive to the centre of Simeiz, what can be done, including right from the airport (see how to get to Simeiz) and from there to the desired locations in Katsiveli walk (4 kilometres).

You can also take any bus going via the South coast highway (the main route between Alushta, Yalta and Sevastopol) to stop Katsiveli. Further from this stop half a kilometer to the centre on foot.

But there is a much more convenient way to get to Katsiveli - order tourist Shuttle. This is an analogue of a taxi on request. The driver will meet you at the airport after the plane landed with a sign, and you don't have to look for a taxi driver and negotiate a price, the cost is fixed at booking. Paid for the whole car, so the trip company you can save. The choices available are car, luxury car, minibuses Seating up to 19 people. To check the transfer prices and if you want to book it you can through the search form:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station
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