Tourist information about the village of Kamenka in the Crimea

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General information

Пляж села Каменское, Крым The beach of the village of Kamenskoe

Monay (Kamenskoe, AK-Monay, Kamenka) is a small village in the North-East of the Crimea on the Azov sea (Kam'yans'ke on the map of the Crimea). Is far away from major settlements and other tourist resorts 40 kilometers from Feodosiya, 100 kilometers from Kerch. The village is very tiny, its permanent population is slightly over two hundred people, but in the high tourist season the number is greatly increased at the expense of leisure. Near the village is located the Arabat spit.

The former name of the village - AK-manay, which indirectly suggests that the settlement was founded during the Crimean khanate. Renamed in 1945 after the deportation of the Crimean Tatars.

Rest in c. Kamenskoe

In the village of Kamenskoe go for sandy beaches, warm and calm waters of the sea of Azov, and quiet. Unlike the Black sea, Azov water warms up early, and it is generally considered warmer by a few degrees. In addition, the water temperature is not subject to fluctuations due to underwater currents and always stable. That's why people come here to relax families with children.

The beach in Kamenka are just endless. It starts in the center of the village, and continuously stretches more than 100 kilometers!!!, going to the beach Arabatskaya arrows. For lovers of romantic walks along the coast there is a real Paradise, after all, such a long beach is no longer anywhere in the world. There are no concrete breakwaters (Boone), marinas and waterfront, just pure Golden sand. Depth on the beach is small, you can go to tens of meters from the shore. Sand large, of broken shells.

A big plus for certain categories of tourists is the peace and remoteness of the resort from civilization. Besides Kamenskoe is environmentally-friendly place: there is no industry, off the coast does not appear to be large ships. Love to rest here for located three kilometers away from the salt lake Sivash, salt water (brine) and mud which are considered to be curative. Cm. read more about the curative mud of the Crimea.

Outdoor enthusiasts travel here for fishing on the Arabat spit, and also in the vicinity are several very good places for learning riding and kite surfing.

Attractions & entertainment in Kamenka

Attractions Kamenskoe is not rich, besides there are problems to go on excursions to other Crimean places. So, if you can't imagine a vacation without trips to museums and historical examinations of the ruins, from the rest it is better to refrain and choose a place closer to civilization.

The attraction here is only one – Akmonajsky quarry. With tension can be attributed to the natural attractions of the Arabat spit and Syvash lake. Previously operated as a historical attraction Arabatskaya fortress in 2014 is a military installation, and inspection and photographing is prohibited.

Entertainment in Kamenka no. Even on the beach there is nothing out of the usual water sports. In high season, sometimes on the beach you can assemble a team of like-minded people to play volleyball or football, and that's it. In the evening there to take generally nothing, except to go one of the few cafe-BBQ.

But the kite surfing here is where to turn. In the village on the Arabat spit and even on lake Sivash excellent conditions for practicing and learning this sport. That is why in high season here opens their spots kite school BeKite (

  • Arabat fortress

    Арабатская крепость, Крым Arabat fortress

    Arabatskaya fortress known as the only Tatar-Turkish on the Azov coast. The first mention of it dates from the year 1651. Was built by the Turks to prevent Russia to reach to the Black sea. The perimeter with five bastions were designed for a long siege, in addition it was surrounded by a moat, which was filled with sea water if necessary.

    However, despite all the engineering ideas, the fortress was captured by Russian soldiers in 1771. After the Crimean war as a military facility it is no longer used, and in the 20th century became a historical object. However, in 2014 was again occupied by the Russian military.

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

  • 🚶 How to reach: the fortress is impossible to examine all the details and going over it as before 2014, since it's now a military facility. You can bypass it around and see the outside, not more. To get from the village Kamenskoye to it easily on foot a stroll along the beach 3 km (Arabat fortress on the map).

  • Arabatskaya Strelka

    Арабатская стрелка, Крым Arabatskaya Strelka

    The longest sand spit in the world. Its length is 110 km, width from 270 meters to 8 kilometers. Currently de facto divided between Ukraine and Russia. On the Russian side there is no infrastructure, only the long sandy beach.

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

  • 🚶 How to get: Arabatskaya arrow starts right after the fortress. You can get to it on foot along the beach after a little more than three kilometers (Arabatsky arrow on the map).

  • AK-Monayski quarry

    Ак-Монайские каменоломни, Крым AK-Monayski quarry

    Development for the extraction of stone in the quarries began in the 18th century under Catherine II, and continued until the early 20th century. Mostly worked here exiled convicts, unwanted soldiers and sailors. They quarried stone for the construction of towns and villages in the surrounding area, particularly from this stone built BBQ.

    Over time this place has many legends, and tell you what can be reached by underground tunnels even before adzhimushkay quarries. But of course it is not, because the quarry well-researched and even compiled their detailed scheme.

    Is this place modern history. In dashing nineties of the last century, the quarries were inhabited by a local gang. Here they trained in shooting, and when you try to catch them killed a policeman. The deceased police Sergeant posthumously Farafontova a monument, but certainly not in the quarries and on the surface.

    Today is quite a safe place, and they can view anyone. Moves the quarries are very well developed, pierced the great hall, there are many exits to the surface. Getting lost is difficult, but without a flashlight deep inside better not to meddle. The most interesting in the quarries are the drawings and inscriptions left by the convicts. Also, the moves have several sources (wells), that you can find wall-mounted signs. And then there are caves with bats.

    🕐 Time of work: round the clock

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    🚶 How to get: lots of slopes in quarries located on the outskirts of the village of Kamenskoe (entrance to the quarry on the map). They are scattered throughout the field, there are both large and very tiny holes. On the map we noted a cluster of the largest inputs. You can get there from the village center on foot in 10 minutes, in dry weather you can drive on a dirt road by car.

Infrastructure in Kamenskoye

Центр села Каменское, Крым The center of the village of Kamenskoe

Infrastructure in Kamenskoye is very poorly developed. There is a mini market, a pharmacy, a couple of village shop, several cafe kebab. The more developed stores and the market are in Semysotka village six kilometers, but for serious shopping you need to go to Feodosia or Kerch. Meat and vegetables can be bought from local residents. Prices in a local shop on the traditionally in demand by tourists goods such as beer and ice cream are quite high.

Hotels and accommodation in the village of Kamenskoe

Отель в селе Каменское, Крым Hotel in Kamenskoye

In Kamenskoye are several bases of rest, boarding houses and hotels: recreation "Swallow", "the Seagull" and "Vympel", boarding house "planet of summer", a mini-hotel "South", mini-hotel "White farm" and a few private guesthouses. Three kilometers to the side of the Arabat spit and 300 metres from the castle is another recreation "Safari".

Prices for accommodation here is not to say that it is very low, on the contrary, high for this "deaf" places (accommodation in the hotel of $ 1000 to camp from 650 rubles without food). So if you want to save a little, stop by privateers. The lighting to hang on the houses, or you can go to the first available local resident. But keep in mind that the local private sector – mainly the old village houses with a minimum of amenities, besides housing a small, and in high season there is a chance not to find a free.

For those who love to relax in a tent or motorhome open all the coast, but organized camping here. The shore near the village of steep, access to the water to make camp safely an off-road vehicle only on the outskirts of the village. But if you drive on the Arabatsky arrow for the fortress, immediately begins a spacious sloping Bank and exits directly to the beach.

When you search for hotels in Crimea you'll likely get a message - "Not found" options. This limitation because of the sanctions. But around it and book accommodation in Crimea is very simple, you only need to enable the checkbox "travel for work". Read more here - How to book a hotel in Crimea despite the sanctions.

Find and book hotels, apartments or apartments in Kamenskoye through the following sites or search form Get:

Find hotels in Kamenskoye

Hotels in Kam'yans'ke on the map

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Weather, tourist seasons in the village of Kamenskoe

The Azov sea is warmer than the Black, and also not susceptible to temperature fluctuations due to underwater currents, so bathing season here starts earlier than on the southern coast of Crimea. The first tourists appear here in early may (you can sunbathe and fish), and swim comfortably in early June. The swimming season lasts through September, and sometimes passes on October

Seasons on the Arabat spit months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Kam'yans'ke and forecast

How to get in Kamenskoe

Kamenskoe is located away from other resorts and towns of the Crimea (Kam'yans'ke on the map of the Crimea), and public transport is not well developed. So it's best to get here by private transport or taxi. Taxi from Simferopol airport will cost 3000-4000 rubles. Can book airport transfers in advance:

How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

If you decide to get to the village independently by public transport, you have to make several changes. From airport to here by bus is generally not directly accessible and must first drive to Feodosia (see how to get to Feodosia), and from there to the village of Battle, and then hitch-hiked to Kamensky. If you drive from the Crimean bridge, it is necessary also to reach S. Battle. Also from the village of Battle in Kamenskoe rarely go by local bus.

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