Attractions Gurzuf, what to see by yourself

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Экскурсии в Гурзуфе

In the village Gurzuf sights a little, only two museums, Park, rocks Adalary, the ruins of a fortress and the fortress Balgatura Gorzuvity. All can be viewed during a vacation in Gurzuf on their own without guided tours and the use of transport, you can reach it on foot. In addition, the camp "Artek" there is a Museum of cosmonautics. Gagarin and the Museum of military history, but they are only available for children staying at the camp, just off the street can't go in. Also the camp is an architectural landmark - a beautiful Palace Suuk-su (it is the Museum of cosmonautics), but it is also impossible to examine, if only through the fence of the camp.

By Shuttle bus №106 or 31B, it is possible to get to Yalta (30 minutes to go), and get acquainted with its attractions. And with transfers in Yalta you will get access to almost all attractions in the district of big Yalta.

If these interesting places not enough for you, you can easily organize excursions to the farthest corners of the Crimea. They are sold at every step on the street, especially many on the waterfront. Almost all the sellers of the city make the same offer on the same schedule, the prices are similar, so you can buy excursions and not fear that they will overpay. Be afraid to buy tours in the street is not worth it, cases of deception does not happen. Can also buy individual tours to Crimea via the search form:

Find tours online (with reviews)

And here's a list of attractions Gurzuf, which you can visit on your own:

The Chekhov house-Museum

Музей Чехова, Гурзуф

A special trip to this Museum from other cities of Crimea is only the real fans of the writer, if you rest in Gurzuf then this place is definitely worth a visit. This is a small house with the land and Bay were purchased by the writer in 1900 for 3000 rubles! as a place to work, because to work in the house in Yalta, the writer did not allow frequent visitors. Here is the whole atmosphere and environment was conducive to work, which is why it is so loved by the writer.

The house-Museum consists of a small house of three rooms, one of which recreated the working environment. It should be said that the situation in the house is very simple, don't expect anything special here. Among the exhibits are mostly photographs and reproductions with a view of Yalta and the surrounding area. But at least the house itself is an interesting small cozy garden with cacti, bamboo and cypress, and the very picturesque Bay. For the sake of the Bay here a lot of tourists using this place as a beach. Yes, in the Bay at the Museum it is possible to swim, because this beach is called "Chekhovka" is considered the cleanest in Gurzuf, the water here is very clear. Sunbathing and relaxing on the beach is not very convenient because the beach is rocky, but with a strong desire to do this.

🕐 Working time: the Museum is open only in high season (from 1 may to 30 September) from 10:00 to 18:00, Monday and Tuesday – closed

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price isa visit to the Museum is 100 rubles, visiting only the gardens (memorial court) and the Bay – 50 rubles

🚶 How to get there: the Museum is located in the center of Gurzuf on the Bank at the address: Chekhov's street, 22 (the Museum on the map)

Pushkin Museum

Музей Пушкина, Гурзуф

The Museum building is the oldest European building in the southern coast of Crimea. It was built in 1808-1811 Duke Armand Du Plessis de Richelieu. In 1820 there for a few weeks held the young Pushkin, who fell in love with the then Gurzuf. According to some versions of the famous poet Lukomorye is located on the banks of the Gulf of Gurzuf. But got here the author against their will, as a result of links for anti-government poems.

The exposition is located in 6 halls and tells about the Crimean period of the poet's life. Presented lifetime editions of Alexander Pushkin, the Pushkin household items of the era and the Crimean life of the early 19th century. In June 2007, created the memorial room of the outstanding scientist and scholar B. V. Tomashevsky, on whose initiative created this Museum.

The website of the Museum:

🕐 Working time: from 10:00 to 18:00 (Wednesday until 20:00), Monday - closed. From may to October seven days a week. The Museum is visited only with a guide in the group, the groups meet at a certain time (the schedule is posted on the entrance to the territory of the sanatorium "Pushkin"), at least 7 people (but in fact held with a smaller number of applicants). Offers several tour programs of different duration and cost, all information is available on the official website

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: from 100 euros/50 rubles - children, to 315/215 rubles

🚶 How to get there: the Museum is located on the territory of the sanatorium Pushkino, St. Embankment, 1 (the Museum on the map)

Gurzuf Park

Парк, Гурзуф

This Park is a real jewel of the city, only bad one, they are not so easy. The Park is located on the territory of the sanatorium "Gurzufsky" and his administration conceded to the Park is not only a part of the city at a certain time and for a fee. In the Park there are sculptures of prominent people who once visited the guests of the city, fountains, bridges, streams, rare plants, lots of flowers. During the tour, learn the history of the Park and talk about the individual buildings that are interesting from the point of view of architecture.

🕐 While workingin the Park can only be reached in the composition of the city who gather at 12:00 and 16:00 (the time posted on the gate of the resort and is subject to change)

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 100 rubles

🚶 How to get there: the Park is located on the territory of the sanatorium "Gurzufsky", entrance from the Leningrad street (the entrance to the Park on the map)

Mountain and trail Ayu-Dag (Bear mountain)

Медведь-гора, Партенит Views of Bear mountain

They say that the mountain got its name from the fact that it is like a bear leaning to get a drink of water from the sea, although there are other versions of the origin of the name. This is one of the most famous mountains on the South coast. From the other side of the mountain, Partenit starts and ends on the territory of the big Yalta.

Today it is a national Park where you can see foxes, badgers, stone Martens, hedgehogs, hares, squirrels, rodents, bats, many species of birds. Flora includes 577 species of plants, 44 of which are listed in the Red Book. Also here are several ancient ruins: the memorial complex of St. John Gotha (VIII century), the ancient monastery of Saints Constantine and Helen (XIV–XV centuries). Here are organized excursions to rise to the top (at a height of 570 meters), during which the guides are detailed and interesting talk about everything. But you can climb the mountain yourself, though, it is only in good weather and in good physical shape.

🕐 Work time: to visit the mountain is better in the daytime, dangerous at night

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get there: the mountain is quite far from the centre of Gurzuf (about four kilometers, the mountain on the map), and start lifting even further. To get to the top is best guided in the tour, but it is possible to travel independently. The ascent to the top is about three hours, the ascent is quite steep and difficult. Trails lead from both Gurzufa and Partenit. In partenid the trail starts at the sanatorium "Crimea", and it is better to go to the climb through it (if a pass), or else will have to do quite a lot around. From Gurzuf to the top the trail is much steeper and more difficult, begins near the tract "Osman Kazak," the street Gaidar (the beginning of the trail on the map).

The Adalary Rocks

Вид на Адалары, Гурзуф

Two steep rocks Adalary (White Cliffs) is located in the waters of the beach, Gurzuf rocks 200 metres from the shore. It is believed that previously they were connected with the mainland by an isthmus, but later he plunged into the water, turning them into two Islands. Once they were moored ships, because of what this place is now popular with divers, that to this day manage to find at the bottom around rocks ancient artifacts. And in the beginning of the last century there existed a restaurant "Venice", where tourists were brought from shore to the ships. But over time, the restaurant was abandoned and completely destroyed. There was even a plan to build on the island's cable car from the cliff Dzhenevez-Kai, which in the latter was even cut through the tunnel, but then abandoned the idea.

Today Adalary interesting to tourists primarily as a natural landmark. They can be reached through the water and see them up close. But to land on the Islands was dangerous, the rocks are too steep. Beaches on them. Usually tourists just come there by boat or catamaran, visiting the cliffs on all sides, and back.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get: Adalary are 200 metres from the shore near the beach, Gurzuf rocks (Adalary on the map). To reach and circumnavigate the Islands on a catamaran water (you can rent on the beach), boat tour, or swim independently, swimming (not recommended).

The fortress and mount Balgatura

Остатки крепости Болгатура, Гурзуф

Balgatura (of Bagatur) in fact, the mountain is difficult to call, rather it is just up the hill. Ancient sources speak of existed on the mountain and settlement, and in the 6th century there was built a Byzantine fortress, the remains of which can be seen today. Also, the mountains there are more recent and sad history: during the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774 Turkish troops staged on the mountain a place of mass executions. Then, over 1500 local residents were dropped from the slopes of Burgatory.

Today this place is a little-known and rarely-visited tourist attraction, perhaps primarily because it is not equipped with paths for easy lifting. To climb up, you will have to climb a steep slope overgrown paths, and start lifting hard to find as it is located between residential houses and almost nothing is marked. Nevertheless, place interesting and worth visiting, besides the top offers a beautiful view of Gurzuf.

🕐 Time of work: round the clock

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🚶 How to get: Balgatura is located in the centre of the village (on the map), and to reach it easily on foot. One climbs up from the streets of the Vine, but not marked in any way. The ascent is not long, but quite steep.

Attractions Gurzuf on the map

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