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General information

Гурзуф, Крым View on hurzuf

Hurzuf (Gurzuf) – is a small urban village on the black sea on the southern coast, 12 km from Yalta (Gurzuf on the map of the Crimea). On the area of 5 km2 is home to slightly more than 8900 people. For several years the village refers to the Big Yalta.

Originating in the sixth century as a mighty fortress, Gurzuf in our time has become one of the most famous Crimean resorts, primarily because of the popular all over the world international children's center "Artek" (in the Soviet era pioneer camp "Artek"). But the visit Gurzuf not only children, and places and activities abound here and for adult travelers.

Rest in Gurzuf

Гурзуф, Крым Beach vacation in Gurzuf

The main reason why most tourists coming to Gurzuf, it's clean air impregnated pine aroma, and many small pebble beaches. The village is suitable for almost any vacation, but it is worth considering some features of local services, and Gurzuf landscape.

The mountainous terrain, frequent pebbles on the beaches, and the absence of shallow water – is not suitable for families, older tourists and families with young children. Unfortunately, the differences in elevation between the beach and residential areas in Gurzuf are quite large, and the placement of the first line from the beach is not out of the question. Wherever you are stopped, you will have to overcome a maze of streets and a considerable height difference. But worse than that, back to the hotel/accommodation will have to climb up under the scorching sun, and when you get to your accommodation, you will again want to plunge into the cool water.

Гурзуф, Крым Narrow and steep streets in the lower Gurzuf

But it is perhaps the only disadvantage of the resort with a vengeance kompensiruet its pluses and not interfere with their fun and interesting to spend time in Gurzuf. The atmosphere of the tourist area of the village is different from most of the resorts of the Crimea, and some tourists called romantic or compared with Europe. Indeed, narrow cobbled streets and almost European architecture, many shops and cafes in the maze create a completely different mood, especially during evening walks. By the way, along the beach there is a pedestrian street and the promenade, where is very pleasant to stroll in the evenings. And Gurzuf features a large amount of greenery and the presence of parks.

Several resorts await fans of Wellness holidays. Only need to consider the fact that the care and treatment they are often worse than what promise the websites of these institutions. Young people can easily find in the Internet the fun for yourself. It is primarily two small disco bar on the promenade, a nightclub, and one of the largest Crimean discos "Iguana". But that's not enough to call the resort of the youth. For passionate lovers of diving in the village has two diving center and far from being able to characterize them as modern and well-equipped.

In General, the Gurzuf is perfect as a resting place for parents with adolescent children, youth and adults of tourists.


The Beaches Of Gurzuf

Sandy beaches in Gurzuf no, just the pebble. Shallow beaches for the little kids there, and mostly the depth starts immediately, and after 3-5 meters of the water reaches your chest. Gurzuf beaches equipped all necessary facilities: there are changing rooms, toilets (surcharge), rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. Offers a lot of traditional beach activities. Not crowded in the high season can not call them. Public beaches along the promenade (Naberezhnaya im. Pushkin quay on the map), where guests can stroll in the evenings and it holds almost all the tourist infrastructure and entertainment of the village.

The entire coast of the village is divided into short and narrow pebble beaches with breakwaters, rocks and cliffs. Almost all of them belong to a resort, hotel or boarding house, but access is not restricted. Ie big problems to get on shore, as, for example, in the neighboring village of Partenit.

However, the North-Eastern part of the village, almost all busy with children's camps, and thus the access to them is limited (beaches with limited access are marked on our map of hurzuf in red). This entire coast from the centre along the street Leningrad. Only one beach in this part is available to visit Gurzuf rocks (aka Gurovsky stones, the beach on the map). This beach is almost equipped and there is no infrastructure except a couple of cafes, but it is much less sparsely populated.

We should also mention the beach Chekhov or Chekhovka. It is a small rocky beach in the Bay near the sites, "the Chekhov house-Museum", and you can get it by buying a ticket to visit the courtyard and the Chekhov Bay for 60 rubles. Particularly convenient is the place you will not name, because even here the shore is rocky to lie down and sun was nowhere, but water is considered the cleanest in Gurzuf. The beach closes with the Museum in 19 hours.

Sights and activities in Gurzuf

Although the Gurzuf may not surprise visitors with a variety of historical-cultural buildings, not far away are several attractions where exciting excursions. First and foremost is the Livadia Palace, AI-Petri is a famous mountain with a lookout, – Massandra winery and the Nikitsky Botanical garden. If desired, customers can reach all these places on their own, because they are all in the Big Yalta. You can also go to the Yalta and to get acquainted with its attractions. In the Gurzuf the resort has opened the doors of three houses-museums of the artist Konstantin Korovin, writers Pushkin and Chekhov (see attractions Gurzuf, what to see).

Infrastructure in the village is well developed, including tourism. There is even a tourist area formed by the promenade and a pedestrian street (site of the street is closed to traffic). In the village plenty of cafes, canteens and restaurants. Most of them are located on the waterfront or close to it. Among the most visited institutions: "Venice" and "Sommelier" restaurants offering fine Italian dining and Tavern is a cozy dining room known for its homemade cooking. Katamaran, Billiards, water skiing, horse riding, fishing and many hours of Hiking the trails of Ayu-Dag, a nearby mountain, is those entertainments which are available in the Internet for each guest.

Children's entertainment here, oddly enough, is almost there. The children can have fun on the beach; on the promenade rentals children's machines and the simplest rides on the beach, inflatable slides, riding on "bananas" and rent a catamaran, but better with the kids to go for recreation in Yalta.

Shopping in Gurzuf is not particularly developed: no Mall here. You can buy the most necessary things in one of the small local shops or tourist shops, but for serious shopping it is better to go to Yalta.

Housing and hotels

Гурзуф, Крым So rent housing in Gurzuf

The resort will not be easy to choose a place where you can stay for the whole holiday. For them, there are more than 20 hotels, Inns, villas, apartments and guest houses, and more are offered housing in the private sector. Price spread allows you to find budget and expensive option. The most comfortable offer "Villa Michelle", "Onegin terrace" and Familiya– three luxurious, expensive hotel.Accommodation in local health centers, the private sector or pensions less comfortable, but much cheaper. "Gurzufsky" and "Pushkino" sanatorium, which often choose vacationers. From pensions a preference for "Sea breeze". The cheapest option is to rent a room in the private sector away from the sea.

Regarding the choice of place for habitation or hotel, we recommend you to not take him too far from the sea. At least, try not to choose the accommodation on 300 meters from the sea, otherwise you will always have to descend and ascend on foot to the beach in the heat is exhausting. Moreover, even if the card housing is located at a distance of 300 meters from the beach, it is likely that the case will have to Wade through a maze of narrow streets of Gurzuf twice. And, try to live closer to the waterfront (a district South-West) and away from camps, because they have a very long time to get around to get to the beach.

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