Fruits in the Crimea, seasons of maturation

Фрукты на рынке в Крыму

Any tourist gets the opportunity to go to the Crimea, must try the berries and fruits of this unique area. After all, here Matures huge variety of delicious fruits, some of which are considered exotic to the rest of Russia.

But be aware that, as in any other area of the planet, in the Crimea too, in the market you can find fruits brought from other countries. In order to get enough real of the Crimean fruits and berries, you need to know the seasons, months, when and how fruits ripen. If you see that the fruit is not sold in the season of ripening, as if you are not assured retailers that do not believe that this is a local product.

Seasons of the ripening of fruit in the Crimea

Fruit The season of ripening
Apricots the end of June-end of July
Peaches the end of June-September
Cherry late may-June
Quince September-October
Grapes July-September
Dogwood from late July to mid-October
Figs two seasons: from late June to mid-July; early August to mid-September
Garnet October
Persimmon late October-November
Kiwi the end of October
Jujube October-November
Medlar October-November
Strawberry the middle of may
Mulberry mid-June
Plum and cherry-plum July
Feijoa October-November

The fruit in the Crimea by months

A month Fruit
May In may starts to appear cherries and strawberries - everything else is imported
Jun Cherry, mulberry, plum, apricots (end of month), peaches (end of month)
Jul Peaches, figs, plums, cherry-plum, cherry, grapes, dogwood
August Peaches, grapes, figs
September Grapes, figs, persimmons, quince, jujube
October Persimmon, Fig, grape, jujube, pomegranate

The most delicious fruits of the Crimea

But the most delicious and exotic fruits and berries of the Crimea in detail:

  • Cherry

    Крымская черешня

    The peculiarity of berries cherries is that size they are quite large, have a bright red color. Taste is cherries are very juicy and sweet, not sour like cherries. Besides have a very nice elastic texture. One of the most attractive features of these berries is the presence of vitamins E, C, P, help maintain skin tone and prevent premature aging. In Crimea you can find the following varieties of sweet cherry: t-shirt, Napoleon, Drogana yellow, Francis and Cara Cares.

    Early variety cherries ripen in the Crimea in mid-may. Later varieties grow in early June. But the real cherry season when it becomes very cheap, starts in mid-June, when the markets pounds of berries you can buy for less than 100 rubles.

    How to choose cherries? Nothing complicated about it. It is sufficient to consider several factors characterizing the ripe and delicious fruit. First cherry should look nice and ripe. Special attention should be paid to the stalks: they must be fresh, firm and green in color. If the stalk is dry, the cherries were stored for a long time or overdue. You need to choose a more dense and firmer fruit without nicks and cuts.

    Best place to buy cherries in season, ripening in June, and not in shops and supermarkets, and the market or grandmothers. So will decrease the risk to buy imported goods.

  • Mulberry

    Крымская шелковица

    Begins to ripen in the mulberry in the Crimea from June 15 and until July 15. Gives you fruit about a month. In such a short period to have time to get enough of the delicious fruits of these wonderful berries. In taste and colour of the mulberries were quite different. Red, black and white. Each of the types has its own special unique taste. For example, the white mulberry is considered the sweetest among the other varieties. Black has a slightly sour taste. A distinctive feature of mulberries is the ability to treat and rejuvenate the skin, delaying its ageing.

    When you choose the mulberry you need to pay attention to appearance and color color. The more colored the fruit, the will be more Mature. You need to know that unripe fruit and green parts contain a white SAP, which can contribute to hallucinations. Mulberry fruit is very delicate and therefore not suitable for transportation and long storage. So in the season you can buy without hesitation, Crimean or not. You can buy in supermarkets and on the market. But even better to eat mulberry right off the tree, which can be found even on the streets of Crimean cities.

    Keep in mind that the juice of red and black mulberry is practically not washed with the clothing.

  • Quince

    Крымская айва

    Also the indispensable fruit of the Crimea is quince. The fruits begin to ripen in September and October. A distinctive feature from other fruits is a rich fragrant smell that is felt at a distance. Hardly anyone can resist the temptation to try at least a bite. The appearance of the fruit of the quince are very similar to the usual pear, but larger size and bright yellow colour. Fresh fruits are a few like to use, as she knits mouth. In the Crimea, I love to cook jelly or quince jam, the taste is unforgettable.

    The value lies in the usefulness to the human body: the content of vitamins b and C, potassium, calcium, iron promotes the use of the fruits for the treatment and prevention of cough, respiratory diseases, angina, etc. Helps to strengthen the immune system.

  • Figs

    Крымский инжир

    During the year, the figs ripen in two seasons: late June to mid-July and then early August to mid-September. Taste is figs can be safely attributed to a fairly sweet fruit, but with a twist that allows you to have a unique taste. Their flesh is reminiscent of sweet "jelly" with many small seeds.

    In Crimea you can meet a purple and white figs, of which the second is considered sweeter and tastier.

    Choose figs, be careful, because their distinctive feature is the tenderness and the inability to long-term storage. Spoiled fruits have an unpleasant salty smell, and it is better not to eat. You need to choose nice appearance and soft to the touch fruit.

    To be in the season of ripening in Crimea, the probability of buying local figs, increases significantly, regardless of whether buying in shops or on the market.

  • Garnet

    Фрукты на рынке в Крыму

    Pretty Sunny climate of the Crimea is beneficial to the ripening of such fruits and berries, to meet which is not available in all parts of the world. One such fruit is the pomegranate. In the Crimea it grows in parks and gardens. Begins to ripen around the end of October. All that is on sale before – imported.

    Choose sweet pomegranate pretty hard. But when you consider some of the nuances, it is possible not to lose. First and foremost, you need to pay attention to the appearance of the fruit: it must have a rich red color, there should be no brown soft spots and scratches. You also need to pay attention to the "crown" of the pomegranate: it should be dry and without green shoots. Ripe fruits usually have a little dry skin, but not too much, as this may indicate long storage.

    Grenades are best to buy in season and markets.

  • Persimmon

    Крымская хурма

    Persimmon fruit in the Crimea begin to ripen from Oct to November. Local persimmon has a soft, juicy pulp and large oval pits. There are several varieties of persimmon:

    • Goldcrest (otherwise called "chocolate"). This variety of persimmon is not astringent taste. They can be used even in the green form and not feel the astringency. The pulp is mostly dark orange or brown. Sweet and juicy variety of persimmon.
    • Bull's heart. Sized fruit of this variety do not have bones. The flesh is orange in color and as ripening becomes soft.
    • The Russian woman. The fruits are round and have a slightly flattened shape with a white coating. The flesh, even in the Mature state is moderately hard. Has quite a sugary sweet taste.

    How to choose the persimmon? When buying you must pay attention to the stalk of the fruit: they should be dry and brown or light brown color. In the form of a tasty persimmon sure is round or rounded. Should not be damage and scratches on the surface of fresh persimmon, as their presence indicates long storage and the beginning of the process of decay.

  • Kiwi

    Крымское киви

    Consider a kiwi fruit, but it is one of the most delicious berries. Begin to collect around October, and not before.

    The fruit are quite juicy pulp of green or yellow color, and "shaggy" appearance brown. In the middle of a concentrated variety of small seeds which are also edible. The flavor resembles a mixture of strawberry with a pineapple, has a unique flavor.

    Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, amino acids, ascorbic acid, fructose, glucose etc. All components together make kiwi into a powerful charge of energy and useful berry. What useful properties carries kiwi:

    • Strengthens the immune system
    • Prevents the formation of kidney stones
    • Improves digestion, normalizes blood pressure
    • Relieves heartburn and prevents the formation of heaviness in the stomach and much more.

    In short, kiwi is a unique berry that is a must try in the Crimea.

  • Medlar

    Крымская мушмула

    Another unusual fruit of the Crimea is the medlar. Starts to ripen in may and June. The fruit resembles a small Apple, but the flesh is similar to a plum. Very juicy and tasty fruit, but unripe (when still green) can knit in the mouth. The taste is similar to sweet blueberries, but with a sense of acidity.

    In most cases, the medlar is used for making preserves, jams, jellies, juices. The bones are used for preparing a coffee beverage.

    Medlar combines a huge number of vitamins. Namely, vitamin C, pectin, and aromatic substances, malic and citric acid. Thanks to the useful properties of this fruit is used in medicine to improve digestion.

  • Jujube

    Крымский зизифус

    One of the most organic fruits is considered to be the jujube, as it is not exposed to any diseases and pests. Therefore, it does not need to handle protection.

    The fruits resemble in appearance, and in taste it is easy to confuse with dates.

    Can be consumed as a fresh fruit and dried, dried or canned form.

    Ziziphus popularity among the population of Crimea is easy to explain its health benefits. Let us consider:

    • Rutin, part of ziziphus strengthens the walls of blood vessels, thus becoming useful among hypertensive patients
    • Has antimicrobial, anesthetic properties and also strengthens the immune system and increases vitality.
    • Has an expectorant property and much more.

In General, the Crimea - the area of Land where you have to visit to get a taste of unique and exotic fruits that will delight not only unique taste, but also useful properties.

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