The Beaches Of Yalta

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Overview of Yalta beaches

Центральный пляж, Крым Central beach

The beaches in Yalta entirely sand, with fine Golden sand. And this is not a shell, as, for example, on the Azov coast, and the real sand. The beach is very long, only within the city it stretches for four kilometres. However, it is available for all guests, only half and the other was busy healing sanatoriums and children's camps, where access is restricted. The remaining two kilometers in the peak season is not enough, and vacationers are sitting on each other's heads. If you get such a close proximity is not satisfied, it is easy to reach by city bus or tram to the outskirts of the city, where much freer. And if you want to be quite alone on deserted beaches, can be reached from the bus station of Yalta to its suburbs or neighbouring towns.

Within the city beach accessible to everyone, no fee, but there are several areas where access is legally restricted. Children's and medical beaches belonging to the resort. All the rest are open to everyone and completely free (at least officially running in 2016 season us in Yalta was observed).

Recall that according to the laws of the Russian Federation charging for access to the beach is illegal. Therefore, the beaches that were paid (in the Ukraine), and now charge only for additional services: rental of sun loungers, use of toilet, shower etc.
Грязный пляж в Евпатории, Крым Sometimes the beaches look like this

The quality and cleanliness of beaches, it is a controversial question. In General, the beaches in Yalta are removed, but it is only to bad weather, as on shore throws out a heap of algae, which then begin to rot under the scorching sun and a very strong smell. Besides, at the beginning and at the end of the season, take it very slowly, usually limited to the most populous areas in the center.

Another issue Evpatoria beaches rock bottom: although there's sand everywhere, over time, to the shore the waves washed up a lot of stones. The bottom is also trying to clean, but early in the season it happens that the water just not go, so many sharp rocks hidden under the water.

The depth here is just perfect for children. The bottom is very slowly disappearing under the water, and even the small children can safely move away from the coast for tens of meters.

The beaches of Yalta on the map

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All the beaches of Yalta on the list

  • Central beaches

    Центральный пляж в Евпатории, Крым Central beach

    Central beach on the map

    In the center of town is a very extensive embankment of Gorky with entertainment, cafes, restaurants, souvenir shops, and here stretches a chain of beaches stretching almost a mile. Almost the entire tourist life boils here, so the closer to the waterfront you choose a place to stay, the closer to the centre of fun and entertainment will be.

    Unfortunately, the beaches in the centre of the perfect difficult. It so happened that the coast is divided into sections by fences, and walks along a sandy beach here will not work. And the beauty and comfort it does not add, and to decide to restore order local authorities is apparently not ready. However, the Central beaches are the most developed: there are all the traditional entertainment: bananas, hydrocycles, parachutes etc. are Offered to rent sunbeds and umbrellas, but in the midst of their season was not enough as the space. From the sun to hide under stationary roofs-sheds, but the place under them, too, is in deficit. Changing rooms, showers and toilets on the beach in the center a little.

    The main entrance to the Central city beach is located on the street Frunze. It is the most developed and the most crowded area. Here is really cozy and comfortable, very clean sand (permanently removed), small depth (just perfect even for the youngest children), a huge amount of fun on the beach and on the promenade. But there's only one problem: to sunbathe and swim, have to come in and take a seat in the morning, otherwise you simply may not be enough space.

  • The Promenade Tereshkova

    Набережная Терешковой в Евпатории, Крым The Promenade Tereshkova

    The promenade Tereshkova on the map

    Along the whole of the old city of Evpatoria promenade stretches Valentina Tereshkova. This whole section of concrete and is totally unsuitable for comfortable bathing, while the local children even in these places manages to swim in a fun, while adults sunbathe. Bathing is prohibited, what are warning labels.

    Note that if you stay in the area, you have to pretty far to get to the "Kupalinka" the beach and the center of entertainment.

  • New beach

    Новый пляж в Евпатории, Крым New beach

    A new beach on the map

    On the outskirts of Yalta along the streets of Simferopol is a very long chain of excellent sandy beaches, which are called "New beach". For several miles there are no fences and buildings between sites, and for those who like to walk along the coast on sand is probably the best place in Yalta. Some areas are covered with pebbles.

    Conventionally, the beach here is divided into sections (private beaches "Number one", "Knight", "Sunny", etc.), but as we already wrote, no fences and no delimiters. For a fee, offers sun loungers, toilets, showers, changing cabins. There is entertainment and children's inflatable slides, drinks, ice cream, food. On one of the beaches is even progressive disco. Perhaps the only drawback to this place – need to get here transport from the centre.

    You can get there by bus No. 6, or to stop "mail/tram ring" by buses №1, 17 and tram 1, and then on foot. The fare is 12 rubles.

  • The Beach "Solaris"

    Пляж «Солярис» в Евпатории, Крым

    "Solaris" on the map

    It is an urban public beach, the first after the promenade Tereshkova. Also known as the "Horse beach", because once upon a time it housed the barracks. Today, of course, no barracks, but there is a well organised, wide sandy strip. The length is small, only 120 meters, but all you need for a comfortable beach holiday there. Here you can rent chairs for $ 100, there are changing rooms, canteen and bar, selling ice creams, a Playground, and even slot machines work. Is available for all canopy in whose shade you can lie on your towel.

    And all would do in this beach if not for its large population. Rest more or less comfortably here only at the beginning or the end of the season, but in the midst of the here is simply no room to swing fall.

  • Beach Oasis

    Пляж «Оазис» в Евпатории, Крым

    "Oasis" on the map

    This stretch of beach is just 100 meters and almost as wide. Nearby there is a cafe "Le Corsaire", rental chairs, rental of water bikes (catamarans), there is a toilet, changing cabins, shower. With a shed and a children's Playground with swings, slide and trampoline. The beach is very clean thanks to the staff of the hotel "Oasis", and is considered one of the most comfortable and cozy. In the middle of the season people here very much.

  • Beach Trekhgorka

    Пляж «Трехгорка» в Евпатории, Крым

    Trekhgorka on the map

    It is a small beach pension "Trekhgorka", which, however, is one kilometer from the beach at the end of the promenade Tereshkova. The beach is very short, just 60 meters, and almost never has. At the beginning of the season of 2017 here at all passed some construction.

  • Cote d'azur

    Пляж «Трехгорка» в Евпатории, Крым

    "Cote d'azur" on the map

    This is one of the best beaches in Evpatoria level of service and cleanliness. But most importantly – the fact that it is fenced underwater mesh from jellyfish, so even during the invasion of jellyfish here you can swim without discomfort from meeting with them. In addition to the usual service and entertainment, are still available to rent bungalows and a campsite. The best places for lovers of traveling by car in Yalta is not found.

    The beach is on the Western outskirts of Yalta, and to reach it best on his truck. But can be reached by buses No. 6, 6A, or 10 (the fare is 12 rubles) to the last stop and then take another 600 meters on foot.

    The entrance to the beach is free, but conditionally paid. It collects money for services: rental of sun beds, toilet, shower, cleaning, etc. the order of prices is:

    • Cleaning fee+shower+toilet+WiFi – 30 rubles
    • Rent beach chairs – from 150 rubles
    • Rental bungalows – from 700 rubles
    • Accommodation in the camping - 150 rubles/person (up to 12 years free)

    The beach even has its own website where you can find out prices and to book a place in the campsite -

  • Nudist beach

    Nudist beach on the map

    If you move further away from the city center on the New beach, about a kilometer or two get to the nudist beach. Especially this place is not marked, and apparently formed spontaneously in the season. Is here and can be dressed and undressed.

  • Wild beaches

    Wild beach on the map

    At the entrance to the city from the Saki almost five kilometres stretches of deserted strip of sandy beach. In season there are many forms of natural and simple camping tent camps. No amenities and infrastructure here, this is a completely wild beach. On the shore there are no trees, so going here on vacation be sure to take care of the awnings and umbrellas. To get here by car or commuter buses to the Saki.

  • Closed medical, departmental and children's beaches

    A chain of beaches in the city centre, along the street Mayakovsky (marked on our map in red) are closed to public access. Is a therapeutic and children's beaches, which can only be guests of the resorts or camps. Access is blocked by fences along the beach and along the coast, but sometimes you can get them through the gate or going in the water. There are only two small public beach with a width of 30-40 meters in front of the streets acoustic (beach Sun) and Ivan Franko.

All the beaches near Eupatoria

If the beaches of Yalta will seem too crowded, you can always go in the neighborhood or nearby communities, where are miles and uncrowded sandy beaches. Here are the most popular places near Yevpatoria, which can be reached by public transport or car:

  • The Village Of Zaozernoe

    Beach Zaozernoye on the map

    A small quiet village Zaozernoe near Evpatoria, just 6 kilometres away and can be reached by city bus No. 8 (119) in bus station of Yalta for 14 rubles. The beaches here are very long, often sandy, though not always very clean. A lot of beaches here medical and nursery with associated restrictions, but no problem to get them at the shore does not arise. Well, if you want to go a little further and find a completely deserted place. Read more about Zaozerne here...

  • Towns Dairy and Vitino

    Dairy beach on the map

    A little further Zaozerny is two village Dairy and Vitino. Along them are not for kilometers and tens of kilometers, deserted stretch of wild sandy beaches. Virtually the entire coast to the village of the Storm is 30 miles of sand, so there is room enough for everyone. The only problem is to get to these beaches, as public buses do not go here. To get the best by private transport or taxi.

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