Museum in Yalta

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Городище Керкинитида у входа в Музей, Евпатория Gorodishche Kerkinitida at the entrance to the Museum

This is where you should start your acquaintance with the sights of Evpatoria, if you are remotely interested in the history and culture of this place. Besides, there is a Museum on the promenade near the beach, so it is almost impossible to miss.

The Museum Fund includes more than 99 thousand exhibits, including many archaeological finds, coins, costumes, weapons, photographs and documents. In General, everything is here to help understand the nature, history and culture of the city and region. Additionally, the building of the Museum is the diorama "the Landing of the Evpatoria landing on 5 January 1942," on the heroism of seamen-Chernomortsev. The area of this painting dioramas – 140sq.m.

And yet, right in front of the entrance to the Museum under the glass pyramid is part of the ancient city Kerkinitida, and you can watch it absolutely for free.


🕐 Working time: from 10:00 to 16:30 daily. Guided tours of the Museum: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00. Tours of the diorama: 10:45, 12:45, 14:45, 16:45.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the Museum exposition $ 120 / 60R. children; diorama "the Landing of the Evpatoria landing" 90 / 45; vnutripuzyrne exhibition 30 / 15; inter-Museum exhibition 60 / 30; photo 60 rubles; movies $ 90; professional videography 1000.

🚶 How to get there: the Museum is located near the seafront on the pedestrian street duvanovskaya, 11 (Museum map). To reach from the main beach, easy walk along the waterfront, and other areas of the city by buses №2, 4, 9, 13 and trolley buses No. 1 and 2. You need to get out in the garden district named after Lenin, and further 5 minutes walk to the waterfront.

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