Where to go in Crimea, on the Black or Azov sea

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For most tourists who are going on vacation in the Crimea, a question is usually not even necessary, since all programs automatically choose the resorts on the Black sea. Indeed, all the most developed and popular destinations located on the southern coast of Crimea (SCC) in the West and the East of the Peninsula, but the Northern shore, washed by the waters of the sea of Azov, far less popular. It is just a few resorts, about which few tourists have heard in General: Shelkino, capes, monay, Resort, Sand, and beaches of the Arabat spit. But there is a rest on the sea of Azov and its advantages, which separate tourists choose this beach, they come back every year just here. So, here is a comparison of rest on different seas in Crimea, their pros and cons:

The resorts of Crimea on the Azov sea

Shelkino, capes, S. Kamenskoe, , S. Sand, S. KURORTNOE, Arabat spit

The resorts of Crimea in the Black sea

Evpatoria, Zaozernoye, Mirny and Popovka, Storm, liubymivka, Gurzuf, Partenit, Feodosia, Koktebel, coast, seaside, Resort, Ordzhonikidze, Coastal and Sun valley, Sudak, Novyy Svet, S. Merry, S. Sea, Alushta, S. Solnechnogorsk, p. Malorechenskoye, Rybachye S., Azure S., p. Rock, S. and Katran, pryvitne, Balaclava, mykolaivka, novofedorivka, Simeiz, Blue Gulf, Katsiveli, Kacha, Nikita and welcome, sandy
  • What is the sea warm?

    Although the Azov sea and is located to the North, it is much warmer than Black. The reason is simple – it is smaller, and therefore warms up faster. Of course, year on year is not necessary, but often already in the beginning of June in Azov you can comfortably swim even for children. According to our (the authors website) subjectively, the Black sea lags behind the warming of Azov for two weeks to three, and even in the hot weather is not warming up as well as Azov.

    Oh and you probably heard that on the black sea coast even in the hottest period there are times when, due to mixing of deep and surface water layers becomes sharply colder for a few days, so you can't even swim. On the Azov nothing of the sort happens, and if it is hot, then so will the rest of the season.

    Conclusion: if you are planning a trip to the Crimea in may or early June, or are traveling with children, it is better to go to the Azov sea, it is warmer.

  • Where the best resorts?

    On the black sea coast resorts a lot more and they are much more developed. On the Azov, in fact, there is only one more or less developed a place is the city of ShChelkino, and on the development of tourism infrastructure and attractions it can be compared, perhaps, with the black sea resorts on the basis of settlements. In General, wherever you go on the Azov coast, environment and infrastructure development will resemble a village.

    Conclusion: the more developed resorts and infrastructure on the Black sea.

  • Where more entertainment and attractions?

    In this matter out of the competition the black sea beaches and resorts. In addition to beach entertainment and developed tourist areas with cafes, bars, discos there are water parks, zoos, dolphinariums, leisure activities and entertainment. In General, if, we go to have fun, the resorts of the Black sea. The same applies to the attractions, almost all of them are on the black sea coast or in the center.

    Conclusion: if you don't want to spend time at the resort in the village or in the country, it is better to go to the Black sea.

  • Where spacious beaches and less tourists?

    After 2014, the tourist flow even to the black sea resorts of Crimea has decreased significantly, and to see crowded beaches where you have to take a seat early in the morning anymore. But on the Azov coast people at times less, and the beaches are very long, stretching for many kilometers. And what can we say about sandy spit is the Arabat spit, the beach which stretches for 66 miles!!!

    Conclusion: the beaches of the Azov sea is much more spacious and secluded than the Black.

  • Where is the best beaches?

    This issue is very controversial because everyone has their own vision on this matter. Therefore, in General, characterize each of the banks, and to choose you:

    • Azov beaches.

      All the gritty, beautiful yellow sand, mixed with fragments of shells. Small depth: in some places you can go a hundred meters before the water reaches your chest. The waves are mostly small. Entertainment on the beaches almost none, and indeed very many unequipped wild places.

    • The black sea beaches.

      The whole South coast – pebble beaches. Gray and yellowish sand, has in the West Bank (Lyubimovka, Saki, Evpatoria, peace, olenivka, etc.), and East (Theodosius, coast, seaside, Kerch). The depth is different everywhere, but at many resorts is not suitable for bathing small children, too sharp a slope of the bottom. But most of them are "Packed" with changing cabins, sun beds and umbrellas (to rent), plenty of beach activities. However, if you love beautiful beaches on the South coast in many places, you will be disappointed: along the shore are old crumbling concrete embankments with protruding rusty rebar, and the beach is divided into short sections of terrible concrete breakwaters. Well, the waves here more and more. But it is fair to say that there is also a fabulously beautiful place, surrounded by cliffs and opening spectacular views into the distance. But it is necessary to lower his eyes, and here again, the concrete, the rebar, the rust...

  • What is the sea safer?

    The Azov sea is much shallower and warmer, it is found less poisonous animals, so it is definitely safer (see the danger in the Crimea for tourists). Depth on most of the beaches are small, up to tens or hundreds of meters, wave less, because even the youngest children to swim safer, although watch, of course, still must.

    Conclusion: the Azov sea is much safer, especially for children.

  • What is sea cleaner?

    Most of the tourists believes that the Azov sea is more dirty. Partly it's true, the water is usually more turbid, but is not so clear. The dirt in the water are mainly natural - suspension of sand and clay, because all the beaches here are sandy, clay bottom. And in the Black sea due to the shingle and the lack of fine particles, the water is much clearer. But on the other hand, on the Azov sea coast of Crimea there is no industrial production and no large settlements, spilling sewage into the sea.

  • Where is the best fishing?

    The answer to this question is clear: better in Black. The underwater world here is much more developed, bigger fish. On the Azov fish too, the instances where smaller, and our subjective opinion is harder to catch.

    Conclusion: fishing in the Black sea is more diverse and interesting.

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