Where to live during your vacation in the Crimea: tips on booking hotels and accommodation

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Booking hotels at the resorts of Crimea

Отель в Крыму

Unfortunately, the hotel infrastructure of the Crimea is still woefully underdeveloped for independent budget travel. Very few hotels, especially budget, and in high season (second half June to September) they are all booked months in advance. Fans of traveling in Southeast Asia, used to travel from city to city and hotel reservations in the next day or just on the spot, may be unpleasantly surprised by the lack of capacity in the Crimea. In the season to find the hotel value less than 1500 rubles almost unreal. In General, seasonality in prices this is very much, almost twice. On the whole, the price of the hotels in the Crimea, a budget and expensive, did not match their quality in comparison with many other countries.

In General, the Council for booking hotels us this: search for and book accommodation during high season (this is the second half of June to September) for another 2-3 months before it starts. Can do this using the search:

Rental housing for short term

Boon to a budget and not just tourists is a short-term rental housing in the Crimea. Prices are much lower than in hotels, the choice is huge. But there are some features and tricks, which are sure to be aware, especially if you go on vacation in the Crimea for the first time

  • Booking of accommodation in the Crimea for a short term online

    Сдается жилье в Крыму

    Unfortunately, a popular booking site accommodation for short term worldwide Airbnb because of the sanctions on the Crimea unavailable. There are many small local Crimean sites where you can find the accommodation and contact the owners, or you can use the sites boards like Avito. But there you can only find the accommodation and contact the owner to book accommodation over the phone. But if something goes wrong, the Board would not respond. So it's best to book accommodation through local websites that allow you to do this online, with your booking you will not like the after phone call, and guaranteed. One of these sites - turum.ruor the search form:

    Another effective method is either a telephone reservation on a tip from friends who have been there and can recommend trusted hosts and good housing, or seek shelter in place on arrival. How to do and what not to make a mistake, read on:

  • Where and how to find housing in the Crimea on arrival

    Сдается жилье в Крыму

    Housing in resort places for rent everywhere. Once you come to the bus station or in the city centre, as you will immediately be surrounded by brokers or homeowners with suggestions. If not surrounded, look around and you will most likely see a man or a rack with a sign "apartment for Rent". They usually work until late at night, but if you come to find them to be problematic.

    Feel free to use the services of these intermediaries because the services they usually do not take the money. If they suggest you first to pay them or offer a ride at your expense in a taxi to the place (sometimes asking for gasoline) to view the accommodation that we recommend their services to refuse and look for other intermediaries. And generally make it a rule to pay only with owners (when make sure that before you do home).

    So, the mediators in front of you. Now you need to explain clearly your requirements, both in the search (the duration of removal, need the Internet or not, facilities in house or on site, hot water, air conditioning, TV, kitchen, far from the sea, number of beds, etc.), and you will be given several options to choose from. If the options did not fit, move on. Outside bus stations, especially in tourist areas of cities and on the quays, there are lots of intermediaries. Yes we can and do walk the streets and see a lot of ads right at the gates of houses or on poles. If it fails, and so nothing to find, refer to the sellers of tours, taxi drivers, sellers in shops, there's something definitely "nasulat".

  • How much housing to rent in Crimea

    I'd like to talk a little bit about pricing on our (the authors) experience relief housing in the Crimea. In our experience, the pricing of rental housing in the Crimea for a short period of time defies logic and understanding. The impression is that sometimes the owners make the prices "from a ceiling" or based solely on their needs, not on its quality. It turns out that in the same city around the same area at the same time for the same price you can rent a separate apartment with all amenities or, pardon the expression, hut with no indoor plumbing. No joke... it is Possible for a very decent money to be in a dirty untidy room, with peeling Wallpaper, tiny bed for two people (usually two pushed together beds), toilet and shower on the street (need to get dressed at night to go to the toilet), no cold water (Yes, we have the old-fashioned way to heat the water and walk with basins). Oh, and with a giant Crimean cockroaches behind the Wallpaper. Here already all depends on you. How not to be mistaken with a choice on the spot, read on.

    Price dispersion is very large, but you the lowest prices for more or less comfortable homes in some popular cities for reference:

    Prices for accommodation in the resorts of Crimea

    Resort Price in rubles in the low season (October to June) Price in rubles in high season (second half June to September)
    Yalta Room 500 / 800 flat 800 room / 1500 apartment
    Feodosiya 700 room 1200 flat
    Yevpatoriya Room 800 / 1000 flat 1000 room / apartment 1800

    These prices are real, from our practice, but only for guide since you can find housing cheaper and more expensive at times.

  • How not to be mistaken with a choice

    Грязный холодильник You can get here like this
    "clean" the refrigerator, for example

    Not to be mistaken with a choice and you do not suffer all the rest running around with basins of hot water, be sure to check everything is in place. Mediators can a lot to promise, a little less promised the owners, and you certainly will see everything. Unobtrusively be sure to check the availability of hot water (even if you show the water heater, not the fact that it will work), the performance of the stove in the kitchen, the presence and operability of the Internet. Please note bed linen and pillows.

    Even if you are renting a room for 500 rubles, that doesn't mean it should be dirty and smelly. Everything has to be cleaned, the beds are clean, the dishes washed. If all the contrary, and the owners not even come to meet you and sorry not had time to wash the dishes and take out the trash from the previous occupants (you communicate only with the mediator), our advice, run from this place.

    And another tip to the question of the location of the property. Here, too, you should be careful, as in the Crimea even if you rent 100 metres from the sea on the map, it does not guarantee that you are really lucky, having walked 100 meters. In too many places, access to beach blocked by large hotels, Spa resorts, construction sites, paid parks, instead of 100 meters you have to walk the miles. Well, then you have to rely on the answers of the owners or the agent, look into their honest eyes.

Good luck with your travels in the Crimea, and do not forget to share with others information on the forum.

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