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Фото пластиковых карт

Problems with banks and Bank cards in the Crimea appeared in connection with the imposition of sanctions after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014. At first, you couldn't pay by card or withdraw money from ATMs, and tourists were forced to travel only with cash. But now the situation has improved significantly, have the opportunity to pay by card in shops and even withdraw them from ATMs. But not to get into a situation where the withdrawal or transaction will remove an unexpected Commission, or your card will refuse to work, read the following information:

Can I pay by credit card in Crimea

Фото пластиковых карт

Credit cards Mastercard, Visa and the WORLD, issued by Russian banks, are accepted in shops and hotels of the Crimea without restrictions. Fees are not charged, unless it is stipulated by the Bank that issued the card. Rarely any banks establish such a Commission, so you can easily use the card. Failures in processing of transactions happen, but not because of political sanctions, and because of technical failures. If your card will not be accepted, inform the Bank, and if you're lucky, they solve the problem until your vacation is over.

Also with the help of a plastic card you can buy plane tickets, bus, book hotels and accommodation in Crimea via Internet while still at home or already on vacation in the Crimea without any commissions.

If a plastic card issued by a foreign Bank

In this case, it can be a failure while trying to pay her anything on the territory of Crimea, as the payments are made through Russian banks, the Russian Federation. If the Bank is under sanctions, the payment does not take place. To predict a situation difficult, so it is better for foreign cards it is better not to count.


Can I withdraw money from debit cards in the Crimea

Фото банкомата в Крыму

Yes, you can credit cards Mastercard, Visa and the WORLD issued by Russian banks, but there is one feature: your map should include cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks. Some banks, in particular Sberbank, produce maps that will work only at ATMs of Sberbank, and no other. Accordingly, with such a card to withdraw money does not work, and all other – please.

When withdrawing cash from ATMs of other banks contemplated by the Commission. The amount of Commission depends on your Bank, you can find all the information for your card on the website or in the terms of the contract, but the average is about 1% and not less than 100 roubles.

If you have a card issued by the same Bank that owns the ATM, the fee is not charged, unless otherwise provided by the contract. Unfortunately, on the Peninsula presents the most popular Russian banks (see list below), so still more practical money for current and petty expenses to bring in cash.

Banks in the Crimea

Currently, all Ukrainian banks are completely stopped work in the Crimea, but opened their offices and the offices of many Russian banks, as well as local Crimean banks. Tourists banks not much will be useful, but in an emergency you can send or receive money, or withdraw money from your account.

Now you can find branches of the following banks:


  • Bank Russia
  • GenBank
  • The Bank verkhnevolzhskiy (CDH)
  • Krayinvestbank
  • TAATTA Bank
  • Talmenka Bank
  • Tempbank
  • Bank Rublev
  • K2 Bank
  • The Bank and the loan

Crimean banks

  • Bank RNCB (Russian national Commercial Bank)
  • The Bank Of The Sea
  • The Bank cbrr

Offices and ATMs a lot, so it makes no sense to bring them in this article. All the information about the offices and their addresses you can find on the websites of the respective Bank.

ATMs and offices of Sberbank in the Crimea yet. Sberbank operates through rnkb and GenBank, but the withdrawal occurs only with the Commission.

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