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General information

Вид на Балаклаву View of Balaklava

Balaklava (Balaclava) is a small town and a district of Sevastopol in the Crimea on the Black sea (Balaklava on the map of the Crimea). Balaclava is not a separate administrative settlement, it's part of Sevastopol, although removed from the city at a considerable distance separated by the undeveloped territory. It is a popular tourist place with good infrastructure.

Balaclava has always played a very important strategic and historical role. In the 19th century there was formed the resort, but in 1957 the city was included into the Sevastopol territory, and became a closed object from the constructed plant repair and equipment strategic submarine tray. This plant is still unique. It is located under the rock, and the calculations must be able to withstand a direct hit of nuclear weapons. With the collapse of the Soviet Union he ceased to perform their functions, and today it is the Museum - one of the main attractions.

Панорама Балаклавы Panorama Of Balaklava

Rest in Balaklava

Балаклава Pleasure boats in Balaklava

Balaklava is a standalone resort on the beach, but at the same time is ambiguous and resort. On the one hand, there is the sea, hotels, infrastructure, attractions and entertainment for tourists and attractions. Here is really interesting, only one Museum factory of submarines come to visit tourists from all over the Crimea, and so much more interesting things in the County and the city of Sevastopol, which can be reached by city bus. There are active forms of entertainment: boating, Hiking in the nearby mountains, a theme Park "spy Academy".

But on the other hand, the beach as such here. The city is located in the Bay with very nice views, but historically that all of the shore is covered with concrete because it is a port city, and swim with comfort and pleasure in the Bay impossible. Although some tourists and the local children manage to sunbathe directly on the concrete beach and swimming among the oil stains from boats, the pleasure of such a beach holiday very little. Several beaches are located further along the Bay to the sea, and if you really want, they can be reached, but to do this every time a March or go there by boat is not suitable for every tourist. See more about the beaches of Balaclava here...

But this does not mean that the Balaclava is not suitable as a place for the whole holiday. This is a great cozy resort with a special atmosphere, something reminiscent of a European seaside town. In addition, there is something to do for the tourists. But if you go to the Crimea to sunbathe and swim in the Black sea, to relax with the family, Balaclava will not be the best choice. That is why most of the guests of the resort is the tourists who come here as part of organized tours from other resorts, or staying here for a few days travel.

Infrastructure in Balaclava

Балаклава Selling kvas on the waterfront of Balaklava

In Balaclava there are all necessary for long stay tourism infrastructure. The city has two dozen hotels, a promenade, cafés and restaurants, food trucks. On the waterfront there is even free Wi-Fi. Major shopping centers there, but shops with Souvenirs, Essentials and food to eat. At first glance it seems that the Balaclava is nothing but hotels and restaurants, all very expensive. But only in the tourist center near the waterfront in the Bay. Costs a bit to move deeper into residential areas, you'll find shops with cheap products, banks and ATM's on the street Central, d. 35. Travel agencies here a bit, because all excursions and entertainment for tourists is offered directly on the street. Barker and implementers walking tours and excursions on boats here at every step.

Weather, tourist seasons in Balaclava

Season in Sochi starts in may and lasts until September. However, in may and the first half of June it is too cold for swimming, it often rains. The real swimming season begins in late June and lasts through August. In September with the beginning of the school year Balaclava rather abruptly emptied, but the Sep remains good weather and warm sea.

Seasons in Balaklava months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Balaclava and forecast

As how to get to Balaclava

Городской автобус до Балаклавы City bus to Balaklava

Balaklava is located 90 kilometers from Simferopol, 110 from Simferopol airport, and 15 kilometers from the center of Sevastopol (on the map). To get from the airport Simferopol and other resorts of the Crimea it is possible only by bus, taxi, or own transport. Sometimes buses are faster and cheaper can be reached with a stopover in Sevastopol, where you transfer to a city bus to Balaklava. If you want to visit Balaklava alone, it is quite possible for one full day to reach here from the South coast cities (Yalta, Alushta etc.), with resorts West coast (Evpatoria, Saki, Simferopol), to explore the city and on the same day to come back. From the more inland towns of Balaklava is best to plan an overnight trip, because one day though you will be able to return, but can't do anything. Read more about all the ways how to get to Balaclava...

The city of Balaklava

Академия Шпионажа, Балаклава "Spy Academy" in Balaklava

Balaklava is one of the most popular attractions of Crimea – the Museum of submarines. In addition, you can visit the Museum of the history of Balaklava, to see the ruins of the Genoese fortress Chembalo, the Barrel of death. The city has preserved a few architectural sites, the most famous of which is the house of Prince Yusupov (the old dilapidated building) and the Church of the 12 apostles of the 18th-century. Other attractions in Balaclava, but you can go on city buses to Sevastopol to get acquainted with its sights, or you can purchase excursions to other interesting places of the Crimea.

Entertainment in Balaclava is not very much, but for a few days stay is enough. In addition to recreation and entertainment on the beaches every visitor of the city should take a boat trip to the beautiful places on the coast that are offered on the waterfront. Here you can buy ATV tours in the surrounding hills. Children and adults will be interested to visit the Park of extreme entertainments "spy Academy", which is the end of the promenade nazukina. Best place for evening walks is the same embankment nazukina, and you can have fun on a simple theme: the prize shooting gallery, children's trampolines. Read more about sights of Balaklava here...

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