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Городской пляж, Коктебель

Crimea (Crimea) is a Peninsula in the Black sea and the homonymous Republic within the Russian Federation. The capital of the Republic – the city of Simferopol. Crimea is in the South-West of the country is washed by Black and Azov seas, and has no direct connection with the territory of Russia by land (the Crimea on the map of Russia). To get here is by sea only by ferry or by plane, although already started the implementation of the project on construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait, which is scheduled for completion in 2019.

The territory of the Peninsula is 27 000 square kilometers, which is almost two times smaller than the area of the Moscow region, the population is less than three times.

If you for some reason not in the subject, then the current status of the territory of the Crimea is ambiguous. As a result of the referendum may 11, 2014 this area came from the Ukraine as an independent state, and joined Russia as a subject – Republic of Crimea. This fact was not recognized by other States and by the Constitution of Ukraine the Autonomous Republic of Crimea remains part of Ukraine, but de facto this territory has since been fully controlled by the Russian Federation, where all the authorities of the Russian Federation and the armed forces.

Вид на Судак, Крым

But whatever the situation may have been formed in the political field, one fact remains immutable: the territory of the Peninsula Crimea – a wonderful place for recreation, tourism and travel. The nature of the Peninsula is rich, terrain is diverse, history is rich and interesting. Here you can find a holiday opportunity to laze around and sunbathe on the beaches and those who like to travel in search of interesting historical sites and beautiful natural formations. Not deprived region and entertainment, including zoos, water parks, festivals, exhibitions etc. Possible diving trips to private resorts. Well-developed night life, there are many discos. From tours, in addition to simple travel in comfortable buses of interesting and colorful places, offers Cycling and Hiking tours, Hiking and walks on national nature reserves. And not to mention the winter vacation in the Crimea – the ski resort of AI-Petri. By the way, in the near future there will be a few more ski resorts with at least such are the plans of the local tourism industry.

Крепость Фуна, Алушта, Крым

Travel to the Crimea for tour and independently. Tours to Crimea are available today from almost all regions of Russia, you can buy a departmental or vouchers from businesses in the specialized sanatorium at very low prices. However, much more interesting to travel to Crimea on their own, especially for such trips you do not need to know a foreign language, don't have to deal with cultural misunderstanding and adapt to a foreign mentality. All here their home, and that is still very inexpensive. So, flights to Crimea from Moscow, St. Petersburg and some regions are subsidized by the state and look cuter than in the Krasnodar region. Public transport to move around the Peninsula a highly developed and inexpensive. And for those who want to save money, including on accommodation, have the opportunity to stay not in a hotel, and rent a room or apartment from private owners, or even to go "savage" with a tent and sleep in campgrounds, of which there are a huge number. All the information for independent travel to Crimea you can get from our site starting with this page.

The popular resorts of the Crimea

  • Simferopol. The administrative and cultural capital, a major transport center and airport. No beaches, just sightseeing.
  • Yevpatoriya. Here are the best sandy beaches in Crimea, well-developed infrastructure. Perhaps this is the best place to stay with children.
  • Yalta. The most popular resort on the coast. Beach vacation and entertainment.
  • Gurzuf. The village of Yalta, the world-famous children's camp Artek, but also for adult here you can find a place to stay. The beaches are pebbly, there are the promenade and the pedestrian-only historical centre, reminiscent of a European country.
  • Partenit. Cozy village in the big Yalta, but not the best place for independent travelers. Access to the beach here is almost completely restricted to the resorts, and for the "savages" remains only a short section, covered with pebbles.
  • Theodosius. One of the most popular resorts with sandy beaches. In the city centre the beaches are pebbly, but on the outskirts and in the suburbs of Feodosia beautiful sandy beaches.
  • Koktebel. The world-famous resort, a place of Bohemians. There are music and dance festivals, and in General this is a very fun and ravey.
  • Sudak. A city with a developed infrastructure, good waterfront, entertainment, iconic sights - Genoese fortress. But the beaches in the city is so-so. But very close to the settlement of the New world with its beautiful beaches.
  • New Light. Very cozy and beautiful village with a sandy beach. Around the village nature reserves and Hiking trails. But the prices are high, affordable housing is almost there.
  • Alushta. Developed resort town, large by local standards. A great place for those who Yalta seems too noisy, but this is not a village. The beaches in the city center no, waterfront almost there, but the places for swimming can be found in the "Professor's corner".
  • Saki. The main mud of the Crimea. Located on the shores of lake Saki, is world famous for its healing mud.

All resorts and tourist places of the Crimea

Пляжные курорты Beach Evpatoria, Zaozernoye, Mirny and Popovka, Storm, liubymivka, Gurzuf, Partenit, Feodosia, Koktebel, coast, seaside, Resort, Ordzhonikidze, Coastal and Sun valley, Sudak, the New world, S. Merry, S. Sea, Alushta, S. Solnechnogorsk, p. Malorechenskoye, Rybachye S., Azure S., p. Rock, S. and Katran, Privetnoye, the village of Kamianske and Arabat spit, Balaclava, mykolaivka, novofedorivka, Simeiz, Blue Gulf, Katsiveli, Kacha, Nikita and welcome, sandy S., Shelkino, capes, S., C. Sand, Coastal, Resort S.
Экскурсионные курорты Tour Simferopol, Zelenogorie
Экскурсионные курорты Other cities Dzhankoy

See the full review of resorts of Crimea, as well as use the interactive assistant to select the resort in the Crimea.

The Crimea resorts on the map

Ожидайте, карта загружается

The tourist season in the Crimea, when to go

Beach rest in the Crimea is possible all year round. Although the average temperature here is higher than in most regions of Russia, relaxing beach vacation is only possible in the summer.

The high tourist season in almost the entire territory of Crimea is necessary for the period may-October. In this may June, though the warmer months, bathing is not very well suited, since the water has no time to warm up. The peak beach season is July-September. The water at this time well warmed, also reduced the amount of precipitation. In the second half of September and October comes the so-called Indian summer, when the sea is still warm enough for swimming, but the air begins to cool, the evening temperature falls, and even have to dress warmly. At some resorts, tourist infrastructure at the end of September congealing.

The off-season or off-season runs from November to April. At this time a beach holiday, with rare exception, impossible, but it's a great time for excursions, sightseeing.

The ski season in the resort of AI-Petri starts in December and lasts until April.

Seasons in the Crimea months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Weather in the Crimea (Yalta) and forecast

Time in the Crimea

Time in the Crimea does not differ from Moscow and translates from summer to winter. The current time in Crimea:

Useful tips on Crimea

Outlet stores of alcohol. everywhere in the Crimea it is possible to meet brand liquor stores, selling wine and champagne local production. Although in most cases these stores do sell original local spirits at a reasonable price, some of them are simply speculating. For example, a bottle of the same wine in the supermarket cost 190 rubles, and the company store 400 (season 2015).

Attractions in Crimea. Many sights and activities here are seasonal, and some even closed after the annexation of the region to Russia (this is, among other things, rights to land and property). So before heading to any far sights, be sure to check with your local or by phone if it works now.

Sightseeing and entrance fees. When you purchase tours please check whether the entrance fees to museums and attractions in the cost of excursions. Often it is necessary for the inputs you have to pay extra.

Money and plastic cards in the Crimea. Unfortunately, while that in the Crimea is better to go only with cash. Plastic cards are almost never accepted, the main Russian banks do not have (including Sberbank). You can withdraw money only from ATMs of local banks with extra Commission. This situation is expected to persist until the Peninsula will not be lifted sanctions from Western States.

Prices in the Crimea. Be prepared for the fact that the prices of essential commodities and food here is more expensive by 20-50 percent than on mainland Russia. And this applies not only to coastal areas, but in General. Particularly high prices in small private shops, while large supermarkets are kept relatively low prices.

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admin 11 may 2018, 18:52
1. Just in the Crimea still remains the place where you can relax with a tent, rest on the Black sea coast, such places are less. Especially good if you are by car, since cars are now a lot of places closed and without a car please. Though of course in a its also very convenient. Are a lot of places, but IMHO it is better to choose the South coast, as there is almost nowhere to stop and the shores are rocky. Decent stay at Fox Bay (a village Resort, Sudak), Quiet Bay (Koktebel), pp. Fun in the New world (but there are almost no people), Kopselsky Bay. The West coast is also very convenient: the long sandy beaches and excellent places for tents. North (Azov sea) is also very good. There you can stay at the Capes on the Eastern shore, the General's beaches, Arabat spit, etc all about the beaches yet, but if you're in the center and mountains to travel there, too, without problems. 2. Fire pits are best with you to have an easy BBQ. At least I know for sure that in the Quiet Bay, no wood fires, only charcoal, because it is a landscape Park and watching him, foresters, in other places there were no questions. 3. Sleeping bag or blanket is needed, nights can be cold. Sleeping bag easier and more comfortable. On the fourth question does not even know what to say. Travelling through Russia by car mostly, so such questions are asked, but still, even it you take the minimum, nothing extra, and even without a car, and even more so we need to take things at a minimum. ...
89035809659 13 Jul 2018, 21:17
The Crimea is well. But do not recommend to go.Construction of the century, all were destroyed. Tube there where them never was. The two charms Crimean bridge and the New airport.Spiritual values like under communism. Prices are sky-high Turkey Paradise. Road As with Catherine driving Speed 5-10 km / hour. ...
admin 14 may 2018, 06:16
Do not tell unsubstantiated nonsense, all is not so bad. ...
nausla 14 may 2018, 16:26
According to the nick is generally what is paid. Like everything in Russia is bad. ...
Анна209 31 may 2018, 20:25
This year also decided part of the vacation to spend in a tent,so camping is not developed here at all.Either it's concrete walls and to the sea 500 meters,but there is a toilet,shower,electricity,or you're standing on the shore of a savage,but go to the toilet in the bushes,fresh water to wash, bought for big money at the car wash or in the shop.Wanting to go camping a lot,and all are savages just by the sea.Written above about the tube,Yes,they really are,the last 90 km we drove 5 hours(the way lay through Simferopol),the Peninsula is a huge plus,but the construction of roads is proceeding very deliberately.About the price is true,had a room on the South spit(peace),and so the price difference at the local store with the Moscow prices in 40-100 rubles,for a moment breast fillets of chicken here costs 400 rubles🤦♀app with regard to market local products simply can not find,are the Turkish tents,and in Moscow.But Crimea I would still recommend,this is the place where you want to return no matter what! ...
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Today took took the top of the dome kornerot. Hand does not burn, touched a hand to his forehead and felt a faint pricking as from nettles. Long roars washed under running water. ...
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