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Транспорт в Казани Transport in Kazan

In Kazan is very developed public transport. Here there are metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams. Someone may surprise the complete absence of the ubiquitous minibuses, but they are not here for a long time, and ease of movement of passengers it does not affect, but rather the opposite. For all public transport a single tariff for travel (25 rubles) and the method of payment. Many of the stops have electronic scoreboard, which displays the route numbers and the time until the next transport. In General, the public transport system in Kazan is very advanced, and you can even see the location of buses on a map or using a mobile app.

In addition to traditional public transport in Kazan there are tourist buses on the system of Hop-on, Hop-off. They are comfortable, but unfortunately, their work in Kazan is not very stable.

To study tourists the whole scheme of public transport is not necessary. Below we describe the types of transport in Kazan, the order of their use and the most useful for tourists routes. If you have difficulties finding the correct route or transportation in Kazan, contact the locals: in most cases they with all the kindness helps lost tourists. So, how and what you can go to Kazan:


The historical center of Kazan is not so great. He is focused in the area of the Kremlin and along Bauman street, the length is 1400 meters. Take a walk through the historical centre and visit sights it is possible and on foot. It may even happen that during a trip to Kazan you use the transport only for it to arrive to the hotel, and to leave him.

By car

Транспорт в Казани Rent a car in Kazan :-)

If you prefer to travel by car, please note that in the tourist center of Kazan outside the courts and territories of the hotel Parking on the roadway surcharge (30-70 rubles/hour, depending on the popularity of Parking), so when choosing a hotel or accommodation check availability of nearby free Parking. If you have to pay to Park, the hourly payment is made via mobile app, SMS or credit card in the Parking meter. The Parking map of Kazan and their cost, methods of payment, can be found on the official website

The minimum Parking time is 30 minutes. Further time is charged in 15 minutes. Read more about Parking Kazan, including where to find free Parking here.

Roads in the center are narrow, many one-way directions, a double solid line without the possibility to turn around. In the city and on the approaches to it are installed a lot of cameras automatic commit violations of speeding, driving on red, of crossing the stop-line. Personally, our opinion (the authors website) that for tourists in Kazan more convenient to navigate on foot or by public transport. If you decide that a car is still more convenient, you can rent a car and enjoy it during the holidays:

Find car rental in Kazan


Taxi in Kazan is approximately the same as in most other Russian cities. Of course here it is and The use of taxis to order by phone or online order cheaper than catching car on the street. Most of the official taxis have meters, the fare is paid at the rate of 12 rubles per kilometer.

The approximate cost of a taxi in Kazan:

  • The airport of Kazan – tourist area – from 600 rubles
  • Railway station – tourist area – from 90 rubles
  • Tourist area – the Kremlin – from 80 roubles
How does a transfer bookingDetails >
Поиск трансфераFind the right route
Бронирование онлайнBooking a transfer online
Встреча водителемThe driver meets you at the airport or at the station

Buses, trolleybuses and trams

Трамвай в Казани Tram in Kazan

Ground public transport of Kazan acts in a single scheme. The fare can be carried in the cabin of the driver or the conductor, or using the transport card that is valid in all three modes of transport.

For tourists prefer to pay a one-time per trip, in this case, the cost of the trip will be 25 rubles. Pay with transportation cards cheaper the trip will cost 23 rubles, but the map will need to purchase for 75 rubles, and then another and refill. And system of its use rather complicated. What else is bad, you can't use a transport card to pay for one trip by multiple people, i.e. if you come in the family, everyone will have to purchase a card.

To purchase a transport card (E-TC) in the mail or at the kiosks of JSC "Gorpechat'", cost – 75 rubles. You can recharge the card at the post office, the Bank and the Bank of Tatarstan, Kazan, in payment terminals "Eleksnet" and the many tolls around the city. Read more about payment rates and methods of use can be found on the official website -

The bus, trolleys and trams run on schedule in the period roughly from 06:00 to 22:00 (all different, plus or minus 30 minutes). In the evening the spaces between the flights more than a day, transport to wait for is sometimes difficult.


Вход в метро Казани

The Kazan metro consists of only one line and 10 stations. For tourists it is convenient that it runs through the tourist area, there making three stops: the Kremlin, Ploschad Tukaya, Sukonnaya Sloboda. Moreover, the Kremlin and the Ploshchad Tukaya are located on the edges of Bauman street and the metro line runs under the street.

The metro works from 06:00 to 24:00, the headway of 6 minutes. Entrance is paid via tokens or smart cards, the fare from 15 to 25 rubles, depending on the payment method. As in other Russian subways, you can go down into the subway of Kazan and ride there on one trip as many round-trip.

For tourists it's best to buy simple tokens directly before going to the cashier or in vending machines. The journey will cost 25 rubles. Bought a token drops into the slot on the turnstile, the green light will be activated, and you can take. Children under 7 years are admitted free. It is necessary to apply to the controller at the entrance, and they hold children separately. Should not the children with her through the turnstile. You can also buy a smart card for the desired number of trips (1 to 49), in this case, the trip will cost 23 rubles 45 rubles per smart card.

In the metro free Wi-Fi.

Read more about metro Kazan can be found on the official website of the Metropolitan

Схема метро Казани Metro map of Kazan

Tourist bus Hop-on, Hop-Off

Туристический автобус забирает пассажиров возле Кремля, Казань A tour bus near the Kremlin

In Kazan the system of tourist buses on the type of Hop-on, Hop-off. This means that for a particular circular route runs special bus for tourists, buying a ticket on for some time as many to go on this route, and thus freely pass or take the bus anywhere it stops to explore the next stop attractions. The bus route and the stop is arranged so to reach the maximum number of attractions. In Kazan on the route there are beautiful double-Decker buses.

Unfortunately, the practice of using the Kazan tourist buses showed that they are still far from perfect. Stated intervals between buses are often not maintained (half an hour instead of 30 minutes), guides in the cabin no, the guides don't always work, bus stop signs are not marked, the staff is not always polite.

However, if you decide to use them, here is the required information:

  • Cost: adult – 900 rubles / children (5-15 years) – 800 / children under 5 – free
  • The duration of the ticket: 2 days (48 hours)
  • Services in the bus: audio guide in 9 languages, headset, city map
  • Hours: Summer hours (may-October)
  • Weekdays: from 10:30 to 21:00
  • Weekends and holidays: from 10:30 to 21:00
  • Winter schedule (November-April)
  • Weekdays: from 10:30 to 19:30
  • Weekends and holidays: from 10:30 to 19:30
  • Frequency: no more than 30 minutes
  • Length of route: 15 miles, 1 hour 15 minutes
  • The number of stops on the route: 10
  • The main landing point, where it is easiest to take the bus: Ploschad Tukaya square on May 1 (in front of the Kremlin)
  • How to buy tickets: tickets can be purchased when boarding the bus from the driver

Route map tourist bus Hop-on, Hop-Off in Kazan

Карта маршрута

More information on the website

Bicycle rental

Велопрокат в Казани

For the most advanced hikers to navigate Kazan is perfect advanced system of city bikes Veli k, created by the European. It is objectively true to say that the system is rolled somewhat complicated, and not so cheap. It is advantageous to use a local rental for short trips up to one and a half hours with breaks. If you are a true fan of Cycling and plan to ride more, better use of daily rental.

  • Hire Veli k

    City hire Veli k and only operates from April to October.

    In the tourist center of Kazan is 7 automated stations, in which you can take or leave a bike. In order to use a bike from any station, you must first on the website to make a subscription for 1 or 3 days at a cost of 30 or 50 rubles, respectively. Payment is made on the website online and as a vendor you get on the phone SMS-message with the user ID and pin code. Now you can enter them at the terminal station, and take the bikes.

    As soon as you take the bike station, the countdown begins. Time stops as soon as you return the bike to any and stations.

    Payment is made at the rate first half hour free, then one hour 50 rubles, subsequent hours for 150 rubles. It turns out that if you make short journeys of 30 minutes, you will not pay anything (except fees for the purchase of a subscription), or you can use the bike half an hour (30 minutes+one hour) for only 50 rubles. But then the price per hour increases sharply to 150 rubles.

    The website for registration of the ticket, stations, and rules of use on the website -

  • Rent for a long time

    For long trips over long distances are much cheaper to use bikes for a long time. Average prices:

    • Day – 600 rubles
    • Day (12 hours) – 500 rubles
    • 6 hours – 400 rubles
    • 3 hours – 300 rubles

    Rentals for a long time, you can find over the Internet or by advertising on the street. Here are some rental points:

    • Korolenko str., 35A phone: (843) 245-02-55, 8-937-615-02-55
    • Vosstaniya street, And 115 (junction of TASMA, the building with the sign "FLOWERS", office №2), bodies. 8-953-999-10-57
    • Hadi Taktash str., 24, tel: +7-917-871-13-68
    • ulitsa Nikolaya Ershova, D. 7, tel. (843) 236-31-63
    • Ostrovskogo St., 32 (plant Health: entrance from Ostrovskogo str through the gate), tel 8-905-317-29-04
    • Baumana str. (behind the McDonald's), tel 8-951-06-32-315
    • St. Chistopolskaya, 55 (store X-Line), phone (843) 225-45-15, 8-917-252-45-15
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