Hotels and districts of Kazan where to stay

Отель в Казани Hotel in Kazan

In recent years Kazan has a huge number of new tourist facilities, and after the Universiade in 2013 opened many new hotels. There's no problem to find a bed in a hostel from 300 rubles, a room in a cheap hotel on two in the center for 1400, and if finances allow, then a five-star hotel for 10,000 rubles per night in the heart of the tourist district. A huge selection of really affordable prices.

You can also rent a room or apartment, their rent very much in the center of the city, and in other areas. The apartment is more convenient and cheaper to travel with children, because the number of hotels for the most part is based on double occupancy. Price in tourist area, close to Bauman street or the Kremlin about 1800 rubles, the further from the centre you can find housing from 1400 rubles. Find and book accommodation in Kazan it is possible through ads over the phone. But be careful when booking on the phone, do not send money in advance, because they can lose. You can also book the apartment through sites like Airbnb or Prices on these website are the same as through ads, but added the Commission system for warranty and support in case of problems with the settlement, and, in General, this book turns out safer.

Book in advance or not

The demand for hotels and accommodation in Kazan is high almost all year round, so booking in advance is better, at least for a few days before the trip. Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and holidays demand and prices rise even more, and it is better to book a week before the trip.

What is better to choose the place/area

Туристическая улица Баумана, Казань Tourist Bauman street

Regarding the choice of places to stay, for tourism purposes, it is best to settle in the tourist area of the city. This district was established pedestrian Bauman street and the Kremlin (tourist area on the map). It is advisable to have your hotel or accommodation was in walking distance from Baumana, or the Kremlin, because most of the time tourists spend in the walks along Bauman street, and here is a large part of the attractions of Kazan. Also just the perfect place for tourist accommodation - the area of the square G. Tukay. Here is the metro station, a big shopping center "Ring", lots of restaurants, including fast food (McDonald's, Burgerking, KFC), start the pedestrian Bauman street and Petersburg.

Ночная Казань Night Kazan

If the housing is in the tourist centre of Kazan, you will not afford, or you just want to save money, you can stay away, but preferably near one of the metro stations. In this case, you just 25 rubles and 15 minutes to reach one of the metro stations on Baumana street (stations of the Kremlin or Tukaya square).

And, don't forget to check about Parking possibilities if travelling to Kazan by car, because Parking in the center is not simple (see, Parking in Kazan).

Find hotels in Kazan

Hotels of Kazan on the map

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