Chertovo Gorodishe in Elabuga

Чертово Городище, Елабуга Chertovo Gorodishe in Elabuga

Chertovo Gorodishe is the most popular attraction of the city and the main tourist symbol of the city. Is under protection of UNESCO. In 10-14 centuries, it was supporting the strengthening of the ancient state of Volga Bulgaria in the Kama area East. It housed a whole town with streets and houses, situated on a hill at the mouth of the tributary of the Kama. But unfortunately, until today has reached only a stone tower, and then restored. Almost all remains of the city, local residents dismantled the stones to build their homes even before learning of the settlement in the 19th century by archaeologists. Tower in 1844 collapsed by itself, and there was only a small area on the North side with an arched doorway and window above it. Only in this place and preserved the original walls of rough stones and lime mortar with plaster and all the rest of it was restored from new materials on the old Foundation. Go inside the tower can not, the entrance closed by an iron door. Next is some more of the ruins left from the dwellings of the settlement, but they too recovered.

In 2007, the tower again underwent restoration, the area around the gentrified for tourists: walkways, benches. From the summit of the hill offers a panoramic view of the city and the Kama river. At the entrance to the hill was built a wooden gate tower, equipped with Millennium Park with the monument Bugarska Khan Ibrahim I Ben Muhammadu is a restaurant. With all this, it's hard to call itself a landmark, spectacular and very interesting, because its inspection will take no more than 20 minutes.

Hours: around the clock

Entrance fee: free

Getting there: devil's ancient Settlement is located on the outskirts of the city on the banks of the river (devil's Fort on the map). To get here from downtown, you can walk for 30-40 minutes, or by bus No. 1 to last stop.

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Чертово Городище, Елабуга Panorama Of Devil's Fort, Elabuga
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