The attractions and entertainment of Tatarstan, what to see

In addition to the attractions in the city of Kazan there are many tourist attractions throughout the Republic of Tatarstan. This, for example, the famous ancient city of Bulgarians, the unique island-town of Sviyazhsk, the Raifa monastery, etc. Most of these places can be visited for day trips in all tourist agencies of the city. Some of them, unfortunately, are not as popular to organized group tours, and accessible only by private car or get on the commuter transport. All the interesting tourist places of the Republic of Tatarstan outside of Kazan, the ways to reach them, cost and time work read more:

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Raifa monastery

Раифский монастырь, Казань Raifa monastery

The Raifa Bogoroditsky monastery (or Raif) not far from Kazan in the Tatarstan Republic has the status of object of cultural heritage of Russia and is the largest of 9 active monasteries of the Kazan diocese, and one of the largest in Russia. It is surrounded by picturesque pine forest on the banks of the Sumy lakes, which are part of Raif area of the Volga-Kama reserve.

The monastery is an attractive tourist destination that is most visited in the form of a one-day bus tour from Kazan, or in the form of independent travel by car or bus. Also it is an important place of pilgrimage.

Tourists are interesting unique architectural ensemble, more than four hundred years history of the monastery, and, of course, the atmosphere of this place. As they say in such cases, the place is very popular. You can absolutely free to walk around the monastery grounds, to enter the temples, of course respecting the rules of conduct and dress. Be sure to check out Holy-water chapel, to which the water of the sanctified water well – Raifa source. The chapel is located in the courtyard of the monastery and available to everyone. It is possible not only to drink of the consecrated water, but also to get her with him. Read more about Raifa monastery and photos here...

Hours: the monastery is open to the public from 7:00 to 20:45

Entrance fee / ticket price: free, bus tour from 650 rubles adult, 400 children

How to get there: the monastery is located in the village of Raif 30 kilometers from Kazan (Raifa monastery on the map). You can get here with a bus tour, by car or by suburban buses. Trips purchased in travel agencies in the city, and one of the lowest prices available in the Spasskaya tower at the entrance to the Kremlin.

The island town of Sviyazhsk

Свияжск, Казань Cathedral of the icon of the Mother of God, Sviyazhsk

Sviyazhsk is an island city located near the mouth of the river Sviyaga 60 kilometers from Kazan. He appeared in the middle of the XVI century as a military fortress and today is a unique monument of Russian antiquity, historical-architectural and art Museum "Island town of Sviyazhsk", and one of the most visited attractions of Tatarstan. To tourists it is interesting for its history, unique atmosphere, spirit of Orthodox culture, architecture, original frescos of the XVI century, every street, every house has its own history.

Most of those who come to learn, it's the tourists, vacationers in Kazan. Can be purchased at travel agencies city tour by bus or boat, or to come here on their own. Access to the island is free, and visiting the individual museums at extra cost. Usually one day is enough for seeing the sights and museums, but some tourists stay here a little longer, for which there are all necessary minimal tourist infrastructure: there are several hotels, cafes and restaurants, shops. Read more about Sviyazhsk and photos here...

Hours: access to the island is open around the clock, the attractions of working according to their individual schedule.

  • Monasteries and churches: daily from 09:00 to 18:00
  • Museum of history of Sviyazhsk: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00; Saturday 10:00 to 18:00, Monday – closed

Entrance fee / ticket price: the access to the island is free. The cost of visiting museums from 100 rubles. Combined tickets for visits to paid attractions – 300 rubles adults; 180 – child; children under 7 years free. Tour escort during the tour from 1500 RUB / group up to 10 people. Read more about all prices of. site.

How to reach Sviyazhsk island-town of Sviyazhsk is located 60 kilometers from Kazan, on the island connected to the mainland by a narrow Causeway with the road (Sviyazhsk on the map). Easier and more profitable way to visit Sviyazhsk in organised tour from Kazan, because in this case you will receive a professional guide. At the same place for tour support will have to pay 1,500 rubles (for a group up to 10 people). However, group tours are quite fluent, there is no time for self relaxing walk along the streets of the city. Therefore, many travelers prefer to visit Sviyazhsk independently by car, train, bus or on the Volga on the ship.

The Great Bulgarians

Соборная мечеть и большой минарет, Булгары Mosque, the Great Bulgarians

The great Bulgarians (Bulgars) – ruins of the ancient city on the banks of the river Volga, near the modern town of Bolgar 180 kilometers from Kazan (the Bulgarians on the map), one of the main attractions of Tatarstan. In 2014 included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

This is a very interesting and ambitious attraction, which is well worth a visit during a trip to Tatarstan. Usually Bulgar visit tour of Kazan, but the place is worth and independent visit of Tatarstan and neighboring regions. For a full and detailed inspection of all of its attractions and museums with a tour escort may take two days, ordinary tourists just half a day to see the most interesting sights.

On the territory of the ancient city founded by the Bulgarian state historical and architectural Museum-reserve, a kind of outdoor Museum, which includes many monuments of history, architecture, museums. Access to the territory of the Museum-reserve is free entrance to certain attractions and museums paid. In addition to the attractions in the territory, beyond its borders also is a few must visit places: small town, White mosque, Museum of bread. Read more about the Great Bulgarians and photos here...

Hours: the Museum-reserve is open from 08:00 to 18:00, seven days a week. After 18:00 you can continue to explore outside, but the entrance inside is closed

Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance to the Museum-reserve, free entrance to museums for extra charge (from 50 to 200 rubles). Bus tour from Kazan from 1600 rubles. Tour support in place from 250 rubles per person in the group

How to get there: the Great Bolgar is located 180 kilometers South of Kazan (the Bulgarians on the map). To get here by car, bus, boat, group trips from Kazan, on a cruise boat on the Volga.


Достопримечательности Елабуги Chertovo Gorodishe in Elabuga

Yelabuga (Elabuga) – a small provincial town in the Republic of Tatarstan 210 kilometers from the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan Kazan on the river Kama (Elabuga on the map of Russia). The town is quite small, population of only 73 thousand people, however, Kazan is one of the oldest settlements in the country. Officially celebrated its Millennium in 2007, although its history is connected with the events of the whole archaeological era, which received the name of Ananyino culture and Dating back to the IX-III centuries BC. And a more recent history of Elabuga is associated with the names of the poetess Marina Tsvetaeva, Ivan Shishkin artist, and writer Hope Durova.

Elabuga hardly be called a tourist attraction. Here is a very poorly developed tourist infrastructure, few hotels, almost no entertainment for tourists. However, because of the unique sights of Yelabuga is one of the best provincial cities in Russia for sightseeing tourism, and has a good potential to become a popular tourist destination. Meanwhile, Elabuga is visited by very few tourists, and most of them are enthusiasts-travelers, trying to find new and interesting places and sights.

To explore the city and its attractions in 2 days more to stay here as a tourist is not worth it. Read more about Elabuga here...


Набережная Чистополя

Chistopol (Chistipol, Chistay) is a city in the Republic of Tatarstan on the banks of the Kama river, 140 kilometers from Kazan (Chistopol on the map of Russia). The town is small, population a little more than 60 thousand people, is a measure of agglomeration.

In Chistopol tourists rarely stay for long. Most often it is visited in the form of bus or river tours from Kazan for one day, or passing through make a stop avtoputeshestvennika. Indeed, Chistopol – a worthy place for tourists in guided, but independent local sightseeing will take hardly exciting. A set of interesting places Chistopol includes several museums, monuments, churches and mosques, but nothing outstanding or original you will not see here. The city's architecture is also not much stands out among the other provincial cities.

Despite all the rave reviews and descriptions of Chistopol tourism sites selling tours and excursions to this town, we would recommend to very carefully examine the reviews and the descriptions of its sights on independent sites before you decide to self drive or guided tour here. Once again, here is what to see of attractions and excursions in the city of Kazan are offered not in vain, just keep in mind that expert and independent tourists may be somewhat disappointed. Read more about Chistopol here...

Blue lake

Голубые озера, Татарстан

Blue lake in Tatarstan is one of the few natural attractions that deserve the attention of tourists. Moreover, around the lake formed a protected nature reserve. Blue lakes is three, the most popular being the Big Blue lake.

Lakes have karstic origin, so the water is always crystal clear and always cold. Unusual color make mineral deposits at the bottom. The water is very mineralized, and dirt that are used by local sanatorium for treatment. But do not hurry to drink water and self to be smeared with mud from the bottom, this can not be done, and you're more likely to cause injury. Lakes have tributaries that feed the springs, and therefore the water here throughout the year is around 4 degrees Celsius. This, incidentally, is one of the reasons why here love to swim "walrus", including in the summer.

The lake has changing rooms and walkways for swimming, around the nature and relatively clean air. In General, this place is great to come here for a few hours to relax and enjoy the unusual miracle of nature.

If you want to stay here longer, there are several clearings for tents and a fire in the grill, but on the shores of the lakes themselves to do it. Read more about blue lake here...

Hours: around the clock, it is best to visit in the afternoon in summer or winter

Entrance fee / ticket price: free

How to get there: the lakes are on the outskirts of Kazan near Shcherbakovo village, about 20 kilometers from the city center (lake on the map). Big lake is located on one side of motorway M7, the other two on the other side. From the road to the lakes to go about 15-20 minutes, but you can drive the car closer to the lakes the directions or navigation to free Parking.

By public transport from the centre of Kazan to get also, but will have to spend about a half hour in one direction only. For this from center subway to get to North Station or Aircraft (cost is 25 rubles) to go there and change to bus number 40 (also 25 rubles, goes about 1 every hour) and get off in the village Shcherbakovo at the "Blue lake". Next to the lakes 15-20 minute walk. Remember, a Large lake and the other two are in different sides of the road and stop.

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