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Dombai and Arkhyz are very similar resorts, but the conditions of stay in them is very much different. To advise one or the other, to highlight the best, we will not, as a matter of purely individual. But you do not wrong choice the first time you travel to these places, we have made possible an objective comparison between these resorts:


Infrastructure in Dombai more developed, and the feelings the resort looks more civilized and organized. Generally, it gives the impression of the resort, which was originally developed as a resort, but Arkhyz like a village that just went Hiking.

In Dombai there is a Bank and ATM, a lot of cafes and restaurants with a predominantly Caucasian cuisine, but there are places with European and Russian tourist flea market, lots of shops. To pay by plastic card, unfortunately, almost nowhere to be, only cash, usually without checks. The nearest petrol station is 25 kilometres in Teberda. Accommodation options are many and their variety is great about budget private rooms to hotels of 3 stars. And, perhaps, the main plus of the Dabie – what is compact. Anywhere, including the ski lifts, easily reached on foot from any village.

In Arkhyz there is no ATM and Bank cards, also never take. Restaurants are almost there, only a cafe where you can eat simple, but the price of food below. Shops and a market too, but not as "civilized" as in Dombai. The nearest gas station is 50 miles away in Zelenchukskaya. But the village and the resort is developing and being built, that now creates a big inconvenience, but maybe in the future the situation will change.

With accommodation at hotels in Arkhyz, the situation is interesting: on the one hand, there is even a five-star hotel equivalent to a four star, but they are not in the village and the ski resort Arkhyz in the village, Romantic, and very expensive. But on the other hand, in the Arkhyz village there are basically only simple accommodation in guest houses, recreation centers, private homes.

Attractions and entertainment

Both resorts are attractive for its natural attractions that are available mainly in the summer. Mountains, waterfalls, mountain lakes, caves, glaciers. They can be seen during excursions or independently on a one-day or multi-day Hiking routes in the surrounding area. And it is very difficult to identify where better. But in our subjective opinion, to visit tourist routes in Dombai easier and more interesting, and the mountains, glaciers, waterfalls and lakes are more and more diverse.

As for other types of attractions, from Dombay independently by car or tour you can visit the zoo of the Teberdinsky nature reserve, Sentinsky and Shoininski temples. Of Arkhyz visit the Museum under the open sky Alanian settlement, miraculous image of Christ on a rock Zelenchukskaya Observatory. Both resorts offers horse riding, Quad Biking, rafting, guided hikes or trips to the mountains.

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Ski holidays

Winter ski holidays in Dombai and Arkhyz is rest on entirely different resorts than in the summer. Their appearance, atmosphere, prices, infrastructure in winter, changing and not always for the better. At both resorts there are many problems, ranging from toilets and ending with the performance of the ski lifts. Not a few claims to the equipment tracks in terms of security, organization resorts, Parking. But the differences between the two resorts there:

In Dombai the three phases of the lifts to a height of more than 3 thousand meters, and there are trails everywhere. In Arkhyz lifts easier, only from the same queue.

In Dombai ski lifts are right in the village, and in Arkhyz they are located 10 kilometers from the village of Arkhyz in the ski resort Arkhyz, formed by the settlement of Romantic and Moonglade. This means that every time you have to get to them by taxi, bus (runs several times a day), or private transport. Moreover, there is a big problem with Parking. In the design did not take into account the need for them, and on weekends and holidays this leads to the fact that at the entrance to the ski resort Arkhyz (not in the village), the formation of traffic jams. All aggravated by active construction, renovations, and terrible organization of the administration of the resort. For example, at the beginning of the 2019 part of the lifts was not working but no warning of this was not on the website or at the box office selling tickets, and the cost of the SkiPass is not even lowered.

I hope this brief overview will help you choose where to go, or in Dombay, Arkhyz. But if possible, we recommend you to visit both resorts, yet each of them you will find something interesting and unique.

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