Surfing in Russia

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There is a stereotype that in Russia the surfing is impossible, since there is no normal quality and stability of waves. So surfers prefer to train in exotic countries, where there are waves of different levels. However, experienced surfers claim that the sport can grow at home.

In Russia often ride in places such as Kamchatka, the black sea coast, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad. The country has a Federation of Surfing. Annual competitions surfers, and in 2013, our athletes participated in international competitions ISA.

Best Russian surf spots:

  • Kamchatka

    The most unusual and extreme surfing in the winter in Kamchatka. The air temperature is -14°, the water is warmer -2°. To get to the ocean is difficult – the roads are covered with snow, had to rent a snowmobile. Sometimes athletes through the snow on foot with equipment overcome distances of up to 10km Difficulties are forgotten, when their eyes opened almost lunar landscape. In front of the ocean on the left and on the right the snowy mountains and steaming volcanoes – an indescribable beauty.

    Wearing thick wetsuits, gloves and boots, surfers are immersed in cold water, forming a crystal spray. The coast at this time of the desert, few are willing to try their hand in the icy water. Those unique places in the world not so much. People living on the Kamchatka Peninsula, are not even aware that there is a place for world class surfing.

    In the summer, when the temperature of the water in the Pacific warms up to 15°, the surfers come for the 50-kilometer Khalaktyrsky beach near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. At the end of the beach is a tent surf camp Kamshaka Republic, acting in the summer. Here is a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and offers lessons in surfing. The price for one lesson of three hours, together with rental inventory is 2.5 thousand rubles to rent the boards separately would cost 1.2 thousand rubles, the rate – 500R. in the camp and 850R. in the hostel. The season for skiing in Kamchatka begins in may and lasts until October. Most warm water from late June to mid-August.

    Surf school Snowave, the Peninsula appeared a few years ago. It works in two directions. Winter classes in snowboarding. Here many snow-covered mountains and hills, so where to turn, besides, this sport is very close to the surf. Summer school moved to the coast, where there is an opportunity to ride the wave.

  • Black sea coast (Sochi)

    Beginners and those who prefer a comfortable warm water, perfect black sea coast. The tradition of surfing in this area for almost two decades. Here, too, are pretty decent waves, simple and varied, allowing a comfortable environment to hone your skills. To catch good waves, better watch the weather forecast.

    The best spot is located in Khosta (Sochi). From the airport can be reached in 20 minutes on a comfortable train. It's a good place for skiing, budget hotel, near a cafe. In 2013 in Sochi the championship of Russia on surfing.

  • Crimea

    2014 Russian surfers opened a few local places where plenty can go surfing. Not all the resorts are suitable for surfing, but those that fit, much better spots on the mainland part of the Black sea, since the Peninsula is thrown far into the sea, and takes over all the power of the waves. The best place for surfing in Crimea is a region in the Western coast North of Sevastopol until the village mykolaivka. Here are the famous resorts Kacha, Lyubimovka, sandy.

    Another place for surfing in Crimea – district of Feodosia, especially the seaside village nearby. The waves here are quite small, very suitable for beginners.

  • Saint Petersburg

    Surfing in St. Petersburg depends on the availability of wind. The main spot is on the Gulf of Finland, the most popular of these Atlantis and Cape Navy in the Solar village. In the Ladoga lake best surf spot – the lighthouse (the settlement of Osinovets), but the waves are not as high quality as in the Gulf.

    The season begins early spring and continues until such time until the water is covered with ice. The surf school is located 30 km from St. Petersburg, on the Gulf coast. The cost of the lesson (1.5 hours) – 2500R., 5 lessons – 10 thousand rubles, Students are provided with a wetsuit and surf Board. Board rental alone is 700R., wetsuit – 500R.

  • Kaliningrad

    Here wave surfing is the most stable in Russia. The Baltic sea is located close to the Atlantic ocean, so happen the storm and the waves are usually good quality. Windsurfing is possible all year round but best in autumn and spring. Newcomers are more suitable sandy beaches. Those who know how to ride, choose a seat near the breakwaters.

    The surf school was founded in 2014 the Prices here are slightly lower than in Saint Petersburg. So, one lesson is worth 2 thousand rubles, seven lessons – 11.9 thousand R. Board rental – 500R., wetsuit –300R. In early September 2015. in Zelenogradsk (spot the Barn) in storm conditions took place the national championship of surfing, which was attended by professionals and Amateurs.

  • Vladivostok

    You can ride on the Islands and in the city. Unfortunately, the waves here often. Favorable conditions for surfing – in the early spring and late summer. On the Russky island is the surf camp Swell, where you can take surfing lessons. Come here with your tent or take in the arena. There are all conditions for a comfortable stay in the field.

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