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Hotels and accommodation, where to book

In the cities and villages of Adygea are many hotels and guest houses, recreation centres and tourist camps, private accommodation for rent. A lot of the tourist accommodation is located outside the settlements along the road from Guzeripl to Kamennomostskiy village, and the road from the village of Dakhovskaya to the plateau Lago-Naki. Also these places provide a lot of camping (cost from 500 rubles for a car Park and a place for tents) and sites where you can get free. Mainly to find places possible along the roads and on the banks of the White river. Well, part of the tourists arriving in the region and is sent immediately to the mountain hikes on the territory of the Caucasian reserve where you can camp and put up tents in designated areas.

Prices for accommodation in Adygea is slightly lower than in the Krasnodar region, but the price difference is almost imperceptible. During the high season (summer) it is better to book accommodation in advance as the demand is high and every season increases, prices are also rising. If you pre-book accommodation does not work, you can find it on the spot, including in the private sector. On the streets of the popular tourist towns you can find ads hung on the delivery of housing, as well as on the gates and fences of private homes. Also always open doors camp sites and guest houses outside the settlements, but this option is suitable only for those travelling by car.

Find and book hotels, apartments or apartments in Adygea can through the following websites or a search form:

Find hotels in Kamennomostskiy/Adygea

Where to stay in Adygea, which area to choose

Adygeya, a small region, and most of it is occupied by the mountainous districts and is part of the Caucasian biosphere reserve. This part is South of Kamennomostskiy village, and is the most interesting for tourists. You can stay in the settlements and outside them. Here is a brief description of the cities and areas:

  • The city of Maykop (on the map). It is the capital of the region and the most developed city, but for tourists it is a large no interest. Although there are many hotels to stay as a tourist is not worth it, and it is better to go to one of the more tourist places.
  • The village of Kamennomostskiy (on the map). The most popular tourist destination, and in our opinion the most convenient, in fact, a tourist center of the Republic. Here are concentrated most of the accommodation options, the most developed infrastructure, and here are the most popular and visited attractions of Adygea: waterfalls Rufabgo, hadzhohskaya tasnina gorge, river valley Masoko, river valley Aminovka etc. read More about Kamennomostskiy here...

  • The village of Dakhovskaya (on the map). Less developed than Kamennomostskiy, town, but in our opinion even more comfortable. Here too there is everything for tourist stay, but staying here is better only if you have a personal transport, since most of the tourist places will have to drive the car or have to hire transport here. Read more about the village of Dakhovskaya here...
  • Khamyshki village (on the map). Yet less developed town, located on the way to the Guzeripl ' and quite far from Kamennomostskiy. There are several accommodation options, but to choose it as a place of rest, we would recommend only if you have personal transport. Read more about village of Khamyshki here...
  • The village of Guzeripl' (on the map). Very tiny village with a few accommodation options, but he's pretty popular as a place to stay before going to Caucasian biosphere reserve. On the road Guzeripl ends Р254, but it lasts a good asphalt road up into the mountains to the Partisan field and Sycamore gladeand the entrance to the reserve on the most scenic Hiking trail. Read more about Guzeripl ' here...
  • The road from Guzeripl to Kamennomostskiy. Along this road are Dakhovskaya and Khamyshki, but you can stay not only in them, but in one of several hotels and lodges along the way. As a rule, they are in a very beautiful place surrounded by wildlife and close to the mountain river Belaya, but no infrastructure will not close.
  • The road from Dakhovskaya to the CAT "Plateau Lago-Naki". This road leads up into the mountains to another entrance on territory of the Caucasian reserve - CAT "Plateau Lago-Naki". Unlike the road from Guzeripl to the mountains, this is more advanced and along it is a lot of recreation and sports and tourist bases. You can just Park your car and moving down the road to find a place to put the signs. Of course, no infrastructure will not close, therefore in order to save everything you need including food, better to take with you.

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