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Adygea, a small Republic, and the attractions and tourist spots are concentrated only in its southern part. If you go away from town South on the highway Р254, you would first come to the village of Kamennomostskiy, then in the village of Dakhovskaya, Khamyshki next to the village and Guzeripl, where the road ends. In fact, these settlements and attractions in their vicinity and limited tourist part of Adygea Republic. All these places are surrounded by beautiful mountains and forests, and lying on the banks of a mountain river White, which originate in the territory of the Caucasian reserve in the mountains of the North Caucasus.

There is still the capital of the Republic – the city of Maykop. But despite the large number of hotels, tourists are there to do absolutely nothing, if only to stop overnight along the way. As an exception, except that you can visit in the vicinity of Maykop is one of the resorts with thermal springs.

Often during a trip to Adygea in the route include a visit to the hope farm and its gorges, which are connected with the Maykop road, but in fact it is already a resort in Krasnodar Krai.

Below we have prepared an overview of the resort areas of Adygea, so you can choose the place where to stay while travelling in the country. If you are interested in specific attractions and their location, it is better to read "All the sights of Adygea". If after reading all this you still have questions, you can ask them on our forum in the section about Adygea.

  • The Village Of Kamennomostskiy

    Водопады Руфабго, Адыгея Waterfall Rufabgo in Kamennomostskiy

    Kamennomostskiy is without a doubt the tourist capital of the Republic (Kamennomostskiy on the map). Although it is a small town with a population of a little more than 7,000 inhabitants, out of all the cities of the Republic of Adygea is the most convenient for tourists to stay, especially if you visit the region for the first time. There are more than fifty hotels and guest houses, it is easy to find accommodation in the private sector, there are many budget options. In addition, in Kamennomostskiy the most developed tourist infrastructure in terms of search tours and access to attractions. And here it is easiest to get to.

    In the village there is a large supermarket "Magnet", market, bakery, shops, pharmacy and clinic. From here, you mostly won't need anything, except that you will not find a large selection of merchandise, and for serious shopping will have to go at least in Maykop.

    What is good in Kamennomostskiy are two of the most popular tourist attractions: Waterfalls Rufabgo and hadzhohskaya tasnina gorge. Both of these can be visited independently on foot from the center. There are also two private Museum, dolmen, and entertainment extreme Park. If you like Hiking one day, you can explore the waterfalls and caves in the gorge of the river Mexoco or river Aminovka. Of course, this is only a small part of the attractions of the Republic, and will need still need to visit one of the caves (Gentle or Big Azishskaya), and follow the route through the Caucasus reserve, but these places have to commute. And if you're not on private transport, in this respect, Kamennomostskiy the most affordable prices, and to find transportation and tours can be easier and cheaper than in other towns.

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  • The Village Of Dakhovskaya

    Рафтинг в Адыгее Rafting near Dakhovskaya

    Dakhovskaya is next for Kamennomostskiy, and it is a little harder to get (the village of Dakhovskaya on the map). But that's next on the popularity and development of the place where you can stay. Of course, as in General in Adygea, it is best to arrive by car. But if this is not possible, in Dakhovskaya you have still a chance to see the sights of the Republic for a modest fee, as it is well located geographically. Easy bus ride or taxi to get to by Bus and see its places of interest. And from here also starts the road to the caves, Gentle, Big Azishskaya and to the checkpoint Lagonaki at the entrance to the Caucasus reserve.

    In General the village is very calm, quiet and cozy place with almost a village atmosphere. So quiet that, except in one of the cafes here to go nowhere. No supermarkets, only small shops with food and necessities. Of tourist attractions here you can visit the country's only chairlift that leads to the top of the ridge una-Cosa, where there is an observation deck with views of the mountains, the grotto of "Desires", the cave "Dusty" and "City", site of ancient people, the adventure Park "Tethys". In Dakhovskaya offers guided rafting trips on the White river.

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  • The Village Of Khamyshki

    Гранитный каньон, Адыгея Granite canyon near Khamiskuri

    The village is located further along the road to the South after the village of Dakhovskaya (Khamyshki village on the map). The infrastructure is developed very little: there are a few small shops with groceries, buses rarely go. So if you decide to stay here, we highly recommend you to only do it when you have your own transport.

    Attractions in the village itself there are almost no, except for a few trails to not-so-famous natural attractions. Also in the North of the village there is the archaeological Park with the dolmen, but in 2018 he had not acted, and in General is of no particular interest. Proximity to hire a Quad bike and rafting trips on the White river.

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  • The Village Of Guzeripl'

    Музей Гузерипля The nature Museum at Guzeripl

    Guzeripl 'is located at the end of a road in the South of Adygei (Guzeripl' on the map). Go, all encircle the mountain and the territory of the Caucasian reserve. This is a very small village with a population of only 100 people, but a very important tourist point. Here is one of the headquarters of the Caucasian reserve (cordon Guzeripl'), and the Museum of nature. At the Museum there is the famous dolmen, and near the adventure rope Park. However, to go purposefully in Guzeripl ' and stay in it, in our opinion, it is worth only if you intend to make a multi-day route through the Caucasian biosphere reserve, including the ascent to the top of Fisht, Oshten or Pshekha-su. In this case, you can use the village as a place of rest and preparation before or after the route. However, it should be borne in mind that the start of the Hiking route begins in the village and at a checkpoint on Sycamore meadow, to which the village will still have to drive 18 miles. Guzeripl ' – the nearest settlement to this checkpoint.

    You can stay there in one of the couple of dozen hotels and guest houses. There are a few small shops and cafes. But the decor is very rustic, and outside the territory of the hotels really have nothing to do.

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  • Other places in Adygeya

    Кавказский заповедник, Адыгея Plateau Lago-Naki in the reserve

    Besides the above mentioned settlements in Adygea there are other places where it might be interesting to stop a certain category of tourists. For example, if you are traveling by car and looking for something really close to nature and privacy, then you can approach posting on one of the camp sites outside settlements. Such camp sites in the Republic quite a lot, they are mainly located along the White river and the road from Guzeripl to Kamennomostskiy, as well as on the road from the village of Dakhovskaya on the plateau and to the checkpoint Lago-Naki (the same road leads to the caves Most Azishskaya and Gentle).

    Another attractive category of places to stay in Adygea Republic – resorts and complexes with thermal springs and SPA treatments. Several of these resorts are in the vicinity of Maykop in the village of Tula, in the Mostovsky district of the Krasnodar region, near Kamennomostskiy, on the way to the plateau Lagonaki. Read more about thermal springs of Adygea here...

And finally, to book hotels or accommodation in Adygea at the best resorts on the following websites, or using the search form below:

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