The Caucasus nature reserve in Adygeya

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General information about the reserve

Caucasian state natural biosphere reserve named after H. G. Shaposhnikov is located on the territory of three regions of Russia, and a considerable part of its area falls in the Republic of Adygea. For many tourists this is the main value and the main attraction of the Republic, and only for her sake, here we go. Almost all its territory in the Republic of Adygea mountain area at altitudes from 600 to 2800 meters.

You can visit the reserve can not only lovers of hikes and climbs in the mountains, but the tourists in the form of an easy day hike (Hiking), which is best to start in the first half of the day, ideally early in the morning, otherwise little will have time to see. No special skills to complete the simple route is not required: only need good shoes and a satisfactory physical form, as have to walk though protoptannym, but mountain trails. This walk is accessible to children. Even for a day hike, you can see Alpine meadows, mountain streams and waterfalls to get to the glacier and walk through the snow in the summer months, and, of course, to enjoy the views of mountains, covered with snow caps.

Кавказский заповедник, Адыгея

If you like Hiking or prepared to climb one of the peaks (Fisht – 2867 meters, Oshten – 2804 meters, Pshekha-su – 2743 meters), you can go to one of the longer tourist route with a tent and backpack. Some of the routes are circular, others will lead you to the Black sea in the Krasnodar region.

Reserve rich not only beautiful views, but also flora and fauna. Alpine meadows cover the slopes and the glades, and many plants are endemic, i.e. grow only here. If you are lucky you can see bison, deer, tour, Tur, chamois, lynx, ROE deer, wild boar, bear, and herds of horses. For example, we (the authors) in 2019 met a bear on the trail near the camp and Instructor of the gap.

Кавказский заповедник, Адыгея Bear next to the Instructor's slit

How to visit the reserve

The territory of the reserve occupies a large part of the territory of Adygea, and the whole area is protected. Her visit is possible only for a fee through the official routes and respect the rules. In the territory of Adygeya there are two official entry points to the reserve, where you will be able to purchase tickets (permission):

  • PPC "Lagonaki". Opening hours: around the clock. To get to the checkpoint on the way from Dakhovskaya (road City-CAT Lagonaki), the checkpoint is right at the end of asphalt road (the checkpoint on the map).
  • CAT Zurub. Opening hours: 06:00 – 21:00. You can get there by road from Guzeripl to Sycamore glade on the pavement, there to leave the car, and up to the checkpoint on foot through the forest for another 10 minutes (the checkpoint on the map).

To reach each of those checkpoints can only be a personal transport, a taxi, or, in extreme cases, hitch-Hiking, but the last option is highly dependent on luck, because the cars here, and mostly all go to the checkpoint have already been filled. Before the checkpoint you can Park your car in the paid Parking area for 200 rubles a day, but for day hikes often leave cars on the road nearby. Also next to each of the transmission there is a simple option for accommodation for the night (from 500 rubles/person) and a café.

There is another CAT "Cordon Guzeripl'", located in the village of Guzeripl'. But it is more convenient to use for the purchase of tickets to then enter through another checkpoint, or for the call on the short walking trail to explore the flora and fauna of the reserve.

Before entering the reserve on routes with the reversal of Adygea is the most convenient to stay overnight in Guzeripl, Dakhovskaya, Khamyshki or Kamennomostskiy.

Кавказский заповедник, Адыгея

The majority of the tourists considered the most beautiful and varied route for a short hike to Alpine meadows, waterfalls and glacier runs from the CAT Zurub, while from checkpoint "Lagonaki" will have to go to these places for another 3-5 hours. However, if you are willing to hike for many hours, a 15-minute walk from checkpoint "Lagonaki" is an observation deck, but to enter it you still have to pay for the overnight stay in the reserve (see cost below).

In addition to these transmission, there are many informal trails, which can get into the reserve, but keep in mind that the presence on the territory without a permit, and theoretically you could face a fine of a few thousand and wypowiedzenie beyond. In practice, this happens very rarely, we still recommend to visit the Park only with official permission, for a fee, because the funds go to the maintenance of the biosphere.

For the course No. 9 "the Tract Engelmanova Polyana – the Kardyvach lake"; No. 11 "the River of Adjara – Engelmanova Glade"; №19 "the Kardyvach Lake" in advance to pass the border service of FSB of Russia (the Sochi frontier group), because your path will pass close to the border with Abkhazia. The frontier Sochi phone: 8 (862) 266-128-57. For obtaining a pass, you should refer in advance, as the term of training - 1 month.

So, once inside, you may at your discretion choose to continue on one of the routes with overnight stays in tents or sleeping bags, and to go to another region, or a little stroll around part of the route, go back and exit through the same checkpoint. You can also log on checkpoint "Lagonaki", and out of Guzeripl, for example. But about your chosen route you need to alert the Park staff at one of the checkpoints when buying tickets.

You can only move at the officially stipulated and marked routes and trails, to deviate from them it is impossible. Also it is impossible to arrange nights in designated areas, which are officially only two: shelter Fisht (convenient for polyama at Fisht) and shelter Armenian aka "instructional gap" (easy to lift on the Pshekha-su, Oshten, hike to a mountain lake Pseodo. In practice, we (atory of the site) saw the travelers broke camp at any convenient locations without any consequences. All the routes and Parking areas are well trodden and signposted, but if you are not sure, you can stock up on map and Navigator, or inquire the staff at the checkpoint. All routes there are 15 full description with maps and timeline here Note that the routes are mostly accessible only from may to September. Many Hiking trails have on people's maps in applications and Osm, but there are some inaccuracies that you may be having is not there.

Кавказский заповедник, Адыгея

Popular routes and sights

From Adygei in the Caucasus nature reserve has the following interesting places:

  • Mountain Oshten. The most popular tourist peak in the reserve, the altitude of 2804 meters. In the summer you can climb it without equipment, and even with children. Usually this route takes two days, overnight in tent camp Instructor gap. Read more about the mountain Oshten and how to get here...
  • Pshekha-Su. The lowest of the peaks of the Fisht-Oshten massif, its height is 2743 meters. Despite this, the bow is harder than Oshten, and is further away from the entrance to the reserve.
  • The Fisht. Highest and challenging peak. To overcome the necessary climbing experience and gear, even in summer, although as they say in the reviews, some tourists rose at her quite without experience and gear. But it's the exception and the risk that we do not recommend to neglect.
  • Instructor slot, she's a farce Armenian. It's officially sanctioned area for tents, the closest to the entrance to the nature reserve from the checkpoint Zurub. Here it is easiest to reach on a day hike, and it is the most comfortable official site for hikes to lake Sendah, the rise of Oshten and Pshekha-su. Read more about farce Armenian/Instructor
  • Lake Psedah. Beautiful mountain lake with very cold water in the form of a Crescent. You can visit it during a day hike if you come in early in the morning through a checkpoint Zurub. Read more about lake Pseodo and how to visit it here...
  • Lake March 8. A small mountain lake which can be visited on the way to the lake Pseudo, or look at him from above when lifting the Oshten. It is shaped like 8s.
  • The backbone of the "Stone sea". Big is beautiful range, which is well seen from the road to the checkpoint "Surub" and Partisan field. Specifically to pass through the ridge is not much point, he looks best with side.
  • Doodle by hedgehog. It is a small mountain near the instructor's slit, which offers good views of the surroundings and the plateau Lago-Naki. Doodle by hedgehog is a good alternative if you are prepared to climb the more serious peaks of the reserve. From the tourist camp Instructor in the cracks here can be reached in 30 minutes, but will have quite a pass up.

The cost of visiting and where to buy tickets

Tickets as of 2019 for the overnight stay cost 300 rubles per adult, 150 rubles, children from 7 to 14 years, children under 7 years free. But the prices almost every year increasing, so that we can check at the official website of the reserve Tickets are purchased directly at the checkpoint for cash, but soon it is planned to implement purchase them on the website. In practice we know that some "free riders" in exceptional cases "was objecively" discovery directly into routes, and released on. But before going to recommend you to clarify about the sale and availability of tickets for specific PPC by phone +7 (988)150-01-02, +7(988)288-45-74, since 2019 due to changes in legislation selling some PPC was suspended and go through them was only possible on a pre-purchased electronic ticket or the other CAT.

Importantly and unfortunately, the payment policy is that the permit is valid only until midnight of the same day, not full day, for which the tickets postanowienia date. This means that if you need to go today and go tomorrow, in any case you need to pay for two days, even if you will be on the route is less than one day. It is therefore necessary, before going to carefully calculate the estimated time of your location, and purchase tickets on CPR immediately for all days of your stay.

Attendance rules

As with all reserves, there are strict rules of conduct. You cannot deviate from the routes, to arrange a sleepover in an undisclosed location, to kindle fires (to allow the use of burners), to cut down trees, tearing up plants, damage soil, litter, carry professional photo or video filming without the permission of the administration, etc. With the full rules you can see at the checkpoint or on the official website of the reserve

Other useful information

  • Clothing and shoes. For day trips enough to put on comfortable sneakers or other Hiking shoes, multi-day is highly recommend a special trekking boots or sneakers. If you plan to climb to the top of Fisht, Oshten or Pshekha-su, need to use climbing equipment: climbing shoes with crampons, ice ax, helmet. But the rise on these tops, it is another and more complicated story that requires careful preparation and examination of the characteristics of the route. Summer Oshten or Pshekha-su can be lifted without snabjeniya.

    The temperature in the summer months during the day and quite warm enough for a light jacket, but for overnight you need to take something warmer, as well as for climbing. Sleeping bag for sleeping is required. Also be sure to take a raincoat.

    Even during the day the temperature can change very quickly depending on cloud cover, so it is best to wear easily unbutton ventilated clothes.

  • Meals on routes. No power walk around the trails you cannot buy, you'll have to take with you. A minimal set of products can only be purchased at the shelter "Fisht".

  • Water in the reserve. On site are many mountain rivers and streams, in which water is potable, but it is better to boil or use a special disinfecting tablets such as AquaTabs.

  • Tent. In the summer in order to save weight, the tent not to take with them, and sleep in a sleeping bag under the open sky, but you need to bring warm clothes.

  • Help on passing routes. If you have any questions on passing routes, or any other work of the reserve, you may call the property by phone 8-988-150-01-02 (Department of tourism), 8 (862) 240-51-36, 8 (928) 844-31-31, or write on e-mail There are people working very adequate, and are happy to answer right questions.

  • Cellular. Almost the entire territory of the reserve cell connection is not working to get a signal only on some of the corners and the borders.

  • Security. The reserve is generally safe if you follow normal safety rules on the mountain trails. Not valuable things and tents can be left in the Parking lot unattended on a hike or summit assault, theft no. Recent years, the reserve increased number of bears, they come right up to the camps, but while the attack was not. But still be careful.

  • Official site. Latest information about routes and contacts can be found on the official website

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