Sights and activities in the Republic of Adygea, what to see

You can sometimes hear the opinion that in Adygeya there is nothing to do, and the whole country can be viewed for a couple of days. This is not so, and attractions and entertainment here is more than enough for a couple of weeks stay. Unfortunately, not all are accessible or interesting to visit in the winter.

The main place that you should definitely visit the Caucasus nature reserve. Even if you are an avid traveler, ready to sleep in a tent on multi-day route, you still may be able to master simple one-day route around the reserve, during which you will enjoy mountain views, streams and waterfalls, Alpine meadows, and even be able to get to the remnants of the glacier and walk through the snow under the hot summer sun.

Two other striking attractions are not miss some of the tourist: Kajaksa gorge and Waterfalls Rufabgo. To visit each of them it is better to allocate a separate day, but if you really try, you can both look for one.

The mountains of Adygea is rich in caves, two of which are specially equipped for mass tourism: big Azishskaya and Tender. Both visit is not required, but one of them is worth a look. If you equipped the cave is not very interesting, using "folk" Openstreet maps, or apps like you can find a lot of other non-touristic caves.

Another hallmark of Adygeya are the historical monuments, the dolmens. When they numbered in the thousands, but most were destroyed. Today, real dolmen can be seen in the Museum of dolmens in Kamennomostskiy, or in the Museum of the Caucasian reserve in Guzeripl.

To visit the attractions and entertainment of Adygea is most convenient by private transport, because they are scattered at a great distance, and the local well-developed public transport is very bad. Alternatively, you can use a tour, but cheap group tours on the big buses here are not common and gather in small groups in jeeps or minibuses. The following is a list of the main attractions of Adygea, indicating their hours of operation, cost, and ways to reach them on their own or by public transport:

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  • The Caucasus reserve

    Кавказский заповедник, Адыгея

    This is the main attraction of the Republic. Almost all the territory of the reserve in Adygeya mountain area. Open not only fans of multi-day trekking, but most tourists in the form of a one-day hike, which is best to start in the first half of the day, ideally early in the morning, otherwise little will have time to see. Even for a day hike, you can see Alpine meadows, mountain streams and waterfalls to get to the glacier and walk on the snow even in the summer months, and, of course, to enjoy the views of mountains, covered with snow caps. If you like Hiking or prepared to climb one of the peaks (Fisht – 2867 meters, Oshten – 2804 meters, Pshekha-su – 2743 meters), you can go to one of the longer tourist route with a tent and backpack. Some of the routes are circular, others will lead you to the Black sea in the Krasnodar region. Read more about the Caucasian reserve and how to visit it here...

    Hours: around the clock, but a big part of multi-day routes are available only from spring to autumn

    Entrance fee / ticket price: tickets (resolution) for the overnight stay cost 300 rubles for adults, 100 roubles for children from 7 to 14 years, children under 7 years free. Purchased at a checkpoint (checkpoint checkpoint Lagonaki or Guzeripl') for cash and are valid until midnight the same day. For mnogodnevki campaigns need to get permission for a few days

    How to get there: the entrance to the reserve is via one of the checkpoints on the territory of the Republic of Adygea (checkpoint Lagonaki on the map, the checkpoint Guzeripl ' on the map), which in turn can only be reached by private transport or taxi along the asphalt road. Near the checkpoint a car can be parked in paid Parking for 200 rubles a day, or just on the side of the road.

  • Waterfalls Rufabgo

    Водопады Руфабго, Адыгея

    A cascade of 16 waterfalls and rapids formed on one of the tributaries of Belaya river – a Large stream Rufabgo. For inspection in the gorge along the Creek organized Hiking route about 2 kilometers. Each of the waterfalls has its own name, the highest of them – the "Maiden braid" with a height of 20 meters. When driving along the trail you can enjoy views of forest and cliffs, to pass through the cave, swim in the pools of some waterfalls. In the beginning of the route there is a shop with Souvenirs, pavilions, cafes and easy rides.

    Trail is partly accessible, but some places almost impassable, and is not available to everyone, although special training is not required. Mandatory comfortable walking shoes, bottled water in backpack, no bags and extra things, because you will need hands free. The farther from the entrance you go, the more difficult the road becomes. Depending on the chosen route to visit the sights will take 2 to 6 hours. Read more about waterfalls Rufabgo here...

    Hours: visit the best day in the summer, paid the passage over the bridge open from 09:00 to 19:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance to the waterfalls through the bridge toll, adult 400 roubles; children up to 12 years – 200; under 5 years free. The entrance to the trail from the Bus - for free

    How to get there: the entrance to the waterfalls is two kilometers from the Bus on the main road in the direction of Guzeripl (entrance to the waterfalls on the map). To get from the city here on foot, by bus towards Dakhovskaya (I go several times a day), or personal car. For personal transport there is Parking.

  • Hazarska gorge

    Хаджокская теснина, Адыгея

    The most famous and popular attraction of the country, so there is always a lot of tourists despite the high cost. It is fenced and equipped for tourist visits to the area of the White river with a length of about 500 meters, is notable for the very narrow gorge (the gorge) at the bottom of which flows the White river. In the narrowest places the canyon narrows down to two meters and has depth to 40 meters, and immediately after the river suddenly poured into the width more than 50 meters.

    Along the gorge at its upper edge is equipped with safety rails, a viewing platform and places for recreation trail, walking through this place and spend time tourists. In some places you can even go down to the water, but it is dangerous. In any case, the walk through the gorge with the kids and watch them very carefully as there are places very dangerous. Here you can visit a mini-zoo with a bear Timothy, exotic birds and animals. Read more about Ajaxqueue the gorge here...

    Working hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (summer to 19:00), seven days a week

    Entrance fee / ticket price: adult – 400 roubles; children up to 13 years – 150 roubles, children till 7 years – free

    How to get there: Hazarska gorge is located in Kamennomostskiy village when you exit from it in the direction of Guzeripl (Hazarska gorge on the map). The village centre is reachable on foot. For personal car in front of the entrance there is a Parking area.

  • Most Azishskaya cave

    Большая Азишская пещера, Адыгея

    It is the largest and most popular tourist caves in the Republic of Adygea. It investigated the part has a length of 650 meters, but for tourists is equipped with about 200 metres. Inside walkways and bridges, there are beautiful coloured lights. The arch and the bottom of the cave filled with fanciful stalactites and stalagmites, and if you have not been to such places, it is definitely worth visiting.

    The cave is visited only as part of guided tours, which are formed when buying tickets at the entrance. Groups are formed often, register is unnecessary and you can just come during working hours and wait for the next shipment, which usually takes no more than an hour. Inside the cave is very cool, the temperature is kept at 6 degrees, so dress warmly, and be sure to visit to go to the bathroom. When you give out free jackets. Read more about Big Azishskaya cave here...

    Working time: from 10:00 to 18:00

    Entrance fee / ticket Price: adults – 500 rubles, children (7-14 years) – 270 rubles; children under 7 years – free of charge

    How to get there: the cave is located on the road Krasnoyarsk-CAT, Lago-Naki (the cave on the map), 28 kilometres from the village of Dakhovskaya. You can only get here by private transport or taxi, there's free Parking.

  • Cave Tender

    Пещера Нежная, Адыгея

    One of the two most popular caves in Adygea, equipped for tourists. It is much inferior in size and popularity Big Azishskaya cave, but nevertheless worthy of a visit. Not have to visit both caves, in fact, you can do one of them. What to visit, you decide, but this is different from Azishskaya the fact that here you are looking at her and go directly on the stone bottom, and not equipped bridges. "Habitable" part of the Tender has a length of about 25 meters and a maximum depth of 7 meters. Visited accompanied by a guide (support is included in the ticket price), the tour lasts about 20-25 minutes. Read more about the cave Gentle here...

    Working hours: from 09:00 to 18:00, tours begin every 20 minutes

    Entrance fee / ticket Price: adults – 300 rubles, children (5-12 years) – 150 RUR; children under 5 – free

    How to get there: the cave is located on the territory of the camping "Gentle" on the road Krasnoyarsk-CAT, Lago-Naki (the cave on the map) in 25 kilometers from the village of Dakhovskaya. You can only get here by private transport or taxi, there's free Parking.

  • The dolmen Museum in Kamennomostskiy

    Дольмен и музей в Каменномостском, Адыгея

    On the outskirts of the village of Kamennomostskiy is one of the oldest and most famous dolmens of Adygea, according to some estimates his age is five thousand years. It has been preserved in the original, and unlike many other dolmens in the country, which suffered the unenviable fate of parsing for construction materials, or that were just removed when clearing land hardly touched by man. Also nearby are the remains of several dolmens.

    Near the dolmen is also a small private Museum devoted to the dolmens in General and this site in particular. In it you will learn how and why they built dolmens. We recommend you to visit the Museum before you will see the dolmen. Read more about the Museum and dolmen here...

    Hours: during daytime, the exact time of work is not provided

    Entrance fee / ticket price: 50 roubles, including a tour

    How to get there: the Museum is located on the outskirts of the village of Kamennomostskiy, right next to the main road leading to the village of Maikop (the Dolmen Museum on the map). From Kamennomostskiy centre can be reached on foot, but it is better to use private car or taxi. The dolmen is located a bit further 5 minutes walk along the trail from the Museum.

  • St. Michael's mount Athos monastery

    Свято-Михайловский Афонский мужской монастырь, Адыгея

    This monastery was built in the 19th century on the initiative of the monk who visited mount Athos in Greece. However, in 1920 with the coming to power of the Communists, his land was confiscated and was organized by the vacation home of the GPU (State political administration). In 1944 it was converted to a juvenile facility, after which the buildings of the monastery were systematically destroyed, including blasting. In 1972 the remaining monastic buildings were converted into a camp "Romantic". Only in 2001 the land and remaining buildings were returned to the Church, the revival of the monastery and the restoration of the lost structures. Today is not only the functioning monastery, but also a monument of architecture. Read more about the monastery here...

    Hours: for visitors daily from 09:00 to 18:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free, tours are offered for donations by prior agreement

    How to get there: the monastery is located in the village of Victory in 15 kilometres from the centre of Kamennomostskiy (monastery on the map). You can get here by private transport or taxi.. Tours can be booked by phone: 8-928-669-30-79 (Irina), 8 928-471-57-36 (Anna) or directly on the spot in the center of the monastery.

  • The river and gorge Masoko

    Ущелье Мешоко, Адыгея

    The route along the river Masoko (also Mishoko) and the gorge originates on the outskirts of the village Kamennomostskiy. You cannot call this place a popular and easy place to visit, but if you like interesting Hiking over rough terrain, you will definitely like it. Which is good, a bit of tourists, the trails are not equipped, and in General the place is not commercialized, unless you consider extreme Park at the beginning of the route. You can receive it yourself, no special preparation is required, but the experience of trekking Hiking not hurt. Wear comfortable Hiking shoes, bring water and something to eat. Read more about gorge Masoko here...

    Hours: around the clock, visit better day

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: the river and gorge Masoko located on the outskirts of the village of Kamennomostskiy, and there are many trails leading to it (the river and gorge on the map). Start route is easiest from extreme Park Masoko, or the road leading from Kamennomostskiy in Guzeripl'.

  • River Aminovka

    Ущелье реки Аминовка, Адыгея

    This is another tributary of the White river. This place is not for all tourists, but only for those who already looked all around, and I want to see something new. On the river there are at least a dozen waterfalls and rapids, caves, three caves doohan, Saxophone and Flute. The length of the river and the gorge is about 10 kilometers, and to get to the caves and see the most interesting sights and beautiful waterfalls, you will have to walk almost to the very beginning, i.e. the whole route is better to plan a full day, and even better to plan an overnight stay in a tent at the headwaters of the river, where there are caves. Read more about gorge Aminovka here...

    Hours: around the clock, visit better day

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: the river and the Gorge of the river Aminovka is located on the outskirts of the village of Kamennomostskiy, the entrance to the trail from the street Perecentage (the river and gorge on the map).

  • Old chimneys

    Старые печные трубы, Адыгея

    At the exit of the Bus on the highway to Guzeripl you can see something like an old castle. But actually this is the old chimneys for burning lime an abandoned factory near the quarries. Nothing special about this place there, but stop for a few minutes to do. In the Parking area there you can buy Souvenirs and unique items made of clay. On the part of the fenced area, the leisure Park "historic farmstead" (in fact just a yard with several copies of old household utensils and guillotine, and costumes for photography) with paid admission. More nothing to do here.

    Hours: around the clock, "the old farmstead" works on uncertain time

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free entrance to "the old farmstead" - 100 rubles

    How to get there: located near the road on the outskirts of Kamennomostskiy, Dakhovskaya side and Guzeripl (chimneys on the map), from the center can be reached on foot.

  • Cossack stone

    Казачий камень, Адыгея

    Also, this place is called the Maiden stone, Circassian or Devils. This is a huge boulder on the road from Kamennomostskiy in Duhovskoy. It is right on the road, separating traffic flows in opposite directions, so you can't miss it. It is believed that this is one of the large solid boulders in Europe. Nothing special and spectacular it is not, and should not go here specifically, but to stop along the way. At the foot of Souvenirs, if you wish, you can climb to the top. There are several legends associated with the stone. Read more about the Cossack stone here...

    Hours: around the clock, visit better day

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: the stone is on the way from Kamennomostskiy in Dukhovskoy (Cossack stone on the map). You can get there by car, but be careful when Parking: the Parking space marked with a solid layout that can not cross, and the traffic police often are satisfied with "ambush".

  • Granite canyon

    Гранитный каньон, Адыгея

    Granite canyon, or Granite gorge (the gorge of Blockhouse) can be seen on the road from the village of Krasnoyarsk in Krasnoyarsk or Krasnoyarsk. It is quite long, and several kilometers down the road there are several viewpoints of the White river, clutched in the grip of steep granite slopes. The depth of the canyon reaches 200 meters. On the part of the river along the canyon rafting. Read more about Granite canyon here...

    Hours: around the clock, visit better day

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: the canyon is located between the village of Dakhovskaya and Khamyshki village along the road (Granite canyon on the map). You can only get here by private car or taxi. Over 4 kilometers of the canyon has several lookouts with Parking, meet the spring, and at the end (closer in Dakhovskaya) is an offshoot of the dirt road to the tunnels and the "meadow of gold".

  • The Museum of nature of the Caucasian reserve and the dolmen

    Музей Гузерипля

    The Museum exposition, in the form of stuffed animals, photographs, charts and diagrams, detailed introduces visitors to the flora and fauna of the reserve, including rare species listed in the red book. A separate hall tells the history of the reserve, and the history "Kuban hunting". In the forehead and a visit to the Museum very informative and interesting, and a great place to visit, especially if you plan to visit the reserve.

    Also on the grounds near the Museum is the most famous in the region of dolmen.

    Hours: daily from 09:00 to 17:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: adults – 300 rubles, children (7-14 years old) – 200 rubles; up to 7 years – free of charge. Guide services from 600 rubles groups, audioguide – 200 rubles

    How to get there: the Museum is located in Guzeripl ' on the territory of the border of the Caucasian reserve (Museum map). Telephone for information +7 918 618 70 07.

  • Valley Of The Ammonites

    Долина Аммонитов, Адыгея

    Valley of Ammonites extends along the White river from Kamennomostskiy village 15 kilometers to the village Abadzehskaya. This all – natural monument protected by the state, and where you can see traces of ancient mollusks that lived in the oceans of about 100-400 million years ago. But unfortunately, this does not mean that going down in any place for the valley to the White river you will see a scattering of fossils. In fact, finding them is very difficult, as they are hidden under the water and unusual spherical stones, and compromise the integrity of the stones is impossible. It is much easier to see them in the Museum of dolmens in Kamennomostskiy and in other museums of the Republic. Read more about valley of the Ammonites here...

    Hours: around the clock

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: the best place to explore the valley, the bridge across the White river between the village of Kamennomostskiy and Abadzehskaya (valley of the Ammonites on the map). To get here the easiest by car, leave it on the side of the road and descend the trail down to the river. You can also get here by buses between Maykop and Kamennomostskiy.

  • Museum "Belovodye"

    Музей «Беловодье» , Адыгея

    This private Museum is operated by tourist hotel complex "Belovodye" close to Kamennomostskiy. It presents two exhibitions: ethnographic, and paleontological. In the paleontological exposition you can see the Ammonites and nautiluses (the two main varieties of extinct mollusks discovered in the valley of the Ammonites), parts of skeletons of cetothere (kit) and stegocephalia (an extinct amphibian), a mammoth's tooth, the trail of the Yeti, skull of unknown origin, and many artifacts of different origin and of destination, found on the territory of the Republic. In the ethnographic parts collected household items, clothing, weapons, collected in the surrounding villages. Read more about the Museum here...

    Hours: the Museum is open on an uncertain schedule, before visiting it is better to call by phone +7 (918) 667 06 00 or +7 (911) 981 18 65

    Entrance fee / tickets: tour only-site – 50 rubles, a visit to the Museum is 150 rubles

    How to get there: the Museum is located on the outskirts of the village of Kamennomostskiy Karla Marksa street 61 (Museum "belovode" on the map). To get from the centre on foot, but will have to pass 5 kilometers.

  • Sycamore glade

    Яворовая поляна, Адыгея Parking on Sycamore glade

    Sycamore glade (also Yavorov meadow) ends the asphalt road from Guzeripl to the checkpoint at the entrance to the Caucasus reserve. It is located at an altitude of 1680 metres, i.e. of village Guzeripl you have to climb by as much as 1000 metres up. Here the car will have to leave, and then the path to continue walking on one of the Hiking trails. There is also an observation deck with beautiful views of the Caucasus mountains, there is a cafe and a tourist shelter. However, you should not consider sleeping in it as a place to stay since it has only the most basic amenities just to sleep and in the morning to go around the Park. For entertainment you can go Quad Biking, trout fishing in a tiny artificial pond and in the winter to go skiing (there is a lift). Read more about Sycamore glade here...

    Hours: around the clock

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    How to get there: Sycamore meadow is 18 kilometers from Guzeripl for a Guerrilla glade at the altitude of 1680 meters above the sea level (meadow on the map). From the village here is a serpentine mountain road with a good asphalt surface, but sometimes come across and damaged the road surface, so the movement should be careful. To overcome the path without problems on any car, including a car with a low rise.

  • Partizanskaya Polyana

    Партизанская поляна, Адыгея View of the ridge of Stone sea in the clearing

    It is rather an important point for reference, rather than attraction. It is located on the mountain road from Guzeripl to Sycamore meadows and the checkpoint at the entrance to the Caucasus reserve. Here is an observation deck with views of the mountains, nature reserve, fishing lake trout, cafe, camp "Partizanskaya Polyana" and "Panorama". On some maps this place is marked as the end of the asphalt road, but in fact, the asphalt continues on up to the Sycamore glade. Read more about the Guerrilla glade here...

    Hours: around the clock

    Entrance fee / ticket price: free

    Directions: Partizanskaya Polyana is located 14 kilometers from Guzeripl at an altitude of 1500 meters above the sea level (meadow on the map). From the village here is a serpentine mountain road with a good asphalt surface, but sometimes come across and damaged the road surface, so the movement should be careful. To overcome the path without problems on any car, including a car with a low rise.

  • Museum of ancient encampment

    Музей древнего человека, Адыгея

    A small private Museum where you can see recreations of the ancient encampment. Such sites do quite a lot discovered in the mountains of the Republic, and here I tried to recreate how he could look like a cave devnich people and their way of life. There is also a small collection of Ammonites found in the area.

    Hours: the Museum as of the year 2018 is not functioning.

  • Dolmen in Khamyshki

    On the territory of archaeological Park on the outskirts of the village of Khamyshki are the remains of several dolmens and a menhir. But as of 2018 the archaeological Park closed to the public, and according to some information the main dolmen was split reconstruction.

    Hours: the Museum as of the year 2018 is not functioning.

Entertainment in Adygea

Almost all tourist attractions in the Republic of Adygea is an active sports and entertainment. In addition to the main trekking and climbing trips in the Caucasus nature reserve and to the mountains, where you can go rafting, horse riding, Quad Biking, winter skiing or Snowmobiling. Family time can be held in the extreme Park Masoko, or climb Savranskaya cable car to the ridge una-Cosa, where there is still a few attractions.

  • Extreme Park Masoko

    Экстрим-парк Мешоко

    This is one of the few places in Adygeya, Kamennomostskiy and where you can go to have fun with the family. This is a children's rope Playground for a mountain holiday, but fun and entertainment here you will find not only children but also adults. Here you can enjoy topidunga (jumping on a climbing rope), canyoning (descent to the falls in the Canon of the river Masoko under the supervision of an instructor), to compete in paintball, ride horses, drive ATVs, go on zipline (trolls or descent to a suspended rope), to test themselves on the climbing wall. Read more about extreme Park Masoko here...

    Working time: from 10:00 until dusk

    Entrance fee / ticket price: entrance to the Park is free, fun from 500 rubles

    How to get there: extreme Park Masoko located on the outskirts of the village Kamennomostskiy (extreme Park on the map), and access from the village centre easy walk. For personal transport there is free Parking.

  • Rope Park in Guzeripl

    Веревочный парк Гузерипль

    Rope adventure Park in the village of Guzeripl '(cordon Guzeripl ' of the Caucasian reserve) includes 5 routes of varying length and complexity for children and adults. Here you can have fun and work out at the passing routes and the youngest on the track of a height of 1.5 meters, and adults can test themselves in the passage of an extreme route length of 148 meters and at altitudes of 3 to 6 meters. There are also trolls with a length of 534 meters and a vertical drop from 30 to 3 meters and twice the span over the river. The necessary equipment for the course is available.

    Hours: daily from 10:00 to 17:00

    Entrance fee / ticket price: the cost of the route from 20 to 1400 rubles depending on the route

    How to get there: the rope Park is located in the village of Guzeripl ' in the territory of the Caucasian reserve cordon (rope Park on the map). Telephone for information +7 918 618 70 07.

  • Cable car in Dakhovskaya

    Канатная дорога

    Savranskaya cable car in the village of Dakhovskaya is a relatively new attraction (opened in 2015), and a single chair set up in Adygea. The length of the ropeway is 1,250 metres, and the height difference is 450 meters. The lift takes 10-15 minutes.

    Interesting not only the climb on the cable car, but the place where it leads. At the top of the ridge una-Cosa, which is the end point, there is an observation deck with views of the mountains of the Caucasian nature reserve; you can visit the grotto "Desires" cave "Dusty" cave "Dukhovskoy"; see the ancient encampment; pass the routes of the rope Park "Tethys" or the extreme ride on the trolley (zipline). If you love to walk on foot, you can go to the rock "devil's finger". If finances allow, you can ride to the "devil's finger" by ATV or jeep. When buying given a ticket on which there is a reference map with all the attractions at the top. If time allows, it is best to plan a visit with all the attractions upstairs half or even a whole day.

    Hours: in summer from 09:00 to 20:00 in winter from 09:00 to 18:00. Better to check on the work of the cable car before the trip by phone +7-928-669-35-77, +7-918-224-88-40

    Entrance fee / ticket price: (ascent and descent) adults – 700 rubles; children (6-12 years) – 350 rubles; up to 6 years – free

    How to get there: the cable car is the village of Dakhovskaya (cableway on the map). To get from the center of the village on foot.

  • Rafting

    Рафтинг в Адыгее

    Rafting is one of the most popular and affordable types of entertainment in Adygea, but also the most dangerous. Of course he is no more dangerous than other places, but still not worth it too lightly to it. At least, you should definitely listen to the recommendations of trainers and not to take the dangerous routes children. Most of the trails on the White river, which also will host a stage of the championship of Russia on this sport.

    Hours: tours rafting are organized in a convenient time to be agreed upon in the recruitment group

    Entrance fee / ticket price: the cost of participation in the simplest route duration: 2.5 hours – from 800 rubles. The cost does not depend on the length of the route, and its complexity

    How to get there: There are several operators that offer different routes, all necessary hardware and equipment, instructors and transportation from your hotel. They can be purchased in all tourist towns (Kamennomostskiy, Dakhovskaya, Khamyshki, Krasnoyarsk), just ask at your hotel, and arrange everything. If you are traveling by car, you can reach the database, where start the routes. These bases are located along the road between Dakhovskaya and Guzeriple. Here are the most famous organizers: Workshop rafting; Rafting; Oshten-Tur

  • Thermal springs in Adygea

    Термальные источники

    In Adygea there are several hot springs of healing mineral water, because it is a mountainous region. Natural thermal spring water, rich in mineral elements, it comes from the earth from depths greater than one kilometer. In some sources, this water is only for bathing, and in the other it is possible to drink, but only under the supervision of experts.

    Of course, we should not expect to get from visiting the sources of the miraculous curative effect for one to two doses, and looks more like just a pleasant addition to rest while traveling in Adygea. If you purposefully want to get them from a therapeutic or cosmetic effect, you will have to complete a full course of treatments, which includes not only taking a hot bath, but also massages and other SPA. Read more, where there are hot springs in Adygea Republic, their value and how to visit them here...

Attractions of Adygea on the map

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