The Dakhovskaya village in Adygea

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General information

The village of Dakhovskaya (Dahovskaya) is a town in the Republic of Adygea 45 kilometers from Maykop and 9 km from Kamennomostskiy village at an altitude of 480 meters above sea level (on the map). Krasnoyarsk is one of the most popular destinations for tourists and travelers in the country. It gives on the development of tourism infrastructure and number of accommodation options most popular with tourists the village of Kamennomostskiy, but here is more relaxed, almost rustic atmosphere.

Duhovskoy convenient to choose from the geographical point of view since it is located almost in the center at roughly equal distance from all the main attractions of Adygea, but due to poor development of public transport we would recommend to select it as a place of rest in the case if you are traveling by car. In Dakhovskaya, there are four dozen accommodation options, along the main road through the village has several cafes and kebab houses, there are small shops of food and commodities. It is easy to find tourist services in the form of excursions, rafting tours, off-road vehicles with driver for trips into the mountains.

Hotels and accommodation in Dakhovskaya, where to stay

As we mentioned in Dakhovskaya, there are at least forty variants of accommodation in hotels, guesthouses, in hostels. In the high season, i.e. summer, the best accommodation to book in advance, otherwise seats may not be enough. If that happens, you can stay in the homes of local residents who rent out rooms and even entire houses for a short period. Find housing available in the village, but it is better to book ahead.

Find and book accommodation in Dakhovskaya can through the following websites or a search form:

Find hotels in Dakhovskaya

How to get to Duhovskoy

The Dakhovskaya village is 45 kilometers from Maykop and 9 km from Kamennomostskiy village (on the map). Direct transport from Russian cities here, there's no have to be reached only with transfers.

On the plane Duhovskoy will have to get through the Krasnodar airport, and by train via railway station or Belorechensk Krasnodar-1 with a transfer by taxi or local buses. Direct buses from other regions of the Russian Federation also does not get, and will change in Maykop and Krasnodar, and with the change of bus. The best way to visit Duhovskoy and Adygea as a whole is a personal car, especially to places of the Republic will also be difficult to reach by local transport.

Read more about all the ways how to get to the village of Dakhovskaya here...

Как и на чем добраться в Даховскую

Of interest in Dakhovskaya

In most Dakhovskaya sights a bit. In fact, there is only one of the attractions that can be visited without the use of a transport – Savranskaya cable car. On the ridge una-Cosa, which is set up, is still a few interesting places that worth a visit: the observation deck overlooking the mountains, caves and grottos, a rope Park, rock "devil's finger", the site of ancient man. There you can also ride on Quad bikes or jeeps. If desired, instead of using the ropeway you can take a trekking ascent to the summit, which will take 3 to 5 hours one way.

Relatively close to the village of Kamennomostskiy, which if desired can be reached by Shuttle buses, and there are already interesting places, much more (see attractions in Kamennomostskiy). To all the other attractions of the Republic of Adygeya have to get your own transport, taxi, or tour.

Also in Dakhovskaya is a company offering rafting on the White river. By purchasing they have the rafting tour you do not have to get to the start, you will be picked up from your hotel and take you to the start, and then bring it back.

Here Dakhovskaya attractions that you can visit independently without the use of transport, with time work cost of a visit and how to reach them:

  • Cable car in Dakhovskaya

    Канатная дорога

    Savranskaya cable car in the village of Dakhovskaya is a relatively new attraction (opened in 2015), and a single chair set up in Adygea. The length of the ropeway is 1,250 metres, and the height difference is 450 meters. The lift takes 10-15 minutes.

    Interesting not only the climb on the cable car, but the place where it leads. At the top of the ridge una-Cosa, which is the end point, there is an observation deck with views of the mountains of the Caucasian nature reserve; you can visit the grotto "Desires" cave "Dusty" cave "Dukhovskoy"; see the ancient encampment; pass the routes of the rope Park "Tethys" or the extreme ride on the trolley (zipline). If you love to walk on foot, you can go to the rock "devil's finger". If finances allow, then you can ride to the "devil's finger" by ATV or jeep. When buying given a ticket on which there is a reference map with all the attractions at the top. If time allows, it is best to plan a visit with all the attractions upstairs half or even a whole day.

    🕐 Work time: in summer from 09:00 to 20:00 in winter from 09:00 to 18:00. Better to check on the work of the cable car before the trip by phone +7-928-669-35-77, +7-918-224-88-40

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: (ascent and descent) adults – 700 rubles; children (6-12 years) – 350 rubles; up to 6 years – free

    🚶 How to get there: the cable car is the village of Dakhovskaya (cableway on the map). To get from the center of the village on foot.

  • Rafting

    Рафтинг в Адыгее

    Rafting is one of the most popular and affordable types of entertainment in Adygea, but also the most dangerous. Of course he is no more dangerous than other places, but still not worth it too lightly to it. At least, you should definitely listen to the recommendations of trainers and not to take the dangerous routes children. Most of the trails on the White river, which also will host a stage of the championship of Russia on this sport.

    🕐 Working time: tours rafting are organized in a convenient time to be agreed upon in the recruitment group

    💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: the cost of participation in the simplest route duration: 2.5 hours – from 800 rubles. The cost does not depend on the length of the route, and its complexity

    🚶 How to get there: There are several operators offering different routes, all necessary hardware and equipment, instructors and transportation from your hotel. They can be purchased in all tourist towns (Kamennomostskiy, Dakhovskaya, Khamyshki, Krasnoyarsk), just ask at your hotel, and arrange everything. If you are traveling in your own car, you can reach the database, where start the routes. These bases are located along the road between Dakhovskaya and Guzeriple. Here are the most famous organizers: Workshop rafting; Rafting A; Oshten-Tur

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