The Republic Of Adygea

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General information

Кавказский заповедник, Адыгея

Adygea (Adygea) – region and the Republic in southern Russia, a popular tourist site (Adygea on the map of Russia). The capital city Maikop. The territory of the Republic is small, takes only 81-th place among 85 regions of the Russian Federation, and the population is just over 450,000 people. Interestingly, it is completely surrounded by the Krasnodar territory and has no borders with other regions of the Russian Federation. However, she does not have direct access to the Black sea and beach resorts, but, despite this, is a popular and one of the most attractive tourist destinations in southern Russia.

Resorts of Adygea, where to go:

  • The Village Of Kamennomostskiy. The most developed tourist village with lots of accommodation options and the most affordable prices. Here are two of the most popular attractions of Adygea: hadzhohskaya tasnina gorge and waterfalls Rufabgo. If you do not know where to go for the first time to meet Adygea, then go here.
  • The Village Of Dakhovskaya. Second on the popularity and development of the town after Kamennomostskiy. Infrastructure is poorly developed, but everything you need is there. Here is the cable car where you can climb the mountain to a Park with active recreational amenities, and from there begin a simple but interesting Hiking routes to several natural attractions.
  • The Village Of Guzeripl'. It is believed that this is the main gate to get into the Caucasian reserve. But PPC is to log on to the main routes is not in the village, but higher in the mountains. In the village the reserve is presented by the Museum and easy walking trail.
  • The Village Of Khamyshki
  • The Caucasus reserve. The main attraction for which you go in this part of the Adygea Republic. In the reserve you can walk during the day on one of the easy trails with views of the mountains through Alpine meadows. And it is possible to travel with a tent for a few days, during which you will be able to see the lake Panodach, to climb to the top of Fisht, Oshten or Pshekha-su, and many other things.

Rest in Adygea

Водопады Руфабго, Адыгея

Adygeya – an unusual region for recreation and tourism. There are no beaches and beach holidays is not to find popular with vacationers Russians traditional tourist attractions such as water parks, Dolphinarium, children's amusement parks, historical museums, concert halls. There are beautiful quiet area with walking tourist streets, lined with shops with Souvenirs and restaurants. About tourism and rest in Adygea there is hardly anybody who knows something and heard, but those who are in the subject and even visited here, almost certainly will want to return again and again.

In Adygea go for its nature, mountain tourism and recreation. Perhaps the most attractive in the region for tourists is its mountainous part, because of the mountain of Adygea even included in the UNESCO list of world natural heritage. And that is just great, the mountains are available not only for professionals or tourists, lovers, but even the most regular vacationers. Of course, to the top of Fisht (this is the highest mountain in Adygeya, the height 2867 meters) an ordinary tourist without preparation and Hiking equipment, do not climb, but walk along the mountain trails of the Caucasus reserve, and even get to the remnants of the glacier in the summer months and enjoy the Alpine meadows along the way is not difficult for even the most ordinary tourists without training.

Read more about resorts of Adygea and where better to go here...

Пещера Нежная, Адыгея Cave in Adygea

Beyond the mountains, in Adygea you can enjoy the many waterfalls and caves and beautiful rocky mountain scenery, mountain rivers and fir forests. Also there are many ancient sites-artifacts – dolmens and sites of ancient man, but the last to see the usual tourists, unfortunately, will not work.

Even in Adygea developed active recreation, and every tourist can enjoy hang gliding, canyoning, rafting down the river (rafting), explore the area on horseback or Quad bike, to climb one of the cable cars or hang out in the tourist Park.

Winter tourism in Adygea also never stops. Residents of the southern regions of Russia come here to see snow, go skiing (there are ski slopes) or snowmobiles, or just sledding down the hills.

Hotels and accommodation where to stay in Adygeya

In the cities and villages of Adygea are many hotels and guest houses, recreation centres and tourist camps, private accommodation for rent. A lot of the tourist accommodation is located outside the settlements along the road from Guzeripl to Kamennomostskiy village, and the road from the village of Dakhovskaya to the plateau Lago-Naki. Also in these places a lot equipped.

Prices for accommodation in Adygea is slightly lower than in the Krasnodar region, but the price difference is almost imperceptible. During the high season (summer) it is better to book accommodation in advance as the demand is high and every season increases, prices are also rising. If you pre-book accommodation does not work, you can find it on the spot, including in the private sector. On the streets of the popular tourist towns you can find ads hung on the delivery of housing, as well as on the gates and fences of private homes. Also always open doors camp sites and guest houses outside the settlements, but this option is suitable only for those travelling by car. Read more about hotels in Adygea and in which area/city is better to stay here...

Find and book hotels, apartments or apartments in Adygea can through the following websites or a search form:

Find hotels in Kamennomostskiy/Adygea

Weather and tourist seasons in Adygea, when is the best time to go

Adygea – the warm southern region, and the tourist season here lasts all year round.

Summer temperatures in the plains (lowland) parts of hot, reach +35℃, but it is rather rare. Still here in the summer more cool and comfortable than the resorts of the Krasnodar region and in mountain areas even in the evenings can be cool, because almost all the tourist localities of the Republic of Adygea is located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. If you decide to go Hiking in the Caucasian biosphere reserve, be sure to bring warm clothes for the night, and rain ponchos, because the rain here is frequent. In summer the rains are often abundant, these tropical downpours, but short-lived. By the way, the warm period lasts long: it begins in March and ends in October.

Winter in most parts of Adygea with little snow, temperature in the plains rarely drops below -5, but in the mountains at altitude can drop to -25℃, but this is rare. At this time come here to practice water sports and fun in the snow, but some tourists do not refuse trips to the mountains.

Seasons in Adygea months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Adygea (Kamennomostsky) and forecast

How to get in Adygea

Most often, the Republic of Adygea is visited as a separate trip for a few days, and as part of tours from the resorts of the Krasnodar territory and other regions. But tours are quite expensive, so an independent visit is much more preferable.

Unfortunately, the transportation here is very poorly developed. Besides even if you get in the Republic itself, you still have to get to interesting places, which, most likely, have to take a taxi, as the internal transport is also not well developed. Therefore, the best way to visit Adygea is own car, which you will be able to get to any attractions. If own transport you have, then get in Adygea alone by plane through the airport of Krasnodar, or train through the Belorechensk or Belorechensk. The last part of the route to the tourist cities and areas such as Kamennomostskiy, Dakhovskaya, Krasnoyarsk, etc., will have to travel by bus or taxi, as this part of the country is located far from transport routes. Read more about all the ways to get in Adygea here...

Useful tips for Adygea

  • Adyghe honey. When traveling on mountain roads you will often meet selling Adyghe mountain honey and mountain apiaries. Honey here is really very good and unique properties and taste but quite expensive from 500 rubles per 0.5 liter. If you offer to buy cheaper, be careful, it can be a fake.
  • Adygei cheese. The Republic is home to this unique cheese, although in fact it is Circassian cheese, just got this name. It can be found everywhere in the markets and small shop. Price from 600 rubles per kilogram. Before buying, always ask him to try. It should be moderately salty (not sweet), not dry, and with a pronounced flavor of cow's milk. It is best to use as soon as possible, as it dries quickly and loses its flavor.
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