A Cyprus visa

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General information and requirements

Cyprus is a member of the European Union, but has not yet acceded to the Schengen agreement. The country has its own visa system, and very convenient for Russian citizens to obtain a special Pro-visa for stays of 90 days through the Internet for free. Paper multiple-entry visa in the passport is also issued free of charge. For one admission and arrival on the territory of North Cyprus in most cases enough to get Pro-visa and registration paper is required only in certain cases, see below.

Виза на Кипр

By the way, Cyprus is steadily moving towards full accession to the Schengen area, and perhaps it will take place in 2020. Hurry to visit the country under the simplified regime, while it is possible.

Also, you can easily enter with a valid Schengen visa, Bulgarian, Croatian, Romanian visa. Citizens of Ukraine can visit Cyprus without a visa. Citizens of Kazakhstan, Belarus and other CIS countries must obtain a visa in advance through the Consulate in your own country, or through the Consulate in Russia.

So, Cyprus, you can visit:

A separate issue with a visit to the Northern part of the island (Northern Cyprus), which from the point of view of the Republic of Cyprus is occupied by Turkey. North Cyprus visited without a visa and without any marks in the passport, but to avoid any problems with the authorities of Cyprus and the European countries, entry and exit in the Northern part should be strictly from the territory of the Republic of Cyprus. Read more about visiting North Cyprus and need a visa here...

It is important to know when you enter Cyprus

  • The required validity of the passport is calculated differently depending on the type of received visas: for visa, it should be no less than 6 months from the date of application for a paper of not less than 3 months from the date of completion of the trip.
  • At the entrance of minors accompanied by guardians or one of the parents must have a notarized permission from the other parent/parents.
  • In any case and in any way do not mention and do not specify in the documents at the border or in the application for Pro-visa that you are planning a vacation in North Cyprus. Northern Cyprus is officially permitted to use authorities of the Republic of Cyprus only during the day tour. Overnight at the hotel in North Cyprus from the point of view of the Republic of Cyprus constitute a violation.

Visiting Cyprus on a Schengen visa and visa of other countries

Yet what specifically is to obtain a Schengen visa to visit Cyprus is not required, but if you have the passport valid Schengen, and to issue a Cyprus visa or Pro-visa is not necessary. However, there are some subtleties:

  • With double or multiple entry Schengen visa category C can enter Cyprus without the issuance of Pro-visa or paper visa.
  • With Schengen visas of other types in Cyprus can enter from any country, but only after visiting one of the Schengen countries.
  • To be on Cyprus is possible only before the expiry of a Schengen visa.

You can also enter on valid national visas of Bulgaria, Croatia or Romania, this visa does not have to be before it is activated in the vicinity of these countries.

Visit the Cyprus Pro-visa

Pro-visa (Pro-Visa) – a special lightweight version of visa requirements for citizens of Russia and Ukraine. It is not valid for citizens of Kazakhstan, Belarus, and other former Soviet republics.

In fact the Pro-visa is not a full visa, but only a preliminary permission for obtaining the visa stamp in the passport in one of the international airports of arrival: Larnaca airport or Paphos airport. It entitles you to single entry and stay in Cyprus for 90 days and valid for 180 days from the date of issuance. To apply for Pro-visa is 3 months before the planned trip.

Requirements for obtaining a Pro-visa

  • Entry should be strictly through the international airports of Larnaca or Paphos, and only direct flight from Russia. Flights with a stopover in third countries is not suitable.
  • Passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of commencement of travel.

These requirements are officially published on the websites of the Consulate, but there are discrepancies. So, on the sites of some regional offices of the consulates of Cyprus in Russia by regions indicated that the minimum validity of passport counted from the date of submission of the application, and on the other with the beginning of the trip.

Also in practice it is possible to enter a Pro-visa is not a direct flight, but also from other countries, but it is rather based on luck than the rule. In this case, depending on your luck-bad luck you can not put on the flight at the airport of departure, and will have a chance to be deployed on the border, if you will fall very attentive and principled policeman.

The validity of the Pro-visa for Cyprus

Pro-visa is valid for 90 days from the date that you specified in the application for the issuance, not the date that the sacrifices of the statement or receive a Pro-visa via email within this period, you can enter the country. Once again, the countdown of 90 days begins from the moment you applied for or received a confirmation email, and on the date indicated as the date of planned entry into the country.

For example, if you apply on January 10, and indicate the date of entry of March 12, about-visa will be valid from 12 March to 6 June (90 days) rather than 10 January or another date when you receive the permit in the mail.

How to apply for Pro-visa

Pro-visa for Cyprus is issued free of charge on the website https://www.provisa.mfa.gov.cy/russia. Sometimes website does not open, in this case, you need to try later, sometimes you have to wait a day or two. For this reason, by the way, do not put off registration until the last days before departure.

On some Internet sites you can find the information that you receive Pro-visa, you need to download the questionnaire, fill it out and send to the email address. As of 2020, this feeding method does not work.

You don't necessarily have when applying for purchased tickets, and to indicate in the application the exact date of entry into the country. You can apply and then buy tickets. To enter the country you will be able within 90 days after the date specified in the statement, and leave shall not later than this date.

On the website you must fill out a form and immediately after it is sent by mail should receive a confirmation of receipt of the application. Further 1-5 working days for e-mail will receive a final confirmation which should be printed and presented at boarding and border control at the entrance.

Attention, the Pro-visa is strictly for free! On the Internet you come across many websites that claim to be official partners of the Consulate, and collect money for the design and support of process of its preparation. In the best case, they simply provide advice, at worst, collect money and disappear.

Be aware that there are reasons you can refuse entry at the border control even offers a visa:

  • The lack of return ticket, or if a return ticket with a departure date later than the validity period of the visa.
  • The lack of reservation of hotel/apartment, or if the booked hotel/accommodation located on the Northern part of Cyprus.
  • The suspicions of the guards that you intend to illegally work in the country.
  • The lack of sufficient funds for period of stay on the island. This item is tested rarely, but if asked, you will need to bring cash, Bank card and extract from Bank about presence on it of money or traveler's checks. Need to have funds of approximately EUR 50 per day of stay.

More info, why can not let to Cyprus on a pre-issued visa or Pro-visa here...

The lack of travel insurance is not grounds for refusal of entry, but a better insurance policy still execute, because it cost only 170 rubles for a week trip. You can draw a simple insurance, but you can include additional options like sports, driving, travel insurance, etc. More info about travel insurance to Cyprus, and how and where it is profitable to buy here...

But the rules of filling out the questionnaire and an example

The questionnaire is being completed on adults and children. If the child does not have their own passport, included in the parent, then it indicates the number of the passport of the parent.

All the data are filled in in Latin letters and in English.

In the column "Profession or occupation" contains the company name, address and phone number.

In the first stage/screen you need to choose a regional Consulate where the application is submitted, depending on your place of residence.

See lists of regions and sootvetstvuuschie them to the Consulate at:

Select the Consulate Заполнение про-визы на Кипр
Obasic fill Заполнение про-визы на Кипр

The visit of Cyprus on visa paper

Paper visa (national visa) will need to obtain only in these cases:

  • If you are planning to visit the country more than once during the stay.
  • If you wish during your vacation to leave the country on trips or for other reasons in the neighboring country.
  • If not arrive on a direct flight from Russia.
  • If you arrive to Cyprus via sea port during the cruise.

It can be issued for one visit or more (multiple). But it has the same restrictions on terms and Pro-visa: stay a total of no more than 90 days within each 180 days. The difference with the Pro-visa only that you can repeatedly leave and enter, and to use the sea ports of arrival.

A paper visa for citizens of Russia is very simple and free. You can get it even without a personal visit to the consular section. To do this in one of the consular departments need to provide personally or through an accredited Agency with the following documents:

  • A passport valid for at least 3 months after the expiry of the visa and one blank page;
  • completed and signed application form;
  • colour photograph, 3x4 cm;
  • itinerary receipt e-ticket on a plane or ferry ticket;
  • a copy of the first page of the passport
  • copy of the first page of the internal passport (for Russian citizens);
  • a copy of the registration page (internal Russian passport for Russian citizens);
  • a copy of the last page of the internal Russian passport with information about the previously issued passports;
  • a copy of the voucher for accommodation (hotel reservation), or a copy of the contract for the purchase of property in Cyprus (the original document) or copy of ownership certificate (the original document);
  • for minors copy of birth certificate (you must have the original document);

The review period is usually one day during working days, but you can get an urgent visa in the same day.

To apply you can in one of the regional offices:

Do you need a transit visa to Cyprus

There is a transit visa which is required to even transit through an international airport. The list of countries, see here.

None of the countries of the former USSR in this list.

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