A Cyprus visa

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Customs regulations of Cyprus arranged on the common European principles with similar prohibitions and duty-free regulations. The principle of green and red corridor. If you have anything to declare go through the green channel, if not through the green. But note that there are differences in customs rules depending on, you arrive from an EU country or from other countries.

Таможенные правила Кипра

What is prohibited to import to Cyprus

Since Cyprus is part of EU, there are General rules. The list of prohibited to import without a special permit is quite extensive, we chose only what you can directly relate to tourists:

  • Counterfeit, counterfeit items;
  • counterfeit banknotes;
  • animals and products of animal origin. Fall under the ban of sausage, milk, cheese, canned food, except baby food;
  • flowers and live plants;
  • handcuffs;
  • honey and other bee products.

The full list can be found on the official website - https://www.mof.gov.cy/mof/customs/

That it is forbidden to export from Cyprus

The list of banned for export included all the things that are forbidden to import (the list above), and additionally:

  • Antiques;
  • weapons, ammunition, explosives;
  • wild animals and plants;

That can be imported into Cyprus without paying duty

Tobacco and alcohol is permitted only to persons older than 17 years. Restrictions apply including goods bought duty-free shops.

  • When arriving from EU countries, if the goods are purchased within the EU

    • 800 cigarettes, or 400 cigarillos or 200 cigars or 1000 grams of Smoking tobacco.
    • The alcohol strength exceeding 22 per cent 10 litre or fortified wine, champagne and aperitifs with no stronger than 22% is 20 liters, and in addition, other wine and 90 litres beer 110 litres.
  • When arriving from the countries of the European Union

    • 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of Smoking tobacco.
    • The alcohol strength of more than 22% – 1 litre or fortified wine, champagne and aperitifs with no bigger than 22 percent – 2 liters, and in addition, other wine – 4 liters and beer – 16 litres.
    • Items for personal use worth up to 430 euros per adult and 150 euros for children up to 15 years.

The import and export of currency, jewelry

The amount of imported and exported foreign currency in cash or traveller's cheques is not limited. But when entering from countries outside the EU, cash in any currency and traveler's cheques equivalent to the amount of more than 10 thousand euros have to be declared.

Also in the Declaration it is necessary to specify gold and other jewelry. If you do not specify expensive jewelry at the entrance, there may be questions about their origin when leaving.

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