Why can deny entry to Cyprus

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The visa regime Cyprus has so far been the utmost loyalty, to visa the citizens of Russia can free and without having to visit a Consulate online, details see here – all about visa to Cyprus. However, even the presence of an already issued paper or a Pro-visa does not guarantee you that you will be in the country. There are reasons why you may not be put on a flight to Cyprus at the airport of departure, or deployed on the border. Here they are:

Виза на Кипр Pro-visa for Cyprus and the stamp in the passport
  • Check the visa through a third country

    Check the visa needs to be strictly direct flight from Russian Federation, but in practice many travellers break this rule and enter the country via a third country flight with transfers. Some people are lucky and there is no question, and someone even planted a flight. Even if you put on the flight, the chance remains that they will not let the border guard in Cyprus. So if you want guaranteed to enter the visa, it is better to observe the rule of the direct flight at the entrance. On the flight, this rule does not apply, so that the fly can, including indirect flight.

  • Re-entry the visa

    Pro-visa is designed only for a single entry, so if at the border control will check whether you have used it before, entry will be denied.

  • The lack of return ticket, or if a return ticket with a departure date later than the validity period of visa

    A return ticket home or any other country should be, and it's usually checked often. You will need to present a printout of the electronic ticket. The departure should not necessarily be direct, and do not have a direct flight.

  • The lack of reservation of hotel/apartment

    This rule is also checked often. At the request of the border guard must present a printout of the reservation, any suitable, including Airbnb apartments. Your booking or reservation of multiple hotels should be for the entire period of your stay. With regard to the provision of "fake booking", then in theory, the border guards can check the validity by calling the hotel (they are listed in the printout).

  • If you are planning a vacation in North Cyprus

    Officially, the existence of such a rule to find a confirmation was not possible, but in practice, heard a lot of reviews that if you provide a printout of the hotel reservation or accommodation in North Cyprus, you can get a waiver.

  • If you intend to work illegally in the country

    If you have a lot of passport entry stamps on Cyprus, or you are carrying something that could be construed as tools, you can further carefully and chat, and if you don't convince that you go only to rest, and could not refuse.

  • The lack of sufficient funds for period of stay

    This item is tested rarely, but if asked, you will need to bring cash, Bank card and extract from Bank about presence on it of money or traveler's checks. Need to have funds of approximately EUR 50 per day of stay.

  • If you have previously visited illegally Northern Cyprus

    If you drove to the Northern part of Cyprus on a flight from Turkey or by sea, then clearly denied entry. From the point of view of the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus it is legal to visit North Cyprus is possible only with the southern part, all the rest – illegal entry.

    In practice, it is difficult to identify such offenders, as the strains in the passport when entering Northern Cyprus from Turkey do not put. But it's better not to risk it in case there are new ways of detecting offenders through databases.

The lack of travel insurance is not grounds for refusal of entry, but a better insurance policy still execute, because it cost only 170 rubles for a week trip. You can draw a simple insurance, but you can include additional options like sports, driving, travel insurance, etc. More info about travel insurance to Cyprus, and how and where it is profitable to buy here...

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