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General information about the resort

The Bichvinta (Pitsunda) – resort city on the black sea coast of Abkhazia in the Gagra district, 90 kilometers from the capital Sukhum, and in 60 kilometers from the Psou checkpoint on the border of the Russian Federation (Pitsunda on the map of Abkhazia). From all other resorts of Abkhazia Pitsunda differs in that it is set back from the main highway of the country, the Sukhumi highway, why staying here is one of the best on the coast. Also Pitsunda resort are the nearby areas and resorts Alakhadze (Alajaji), Citrus, Poultry, Dairy, and LZA (fish factory), Agaraki, Golden Bay, Musser. Almost the whole town depends on tourism, so this is one of the few places in Abkhazia, where the local residents are trying to improve the conditions for stay of tourists.

Пицунда, Абхазия The road to the beach in Pitsunda

In this guide to Pitsunda, you will learn everything you need for independent travel or vacation at this resort. If you prefer an organized tour, you can find and book tours in Abkhazia, including a deferred payment, the following checked services online search and booking of tours, or by using the search box:

Rest in Pitsunda

Pitsunda can be called the most comfortable place to stay in Abkhazia. This applies both to the month, and to nearby towns and resorts that are traditionally considered part of Pitsunda. In our view (authors website) this is the only place in Abkhazia where you can really feel the spirit and comfort of the resort town: clean and well maintained, with a developed tourist infrastructure. Of course, the devastation here is too short, but at least she's not on the same scale as, for example, in Gagra, and it is felt that at least some order is induced.

Almost the entire coast here the beaches. They are mostly pebble and pebble, on the East of the city in the Gulf of Pitsunda Bay beaches gradually become mixed sandy-pebble (the village of Agarti and Golden Bay). Further in the Bay Musser pebble beach. However, for a beach holiday you should take along a special beach shoes for swimming, as without it to go into the water on cobblestones is very painful, what can we say about games on the beach. The water is very clear, and the depth and the sunset in the water is comfortable, not too sharp. On land here there are excellent conditions: the entire coast is surrounded by greenery, beautiful slender cypresses and the Pitsunda pine famous Pitsunda pine grove.

Пицунда, Абхазия Relax on the beach in Pitsunda

As for infrastructure, all the conditions for rest are available here, but don't expect from Pitsunda-level resort world, or even the Russian level. There are a lot of hotels and resorts, guest houses and the private sector, but objectively is to say that price does not always match the quality.

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Weather and tourist seasons in Pitsunda, when to go

Tourist season in Sochi lasts from may to October, inclusive, nevertheless, the seasons and the popularity of the resort among tourists varies from month to month:

  • May. The air at the end of may is already warm, you can even sunbathe, but the sea is still too cool for comfortable swimming with children is not recommended. Still keep in mind that the tourist infrastructure is still not fully operational at this time: many cafes and entertainment are only being prepared for opening.
  • Jun. In June, especially in the second half, the sea is warm. At this time, you can come to rest even with the kids
  • In July and August. The best season for rest, but at that time the largest influx of tourists and rising prices. But not many tourists to avoid visiting this time.
  • In September and October. End the holiday season and school holidays, and the velvet season begins. Most vacationers are leaving, prices are falling. But the weather is still very comfortable to stay until the beginning of October. It's the perfect time to relax, but in the second half of October gets too cool, so better plan the trip in the first half.
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Seasons in Pitsunda months, when is the best time to go

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

* best time to visit;
appropriate time to visit;
not a recommended time to visit

Current weather in Pitsunda and forecast

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Silver APR 13, 2019
Sea nice and clean, but pebbles are very large, the children uncomfortable. ...
admin, April 15, 2019

Special shoes for swimming kupuyte, no problem at all, everything will be okay. ...
Taisiya April 27, 2019
Was in Abkhazia 5 times and still going. No bad attitudes from the local population did not notice. Delicious food,clean sea and wonderful nature. People,when are you going to Abkhazia,you have to understand that this is not Egypt and Turkey,where everything is included!!!The determinant that you want to get on holiday, and then write bad reviews. If you want, what would you "dust particles blown", you in other countries!!! ...
admin 28 April, 2019

Still, it is necessary to understand that this feedback is not about "population", and those who provide services to tourists. Ordinary people are mostly quite friendly, but the negativity comes from those who interact with tourists, and the taxi drivers, tenants of apartments, sellers of travel services. But most importantly, you yourself admit that it's not Turkey and Egypt, and in my opinion very far not even the resorts of the Russian Federation. And, you know, not all travel and leisure is reduced to all-inclusive, if that.
And yet, all constantly write about some of the beauty of nature in Abkhazia. I would like to understand the criteria that is that you under that beauty implies. Ritsa lake and sanctuary I agree, but where you there is still beauty seen? What is there more beautiful than on the other side of the border, give examples or transcript. I'm no beauty there I see, on the contrary all the spoils of ruin and dirt around. ...
Алена5107 May 7, 2019
Good day )advice please ,as is the case with the omission of the debtors in 2019,but if the availability of debt ,there is a risk that the husband for non-payment of taxes for the vehicle will not let ... ...
admin 7 May, 2019

Check for travel ban due to debt, not actual debt. If the bailiffs have been red-flagged, then it will not be released. Read more here all painted - https://nashaplaneta.net/europe/abkhazia/art-mozhno-li-vyekhat-v-abkhaziyu-s-dolgami ...
natcat June 8, 2019
The main thing in Abkhazia is nature! And some of the stuff you just need to ignore) If there was another service, and prices rose b, respectively! 8-) ...
Anastasia Kotova 13 June, 2019
Please tell me you're going to rest in Sochi and thinking to go for a couple of days in Abkhazia with the child 1.5 years, should I go!? Can you advise the hotel what there prices are!? ...
admin June 14, 2019

Depends why you want to go there for a few days. All the compliments of that nature there is beautiful, but IMHO not in the resorts. Nature is beautiful only in the mountains and the Ritsa nature reserve/ and to see it, better to just tour in Sochi to buy, will be cheaper and faster. If you want to see a few attractions of the country, then for two days almost will not see anything even on the transport, as everything is quite far apart.
And to go to Abkhazia for the standard beach vacation-hotel-cafe I would not recommend it, simply makes no sense from the developed Sochi to go there. Although the objective of the sea there is of course cleaner, but in my personal opinion it's not worth all the difficulties and underdeveloped infrastructure of Abkhazia.
In the end my firm opinion: in Abkhazia it is necessary to go only for avid travelers who have all looked in the native open spaces, those who are not in the far abroad (police, regardie, military, etc.), and of those who love climbing and asparkam with overnight stays in tents, etc ...
aria88 23 June, 2019

Absolutely agree! Better just from Sochi to take day trips and beach holidays to spend in Sochi. ...

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