Kitchen Abkhazia

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Kitchen features Abkhazia

Кухня Абхазии

National kitchen Abkhazians were formed over several centuries. Significant impact it has had particular way of life and the climate of this country. Favorable conditions for the breeding of livestock, cultivation, fruit, vegetables, melons and nuts contributed to the inclusion in the daily diet of the Caucasus nation of dishes from corn, tomatoes, beans, eggplant, walnuts, figs, meat, and all types of dairy products, the most popular of which is cheese.

Those who first tried traditional dishes of the Abkhazian cuisine, celebrate their sharpness. The passion of the residents of Abkhazia to spicy and savory gave the world such a seasoning, as a sauce. It is prepared from red pepper, garlic, mixed spices and salt. Adjika is an indispensable addition to the dishes of meat.

The most popular meat dishes in Abkhazia are kebabs of beef, Kuch-machi, fried and smoked rotisserie chicken carcass or chicken. Often pieces of meat just boiled and served with vegetables and seasonings. Pork, Turkey and goose – are rare guests on the table, Abkhazians, the same can be said about the fish.

A special place in the diet of all Caucasians is Hominy – a dish of cornmeal, similar to thick porridge, but served as a substitute for bread. Eat grits with peanut butter, honey, and sometimes meat.

Beans is the main ingredient in such popular Abkhazian cuisine, as acod (soup in meat broth with beans and spices) and acapa (salad of green beans).

Pride of Abkhazia are all kinds of cheese – feta (dairy), escapen (milk with mint and hot sauce), acall (opinion spreadable cheese), the achayur (cheesy mass).

Where to eat in Abkhazia

Coming to rest in Abkhazia, many are asking – is it worth to cook at home or better to eat at catering establishments.

If you have the opportunity to prepare their own meals (there is a stove, necessary utensils, as well as the strength and desire), the locals always possible to buy local products to prepare nutritious lunch. But in this case is unlikely to appreciate the unique flavours of the traditional cuisine.

In order to fully enjoy the real Abkhaz kebabs, soups, beans, sweets based on honey and nuts, should be to dine in the regular dining room, which are preferred by the locals.

Cafes and restaurants usually earn exclusively on tourists, so their main goal is not to eat to feed visitors, so they came back again, a trivial increase in their own income by saving on the quality of the products and derived dishes.

Many restaurants with national cuisine, called Apache or Pachi, are pleased to offer guests food cooked according to traditional recipes Abkhazians. The choice of these institutions it makes sense to ask locals wherever they went.

Alcoholic beverages in Abkhazia

Вина Абхазии

In Abkhazia there are no restrictions on the purchase and consumption of alcoholic beverages, with the exception of the ban sale of alcohol to minors. You can buy any alcohol, which is sold in most of Europe and Russia. But, of course, the most interesting for tourists are the local alcoholic beverages.

Many tourists know that having a rest in Abkhazia, first of all the variety of alcoholic beverages should try the local wine. Them in this country are prepared both at the winery and home kitchens of homegrown grapes red and white varieties. The most popular types of wines are: "Apsny", "Bouquet of Abkhazia", "Psou", "Lykhny", "anakopiya", "Amra", "dioskuria". Any wine should be purchased only from approved suppliers, but at the same time do not pursue high price – the locals grow grapes and produce wine with minimal costs, the cost of such domestic product is significantly below the factory.

The locals almost always possible to buy chacha – grape vodka. This drink is not made in factories, it is made exclusively artisanal, but for the quality you can not worry. The taste of the chacha is soft, but the degree of high – no less than in an ordinary Russian vodka.

Brandy in Abkhazia often trying to pass for cognac. But the true connoisseurs of expensive alcohol you know that cognac is produced only in the eponymous region of France. Abkhazian "cognac" is more of a tincture for all sorts of fruits, berries or nuts with a pleasant taste.

The beer produced in Sukhumi, also deserves attention, though it is used much less than wine or brandy. Is a light alcoholic drink with a pleasant and mild flavor.

Alcohol in Abkhazia is not just a tool for lifting mood or drinking a beverage. It is also an integral part of every meal. There is a whole culture of consumption of wine and chacha. For example, the Abkhazians do not drink alcohol alone or more than two drinks at a time, if we are talking about the usual lunch or dinner. Each drunk a glass of wine definitely results in long toast – this tradition is common to all Caucasians.

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Alexander the Warrior July 29, 2019
Hello! Who like to arrive with a link to the border with Abkhazia and after. It is more profitable to take? And is it possible at Adler airport to purchase a SIM card for use in Abkhazia? Thanks in advance) ...
admin 30 July, 2019

No matter any of the two operators take, there is no difference. About airport can't tell always by car went. Only one note: immediately after crossing the border of the Russian SIM cards do not use, communications from America will cost, damn it. ...
Lelik.o77 4 August, 2019
Now stationed in Abkhazia under the New Athos, the village of Primorsko. Came here ( on their own, without a vehicle)to receive medical treatment. Crossed the border in 20 minutes, without personal inspection. 10 minutes of hydrogen sulfide, the source of healing mud. Highly recommend for joints and blood purification. What about respect, do not worry, here all have wifi. The SIM card put in airplane mode using 5 km after the border. The money is not removed... spoke calmly by telephone immediately after crossing the border( like a house). A lot of minibuses, the fare is cheap. Before Athos was 200 RUB., 1 hour 20 mins with a breeze. All Abkhazians are very friendly, always ready to help and give. If you do not stay in a hotel, very cheap. The private sector 350-500 RUB 2-bed room per day. You can negotiate with food. The food they serve is phenomenal! All a good journey. ...
aaaaal 6 August, 2019
Was in Abkhazia last year. Experience the best! the food is delicious, the people are friendly (contrary to rumors). And the's just a thrill. clean, unlike the dirty Anapa. Going to visit the country again this year. Many do not have time to look...
Mitya August 31, 2019
And I on the contrary came in. Last year went 40 thousand left there 3 weeks. I liked everything. It is clear that the service is not developed yet, but I try and it is captivating. ...
Chester September 8, 2019
Last year there 8 times dangled from Adler. To rent a house there was. Pros - sea, nature, sparsely populated, the nostalgia for the Soviet Union, the sights. Minus all the abandoned, bus, driving on the road dangerous, there are few shops, pretty boring. There was a bad incident in Sukhumi with local security forces in plain clothes, passed the house of Moscow, and I caught up with the car, it stopped me abses - took me for zakladka drugs:(, found a common language, even before the station was taken, on the transfer in Psou on this day, our border guards at the exit for no reason at all asked where I'm from (town of Abkhazia).
In my opinion the best location in Pitsunda, where Sands (fishery) and in Athens, they say there are still musra, but haven't been there yet. There are many stray dogs (lying crushed on the road and walk along the beaches), cows walk on the track, a lot of wine and chacha. Syringes on beaches. Turkish radio stations are audible. Breathe irregularly to Turkey. Echoes of war, all monuments and obelisks. Exotic still the same. But, in my opinion there mentally and spiritual people. And more freedom - there are no such restrictions in Russia, border crosses, as if a stone from his shoulders. Will go there again. For extreme relaxation. ...
Romantik November 20, 2019
Was in Abkhazia more than once. Although it was a long time ago. Me and the family arranged everything: sea, nature, air, attitude. I want to go back. ...
nausla 20 November, 2019
And judging by the old town square on your avatar, more like Prague.)) ...
Skyler 21 November, 2019

That's a hundred percent agree, I was there last time three years ago and apparently nothing has changed in that time. And greatly surprised the locals - had rented a house from private owners, so all the toilets and kitchen on the street, absolutely no comforts of home, but all in the hand of smartphones and all chatyatsya somewhere :lol: :lol: so amused by this fact :lol: ...
Swallow December 9, 2019
All I was thinking about Abkhazia, but after listening to friends - so you shouldn't go at all. As they say there are no special conditions, infrastructure, nothing. I do not know. At least in principle, we have in Sochi is not perfect everywhere, but it is still heart isn't in it yet. ...