An unforgettable gorge in Abkhazia

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An unforgettable gorge, also called the "Stone bag" or an unforgettable gorge – one of the natural attractions of the Ritsa national Park. It was formed along the river Yupshara (Apsara), and it is almost 8 kilometers of road to the lake Riza. The canyon walls overhang the road and river in the highest place nearly half a mile, and the width of the canyon ranges from 100 meters to 20 at the narrowest point. Usually tourists make a short stop to 5 minutes on one of the viewing platforms to admire this unusual natural formation, down to a mountain river, and take pictures on the background of intricate, steep cliffs and amazing gullies in the wall, like a narrow rectangular Windows. They were formed under the influence of the forces of nature, washed by millions of years of water action, and do not listen to the guides who tell you that these "dwellings" made by ancient people.

Юпшарское ущелье, Абхазия

One of the most popular viewpoints of the gorge (you can't miss, there's always a lot of tourists and cars) there are shops with Souvenirs, mountain honey, wine and chacha, as well as a huge boulder. It's called "stone of desires", and make your wish come true, you need to climb up stone on the oversight of the iron stairs, and there to make it.

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🕐 Time of work: round the clock, visit better day

💵 Entrance fee / cost of tickets: gorge is located on the territory of the Ritsa national Park, for access to an environmental fee: adults – 350 rubles, children 8-12 years – 150 rubles, children under 8 years stay free of charge. The fee paid for entrance to the Park at the checkpoint separately for each attraction do not need to pay. The cost of excursions to lake Ritsa from the resort Gagra – from 500 rubles+entrance fee to the Park

🚶 How to get there: the gorge is 45 kilometers from Gagra on the road to the lake Riza in the territory of the Ritsa national Park (the gorge on the map), the road passes right through the gorge and along the way there are several places to stop and down to the river. You can only get here by your own transport, taxi or tour. Usually excursions to lake Ritsa doing a five-minute stop in the gorge.

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An unforgettable panorama of the gorge

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admin, April 15, 2019

Special shoes for swimming kupuyte, no problem at all, everything will be okay. ...
Taisiya April 27, 2019
Was in Abkhazia 5 times and still going. No bad attitudes from the local population did not notice. Delicious food,clean sea and wonderful nature. People,when are you going to Abkhazia,you have to understand that this is not Egypt and Turkey,where everything is included!!!The determinant that you want to get on holiday, and then write bad reviews. If you want, what would you "dust particles blown", you in other countries!!! ...
admin 28 April, 2019

Still, it is necessary to understand that this feedback is not about "population", and those who provide services to tourists. Ordinary people are mostly quite friendly, but the negativity comes from those who interact with tourists, and the taxi drivers, tenants of apartments, sellers of travel services. But most importantly, you yourself admit that it's not Turkey and Egypt, and in my opinion very far not even the resorts of the Russian Federation. And, you know, not all travel and leisure is reduced to all-inclusive, if that.
And yet, all constantly write about some of the beauty of nature in Abkhazia. I would like to understand the criteria that is that you under that beauty implies. Ritsa lake and sanctuary I agree, but where you there is still beauty seen? What is there more beautiful than on the other side of the border, give examples or transcript. I'm no beauty there I see, on the contrary all the spoils of ruin and dirt around. ...
Алена5107 May 7, 2019
Good day )advice please ,as is the case with the omission of the debtors in 2019,but if the availability of debt ,there is a risk that the husband for non-payment of taxes for the vehicle will not let ... ...
admin 7 May, 2019

Check for travel ban due to debt, not actual debt. If the bailiffs have been red-flagged, then it will not be released. Read more here all painted - ...
natcat June 8, 2019
The main thing in Abkhazia is nature! And some of the stuff you just need to ignore) If there was another service, and prices rose b, respectively! 8-) ...
Anastasia Kotova 13 June, 2019
Please tell me you're going to rest in Sochi and thinking to go for a couple of days in Abkhazia with the child 1.5 years, should I go!? Can you advise the hotel what there prices are!? ...
admin June 14, 2019

Depends why you want to go there for a few days. All the compliments of that nature there is beautiful, but IMHO not in the resorts. Nature is beautiful only in the mountains and the Ritsa nature reserve/ and to see it, better to just tour in Sochi to buy, will be cheaper and faster. If you want to see a few attractions of the country, then for two days almost will not see anything even on the transport, as everything is quite far apart.
And to go to Abkhazia for the standard beach vacation-hotel-cafe I would not recommend it, simply makes no sense from the developed Sochi to go there. Although the objective of the sea there is of course cleaner, but in my personal opinion it's not worth all the difficulties and underdeveloped infrastructure of Abkhazia.
In the end my firm opinion: in Abkhazia it is necessary to go only for avid travelers who have all looked in the native open spaces, those who are not in the far abroad (police, regardie, military, etc.), and of those who love climbing and asparkam with overnight stays in tents, etc ...
aria88 23 June, 2019

Absolutely agree! Better just from Sochi to take day trips and beach holidays to spend in Sochi. ...
Alexander Mikhalchuk 2 July, 2019
I don't know, I've vacationed in Sochi, then we decided to go to Abkhazia not in summer and late autumn with several days. Yes, Abkhazia is quite something else. But we loved it. So we already twice were there in the summer. There is somehow no such bustle, more quiet and sincere. Nature delights! The sea is very beautiful and cleaner. Pebbles in Sochi, worse, uncomfortable.
We rest at the hotel Dad in Gudauta, there are pebbles, but small and how to get in the sea pebbles very fine sand. So with the children is super. You just need to understand that there are a lot of abandoned houses and infrastructure is not so developed because they're just starting to rebuild everything. In General, advantages for the sake of my that we have to go there: the beach, the crush, the sea is beautiful and clean, convenient entrance to the sea, beautiful nature, interesting excursions a lot cheaper all in peace, rest like went to the country to grandma's, but only the sea and where palm trees))) This is what everyone is looking for. If someone wants to party-then of course choose Sochi. And who wants tranquillity and relax Abkhazia)) ...

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