Ozero Malaya Ritsa in Abkhazia

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Озеро малая Рица

Mountain lake small Ritsa is the younger brother of big lake Ritsa, located in five kilometers from it at an altitude of 1235 meters above sea level, above approximately 360 meters. Its size compared to a large lake much more modest, only 530 at 290 meters and reaches a depth of 76 metres. The lake does not fall into any one river, and the water comes from melting glaciers in the spring mountains, and precipitation. Around the lake there is no infrastructure, and only natural beauty, fascinating for its views of the mountains.

The small lake and its surroundings are very beautiful, many tourists even considered to be even more beautiful than the large lake Ritsa. With all this, it is very rarely visited by tourists because it is accessible only on foot, and from it remains only interesting, and of course, cleaner and pervozdanna. The trail passes through beautiful old-growth forest, and made available to every tourist, without special training, you only need a good physical form, good shoes, and should bring drinking water. To overcome on the ascent will have almost 360 meters, which will take about a half hour in one direction and slightly less in reverse. This time does not fit in a standard excursions on the lake, so going to a small Ritz should only be if you come here by car or with a private guide. The whole route is better to lay for 4 hours.

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💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: access to the lake is free, but entrance to the territory of the Ritsa national reserve will be charged a conservation fee for CPR: adult – 350 roubles; children 8-12 years – 150 rubles; children under 8 years stay free of charge

🚶 How to get there: the lake small Ritsa is located five kilometers from a large lake Ritsa (Lake small Ritsa on the map). To reach it, you must first get to the lake, leave vehicles in the Parking lot at the beginning of the lake, and then continue walking. The lake is a path with no branches, and in places marked by arrows, so get lost it is difficult, but a compass or a Navigator will not interfere. The beginning of the trail indicated on our map (the entrance to the trail on the map).

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Panorama of lake Small Ritsa

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admin July 29, 2017
On the website opened a section on independent holidays in Abkhazia https://nashaplaneta.net/europe/abkhazia/abkhazia
Here to discuss and ask questions on the topic of holidays and travel in Abkhazia ...
Walker 16 October, 2017
Was in Abkhazia two years ago. Well, already. Do not plan to repeat. Vacation turned, shall we say, unassuming. ...
Yamaru March 7, 2018
we plan to go there, tell me what budget to expect 2 weeks for two? ...
Svetik2244 7 July, 2018
Abkhazia is a real Paradise where you can relax and enjoy the beauty) ...
, Angelica 16 September, 2018
Rested in August with the kids, went to the car. I was preparing for what would be the problem of the local traffic police and drivers, but surprisingly everything went smoothly, had no problems. Generally the traffic is very calm, little machines Really strained the local Schumachers, but it's more when I walked and not ridden. But trouble was waiting in the other. Twice we not settled on a reservation on the booking, just didn't know we were coming. Housing generally, there are horrible, if I knew in advance, would not agree for anything on this holiday, and there is already nowhere to go. For the same price in Sochi is possible to live in a much more clean environment and not with dirty sheets and mattresses in a smelly room. Always trying to fuck the money. Especially everywhere "strained" old men with sticks in Parking lots. It's just a local trend, in any tourist place grandfather walks with a stick and collects other people's cars at 100, its certainly not touching. Do not give money, then it will be worse with the car, so nowhere to go. Sea nice and clean, but pebbles are very large, the children uncomfortable. Not bought on time special beach shoes and without her here. But the beaches and promenades all broken, worse never seen. Everywhere is dirty, even the children noticed it and on the second day already asked to get back in Sochi. In General, I'm more into Abkhazia or foot. This place is only for the thick-skinned tourists, but I don't. ...
admin 16 September, 2018

Same story: it was also with the children, even the youngest (6 years old) noticed the dirt and kept asking why here so dirty. ...
Sergio 17 September, 2018
Do niznayu anyone after the first trip, went back to Abagiu to relax. The sediment after such an attitude to Russians is, sometimes hatred can be found, and that after our country has protected them from Georgia and have amassed because of this, a lot of problems. still manage to blame Russia for all their problems. Just a shame, I'm sure there ningai. ...
sveti77ka January 7, 2019
While in Abkhazia will not change the mentality and will not apply to guests with respect, not like purses, so be it. And they will never change, while Russia feeds them. ...
Alexan 15 January, 2019
Friends, not ezdiyte in Abkhazia ever. Let them stew with that attitude. You write that bad so are tourists, but it's not true. Awful they treat all Russian. What I heard about our President up there he was in all their troubles to blame. Yes, if not our country, Abkhazia would not have existed. ...
dubovi March 17, 2019
go the fifth time, a good attitude, because the owner of Russian, beauty is incredible, the food is delicious, the sea is clean ... ...

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