Blue lake in Abkhazia

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Blue lake (lake of China) – a small lake in the Gagra district of Abkhazia, known for its turquoise water, the color of which gives the mineral lapis lazuli. This is one of the most beautiful and memorable sights of Abkhazia, but separately it is visited rarely, making a short stop here on the way to Ritsa lake.

Blue lake is a karst, and very small size, only 30 and 20 meters, but the depth estimated to be 76 meters. It is never covered by ice, and the temperature year round is held at at 10 degrees. Another feature – there is no fish and other animals. Do not be surprised that the water in the blue lake seems to be turbid. This happens due to the very large water column because the depth is very large.

Голубое озеро, Абхазия Blue lake

Swimming in the lake is prohibited, too cold, but you can go knee-deep in water. Come here just to admire the beauty of the lake and its surroundings, take pictures, including the money offered here is the photo with the peacock or in the traditional local clothes. There is also a small artificial waterfall. On the way from the Parking lot to the lake reaches a market with shops selling Souvenirs, honey, wine, chacha, cheese, usually at inflated prices. Across the road from the lake through the river organized skiing, zip-lining (trolls), the cost is 500 rubles in both directions. And of course, the lake is associated with many legends, which tell the tourists during the tours.


🕐 Time of work: round the clock

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: lake is located on the territory of the Ritsa national Park, access to which surcharge (environmental fee): adults – 350 rubles, children 8-12 years – 150 rubles, children under 8 years stay free of charge. The fee paid for entrance to the Park at the checkpoint separately for each attraction, including Blue lakes, do not need to pay. The cost of excursions to lake Ritsa (includes a visit to the Blue lake) from the Gagra – from 500 rubles+entrance fee to the Park.

🚶 How to get there: the lake is 30 kilometers from the centre of the resort of Gagra on the road to lake Ritsa in the territory of the Ritsa national Park (lake blue on the map). Public transport doesn't go there, you can get there by car, taxi, tour, ride, or bike. The road to the lake is good, drive any car, and the lake is right next to the road there is a Parking place (free). Excursions separately to the Blue lake are not held, but a stop here is included in the excursion to lake Ritsa. Also on the route visit waterfalls Dairy, Men's tears, Women's tears, the Gega waterfall. This road further leads to the village of Aadhar.

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Panorama of the Blue lake

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BBB 11 April, 2019
Rest in Abkhazia often. Yes, there are bugs, lots of chaos, etc. But if you choose a good hotel then You will have a private, clean beaches and guarded Parking and service. I don't know which service people count 300 p a day!?
Never conflict with the local was not all very friendly. Even were I in the market in Gagra parked in not put place. Our cops would have long put, and where the local policeman just asked me to move the car. That's it!
And in Gagra the cleanest beach on the black sea coast from Anapa to Sukhum! And nature is so impressive that I could ...
Bogdanka 13 April, 2019
For beginners : In Gagra the dirty sea, because there is no sewage system and "good" of the entire city directly goes into the sea. Generally Gagra travel the city, if we talk about the beautiful nature, clean sea, air treatment etc - it's only a month. Pitsunda is located on ravnina, the sea in the Bay where dolphins normal, tree groves, many of the attractions and other entertainment. The attitude of the local population is very friendly. We are for 16 years and traveled all over Abkhazia, but in Pitsunda come back for 6 years. ...
admin 13 April, 2019

Yes, if it's a good hotel to choose, you soon and the sidewalks will be built, and the waterfront will do, the streets will clean up all the destroyed buildings quickly recovered while you have a rest, and nature is beautiful and not trash around organizes, and people are good and kind smiling on the street will bring to you.
You do not confuse a hotel booking. And besides Nenad about 300 rubles to tell. I was in Abkhazia in such barns stayed for 2000-3000 rubles per night for two adults and two children, that Mama do not cry. For the money in a normal warm countries (I mean Europe and Russia, just saying) chic environment to stay. Actually I have noticed that Abkhazia is touted only by those who have not been anywhere else to compare with. ...
admin 13 April, 2019

And I you 10 examples how he deceived the money, threw the housing, lied in the face. So ...
Silver APR 13, 2019
Sea nice and clean, but pebbles are very large, the children uncomfortable. ...
admin, April 15, 2019

Special shoes for swimming kupuyte, no problem at all, everything will be okay. ...
Taisiya April 27, 2019
Was in Abkhazia 5 times and still going. No bad attitudes from the local population did not notice. Delicious food,clean sea and wonderful nature. People,when are you going to Abkhazia,you have to understand that this is not Egypt and Turkey,where everything is included!!!The determinant that you want to get on holiday, and then write bad reviews. If you want, what would you "dust particles blown", you in other countries!!! ...
admin 28 April, 2019

Still, it is necessary to understand that this feedback is not about "population", and those who provide services to tourists. Ordinary people are mostly quite friendly, but the negativity comes from those who interact with tourists, and the taxi drivers, tenants of apartments, sellers of travel services. But most importantly, you yourself admit that it's not Turkey and Egypt, and in my opinion very far not even the resorts of the Russian Federation. And, you know, not all travel and leisure is reduced to all-inclusive, if that.
And yet, all constantly write about some of the beauty of nature in Abkhazia. I would like to understand the criteria that is that you under that beauty implies. Ritsa lake and sanctuary I agree, but where you there is still beauty seen? What is there more beautiful than on the other side of the border, give examples or transcript. I'm no beauty there I see, on the contrary all the spoils of ruin and dirt around. ...
Алена5107 May 7, 2019
Good day )advice please ,as is the case with the omission of the debtors in 2019,but if the availability of debt ,there is a risk that the husband for non-payment of taxes for the vehicle will not let ... ...
admin 7 May, 2019

Check for travel ban due to debt, not actual debt. If the bailiffs have been red-flagged, then it will not be released. Read more here all painted - ...

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