Prices in Abkhazia

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Before traveling on vacation in Abkhazia, the question arises as to what budget to expect in such a trip. It has long been known that prices for tourists are always higher than for local residents. Below we have tried to collect the most relevant information on prices in Abkhazia in the current season. After reading this article, you will learn the cost of all essential goods and services in Abkhazia for tourists, and will be able to make an approximate calculation of the budget of your trip.

Prices on the road in Abkhazia

In Abkhazia can be reached by car, train, bus or plane in Sochi (airport Adler) and then switch to a bus.

Here are the approximate prices for round-trip:

The minimum price of tickets from Moscow to Sochi:

FIND FROM 2838 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 27.03.2020 04.04.2020
FIND FROM 2169 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 02.04.2020 22.04.2020
FIND FROM 3950 FOR YOU! Direct Лого авиакомпании 07.05.2020 16.05.2020
FIND FROM 5050 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 01.06.2020 08.06.2020
FIND FROM 4334 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 01.07.2020 01.07.2020
FIND FROM 6250 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 25.08.2020 03.09.2020
FIND FROM 5400 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 06.09.2020 22.10.2020
FIND FROM 4783 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 11.10.2020 21.10.2020
FIND FROM 6250 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 13.11.2020 17.11.2020
FIND FROM 6250 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 11.12.2020 14.12.2020
FIND FROM 6250 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 16.01.2021 23.01.2021
FIND FROM 6250 ₽ Direct Лого авиакомпании 13.02.2021 17.02.2021

Minimum ticket prices of cities of the Russian Federation in Sochi:

Moscow ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 2170 ₽
Stavropol ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 1620 ₽
Rostov-on-don ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 1776 FOR YOU!
Mineral Water ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 2116 ₽
Bryansk ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 2353 ₽
Kaluga ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 2370 ₽
Pskov ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 2871 ₽
Vladikavkaz ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 2968 ₽
Volgograd ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 2970 ₽
Ufa ⇄ Sochi (Adler) 1 FIND FROM 3192 ₽
Krasnodar ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 3270 ₽
Astrakhan ⇄ Sochi (Adler) Direct FIND FROM 3370 ₽

Train for the price are a little cheaper and sometimes more expensive than the Plane. Moreover, a direct train should be in Abkhazia only from Moscow and St. Petersburg, and to get from other regions not on this route, you should look for tickets to Sochi (Adler), and then take a bus or taxi that add costs.

Here the cost of the trains on which you can get to Abkhazia (in both directions):

  • The Moscow – Sukhum – 6000 rubles platskart/kupe 10500 rubles
  • Moscow – Adler – 5600 rubles platskart/kupe 10,000 rubles

If you choose to travel to Abkhazia on the car, you will have to overcome 1670 kilometers from Moscow, 2,000 miles away from Nizhny Novgorod, 2900 kilometers from Yekaterinburg.

For benchmark, with fuel consumption of 7L per 100 km of the AI-92 gasoline you will spend 116 liters, or about 9,300 roubles in both parties. You should also consider the cost of travel on toll roads, which is on the route from Moscow a lot.

Housing in Abkhazia

Below are given a budget per diem rates for housing in Abkhazia. Important: in high season prices may rise to 35%.

  • place in well-equipped camping – from 500 roubles for a place for tent
  • room in the hostel/private apartment – 500 rubles per person
  • room for two or three people in the hotel or room in guest house – from 1200 RUB.
  • apartment for rent – from 1500 RUB.
  • cottage – from 2200 RUB.

Often tourists begin to look for housing in fact stay in Abkhazia. Tip! In high season it may happen that on arrival you won't be able to find a place. Therefore, it is best to book your accommodation in advance.

The practices are very common groups in social networks. So you can find the official group of the desired hotel and book a room directly through the social network.

Public transport in Abkhazia

Gathered to go to Abkhazia you need to know about the prices for public transport, so sightseeing would have to move to different parts of Abkhazia.

Trolleybuses and buses:

  • The bus to Sukhum – 6 RUB.

Bus on Abkhazia:

  • The Sukhum – 12 RUB.
  • The Sukhumi – Gudauta – 74 RUB.
  • Sukhumi – Gagra – 100 RUB.
  • Gagra – New Athos – 150 RUB.
  • The Psou checkpoint – New Athos – 200 RUB.

Taxi in Abkhazia:

  • New Gagra Gagra Old – 150 – 320 RUB.
  • Gagra – New Athos – 1250-1350 RUB.

Tourist transfers to Abkhazia:

  • Transfer from firms Adler-Gagra – 500 RUB.
  • Transfer from the firms of Adler-Sukhumi – 1000 RUB.

The cost of food in restaurants and canteens

In Abkhazia you have the opportunity to eat well in the dining rooms. The approximate cost is 250 rubles for one person. There is a table open all day, so if we're lucky, the dining room can also be for dinner.

Food in restaurants is, of course, will cost more than in the cafeterias. The average costs of people vary from 500 rubles to 1,200 rubles, considering the alcohol. The list of restaurant dishes with the prices listed below:

  • Lobio(a bean dish) – 36 RUB.
  • Hajipur – 180 RUB.
  • Salads – 170-380 RUB.
  • Snacks – 190 RUB.
  • Cheese – 370 RUB.
  • Potatoes – 140 RUB.
  • Fish/100 grams – 100 rubles.
  • Kebab, 100 g – 90-340 RUB.
  • Abkhaz meat 380 RUB
  • Khinkali/PC – 40 RUB.
  • Hominy is 50 RUB.
  • Chacha pint – 270 RUB.
  • Cognac half-litre – 850 RUB.
  • Wine 0.75 – 470 RUB.
  • Soft drinks half a liter – 65 RUB.

Beach and procedures

In Abkhazia all the beaches are free. For convenience, rent umbrellas and sunbeds.

  • The umbrella – 200 RUB.
  • Rent beach chairs – 100 RUB (you can use them an unlimited amount of time on the day)

The list of heat sources with prices:

  • Geyser(city of Ochamchira) for free!
  • Primorsko – pass - 200 rubles., Parking space – 50 RUB.
  • Kyndyg – pass - 200 rubles., Parking – 50 RUB.

Entrance fee to the attractions of Abkhazia

  • The Ritsa national Park (there are lake Ritsa, an unforgettable gorge, waterfall male tears, etc) - adult – 350 roubles; children 8-12 years – 150 rubles, children under 8 years stay free of charge.
  • The rocks (White) – free.
  • The temple-fortress (Bzybsky) – free.
  • Tsandripshskaya temple – free.
  • Stalin's dacha (Cold river) – 250 RUB.
  • Dacha of Stalin and Khrushchev (the lake of Ritsa) – 150 RUB.
  • Stalin's dacha in Mussera – 250 RUB.
  • Fortress (Anakopia) – pass - 200 rubles., Parking place – 100 rubles.
  • Cave (New) – adult ticket – 500 roubles, child ticket (under 8) – free of charge.
  • Monastery (Athos) – pass – free.
  • Botanical garden (Sukhum) – adult ticket - 250 roubles, children (7-13 years) – 50 RUB., kids free.
  • Museum (Sukhum) – adult ticket – 100 RUB.
  • Temples (Kamenskie) – free.
  • The nursery monkeys – adult ticket – 250 roubles, children ticket – 50 rubles., Parking place – 100 rubles.
  • Beslet bridge – free.
  • Temple (Bedia) – free.
  • Paragliding – 4000 RUB.
  • The Dolphinarium is 500 RUB., kids free.
  • Concert on – approx 450-500 RUB
  • Water Park – adult ticket – 950 RUB, children (4-10 years) – 750 RUB.

Trips to Abkhazia

In any place where a lot of tourists, you can meet people who offer guide services. Prices of excursions in Abkhazia is not much different.


  • Waterfalls Men's/Girl's tears, hanging bridge, canyons, alloy wine products and honeys. – adult ticket – 920руб., child ticket – 680 RUB.
  • The seven lakes valley (Jeep tour)
  • Paw pass, lake valley with a length of 15 km. – adult ticket - 2100 RUB., children-1700 RUB

New Athos

  • Monasteries, Churches, mountains, castles, waterfalls. – adult ticket - 500 rubles, children ticket - 400 RUB.


  • Sightseeing tour – adult ticket – 420 RUB., children – 310 RUB.


  • Mineral springs, gorges + kitchen Abkhazia(optional) – adult ticket – 500 rubles, children ticket - 400 RUB.

Dranda, Agudzera, Ilor

  • Temples, healing icons – adult ticket – 510 RUB., children's ticket - 400 RUB.

Lykhny, trout farm

  • Temples, ruins, Hiking through gorges, cave monastery, trout farm – adult ticket - 749 rubles, children ticket - 649 RUB.

Mokwa + Otepka cave

  • Stalactites, stalagmites, stalagnates. Cathedral. – adult ticket – 920 RUB., children – 810 RUB.

The Gega waterfall/Jeep tour of Ritsa

  • Riza, lake, waterfall, picnic – adult ticket-1650 RUB., child ticket-1500 RUB.


  • Ruins, temples, a Holy spring – adult ticket – 500 rubles, children ticket – 400 RUB.

Pitsunda, Gagra

  • An ancient temple, a Museum. Adult (child ticket) – 500 RUB.

Boat trip

  • The possibility of a two-hour swim – adult – 800 roubles, child ticket – 500 rubles.

In addition to General tours in Abkhazia you can find many local residents who kindly agreed to give you a tour of the places that you wish or on your favorite places of local residents. The tour is by private car guide. Tour price is calculated on the cost of the car.

The cost of food in Abkhazia

Market is a place where you can find the cheapest products. But tourists also traditionally called all overpriced. If the price tags on the goods in the market no need to bargain. On the beaches, the resorts, in the centre the prices are a bit higher. Below are average prices for products in Abkhazia.

  • Pork/pork skewer, kg – 320-360 RUB.
  • Beef, kg – 370 RUB.
  • Lamb, kg – 420 RUB.
  • Chicken fillet, kg – 310 RUB.
  • Quail, kg – 120 RUB.
  • Trout river – 670 RUB.
  • Trout – 160 RUB.
  • Cheese, kg – 430 RUB.
  • Eggs, dozen - 75 RUB.
  • Adjika kg – 185 RUB.
  • Honey, l – 700 RUB.
  • Pepper, kg – 65 RUB.
  • Eggplant, kg – 65 RUB.
  • Corn, piece – 18 RUB.
  • Bunch fresh cilantro – 26 rubles.
  • Melon, kg – 60 RUB.
  • Watermelon, kg – 9 RUB.
  • Raisins, kg – 90 RUB.
  • Peaches, kg – 160 RUB.
  • Bananas, kg – 95 RUB.
  • Persimmon, kg – 85 RUB.
  • Water 1.5 l – 40 RUB.
  • Juice, 3 l – 240 RUB.
  • Pasta, half kg – 50 RUB.
  • Hazelnut, chestnut in shell kg – 180 RUB.
  • Churchkhela, PCs – 35 RUB.
  • Lemon, kg – 130 RUB.
  • Beer "Tuborg" - 65 RUB.
  • Wine on tap/l – 250 RUB.
  • Cognac on tap/l – 500 RUB.
  • Chacha on tap/l – 480 RUB.
  • Cigarettes "Marlboro" - 170 RUB.

The results for prices on holidays in Abkhazia

Based on the above information, it is possible to calculate the total estimated cost of holidays in Abkhazia on the person.

  • Food

    The approximate cost from 900 to 2000 rubles + drinks with fruit – 120-280 RUB.

    Average ticket cost on the day will be around 1200 – 4000 RUB.

  • Entertainment

    Considering all the attractions of Abkhazia you will spend no more than 3200 RUB. you Can also include water parks and so on. Plus it's 2100 RUB. given transport, fun and entertainment will go from 4,000 to 9,000 rubles.

  • Spending on the little things, 900-1900 RUB.

The final cost of the trip to Abkhazia:

  • A week-long trip from 14000 to 23000 RUB + way.
  • A 10-day trip from 17000 to 34000 RUB road.
  • 14 days from 25000 to 46000 RUB road.

Tip! Good for travel and less need for a larger number of people in the trip.

So, the article covered all the main prices in Abkhazia. All calculations given are average. To achieve more accurate numbers, decide your itinerary in the country and wanted excitement and fun. Have a nice stay!

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admin 30 July, 2019

No matter any of the two operators take, there is no difference. About airport can't tell always by car went. Only one note: immediately after crossing the border of the Russian SIM cards do not use, communications from America will cost, damn it. ...
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Now stationed in Abkhazia under the New Athos, the village of Primorsko. Came here ( on their own, without a vehicle)to receive medical treatment. Crossed the border in 20 minutes, without personal inspection. 10 minutes of hydrogen sulfide, the source of healing mud. Highly recommend for joints and blood purification. What about respect, do not worry, here all have wifi. The SIM card put in airplane mode using 5 km after the border. The money is not removed... spoke calmly by telephone immediately after crossing the border( like a house). A lot of minibuses, the fare is cheap. Before Athos was 200 RUB., 1 hour 20 mins with a breeze. All Abkhazians are very friendly, always ready to help and give. If you do not stay in a hotel, very cheap. The private sector 350-500 RUB 2-bed room per day. You can negotiate with food. The food they serve is phenomenal! All a good journey. ...
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Was in Abkhazia last year. Experience the best! the food is delicious, the people are friendly (contrary to rumors). And the's just a thrill. clean, unlike the dirty Anapa. Going to visit the country again this year. Many do not have time to look...
Mitya August 31, 2019
And I on the contrary came in. Last year went 40 thousand left there 3 weeks. I liked everything. It is clear that the service is not developed yet, but I try and it is captivating. ...
Chester September 8, 2019
Last year there 8 times dangled from Adler. To rent a house there was. Pros - sea, nature, sparsely populated, the nostalgia for the Soviet Union, the sights. Minus all the abandoned, bus, driving on the road dangerous, there are few shops, pretty boring. There was a bad incident in Sukhumi with local security forces in plain clothes, passed the house of Moscow, and I caught up with the car, it stopped me abses - took me for zakladka drugs:(, found a common language, even before the station was taken, on the transfer in Psou on this day, our border guards at the exit for no reason at all asked where I'm from (town of Abkhazia).
In my opinion the best location in Pitsunda, where Sands (fishery) and in Athens, they say there are still musra, but haven't been there yet. There are many stray dogs (lying crushed on the road and walk along the beaches), cows walk on the track, a lot of wine and chacha. Syringes on beaches. Turkish radio stations are audible. Breathe irregularly to Turkey. Echoes of war, all monuments and obelisks. Exotic still the same. But, in my opinion there mentally and spiritual people. And more freedom - there are no such restrictions in Russia, border crosses, as if a stone from his shoulders. Will go there again. For extreme relaxation. ...
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All I was thinking about Abkhazia, but after listening to friends - so you shouldn't go at all. As they say there are no special conditions, infrastructure, nothing. I do not know. At least in principle, we have in Sochi is not perfect everywhere, but it is still heart isn't in it yet. ...