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If you are going abroad on holiday or travelling, you will need the local money, because they do not always accept dollars or Euro and especially the ruble. Unfortunately it is not always possible in Russia or other CIS countries to buy the currency you need, and it is necessary to use an intermediate global, i.e. at first to buy a home dollars or euros, then already in the destination country to change them. And by the way, even if you find the home currency of the country that you need, this does not mean that you will get a good rate, but rather the opposite. Unfortunately, unpopular courses of currencies is very disadvantageous to Russia, and often you will lose less if you first exchanged the rubles for dollars.

  • Therefore, the first rule is not to take abroad rubles in those countries where rubles can't pay
  • And the second rule – not to buy a house other currency except the us dollar or Euro*

* - the exception, if you can buy currency through banks and exchange offices and exchange it at a reasonable rate with friends, for example if they have left you need currency after a holiday.

Все что нужно знать туристам о валюте

How to change the currency more profitable

The ruble is constantly and almost never predictable, so to gain a good course now it's difficult, there is rather matter of luck than precise calculation. However, a little bit to make the exchange more profitable.

You can convert on our calculator the currency of any country in the currency of any other country.

The conversion is based on the official world currency exchange rates. The rate of exchange points in practice may differ from that obtained in our calculator, because the exchange is always charged Commission in the form of the difference in rates.

Currency calculator*
The result:
* Calculator recalculates the amounts based on the official world currency exchange rates. When exchanging currency in exchange offices the rate will vary slightly depending on the exchange fee
Enable widget currency*

* - If you enable the widget exchange rate of the selected currency will be displayed in the right sidebar on every page of the website until you unplug yourself.

First of all, do not change in the first Bank. Unfortunately, the largest Russian state Bank exchange rates are extremely unfavorable, but you can easily find out the current courses at different banks in your city online and choose the best to not dangle at the exchange points.

Also a little gain is possible in exchange online. Internet banks many Russian banks today allow you to open an account in foreign currency and to change money from your ruble current account money directly on the Internet. Then varied the amount withdrawn through cash or ATM without a fee.

When you change rubles for dollars or euros at home, you need to consider some nuances:

  • On old releases (years) and small bills of USD or Euro exchange rate abroad may be lower. So ask when you exchange a large and new notes.
  • Bills with stamps, with notes in pen, wrinkled or dirty (in the banks for such uses the term - old), the old model and refuse to accept for exchange, or to offer a lower rate. Therefore, when exchange inspect every bill, and refuse the bad.

How to exchange currency for small bills

Sometimes you need to have on hand in small bills of us dollars or euros, for example, to pay for the visa, or to exchange a small amount at the airport for the first time. But to make the exchange in banks or exchange houses will not work, that will offer you your first transfer of $ 100, for example, in rubles, and then back to dollars, but in small bills. And that's a big loss because of the difference in rates.

The only way we know is to make a purchase in the duty free zone (duty free) at the border. You can buy something inexpensive, and surrender according to your desire, you will be given in the currency.

How to change bad bills

If you were bad bills (the old, old editions, with notes or seals, dirty, torn, etc.), they may refuse to accept for exchange abroad. Unfortunately, to apply to the Bank of Russia for exchange of a new one as this can be done with rubles, will not work. But you can try to change one of the following ways:

  • Currency exchange for rubles, and then back into currency, but then you lose out on Commission.
  • To exchange dollars for Euro or Vice versa euros for dollars, and with them go abroad.
  • To pay for a small purchase at the duty-free store and get the change with new bills.
  • To have a current (not Deposit) of the dollar Bank account, to make the sum through cash Desk or ATM, and then withdraw them. All of these operations are no commissions, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. But perhaps some banks have for a small fee to issue a Bank card to make the withdrawal.
Такие купюры могут отказаться принять Such notes may refuse to accept

Restrictions on the import export of currency from the country

There are both restrictions on the export of currency and money from Russia and the same restrictions when entering/leaving other countries. However, you need not to worry, because most often it is quite a large amount, in addition, in some country limit does not exist, but there is a limit beyond which cash you just need to declare it, i.e. make a special form and be presented to customs when requested. Therefore it is useful to clarify these issues in advance before you travel in order not to encounter trouble at the border.

For Russia at present (2018) established the need to declare any foreign or Russian currency in cash in the amount exceeding 10 000 USD. Ie if you have less than this amount, you can do nothing to worry about, and if more, then it just needs to declare it. To cash also includes cheques.

Features a currency exchange abroad

  • Currency exchange abroad depending on the country may be done at banks, authorized exchange offices, in hotels, private "me." Keep in mind that in some countries the exchange is not in licensed areas is illegal. And you can "ring out" the police, together with informal "money changers".
  • The exchange is just full of bills, no change. Ie, you can not exchange the $ 50 out of $ 100 bills.
  • The exchange rate at airports and border crossings almost everywhere unprofitable, there is better to change only a small amount for the first time.
  • To determine whether the best before you the exchange rate you can not even comparing it to other exchange. For this you can use the hack, which is described here...
  • It is not always possible to exchange at a reasonable exchange rate the currency of the country of your vacation back to one of the world's currencies. Therefore it is better to calculate in advance your expenses and change gradually, so you do not have to swap back.
Обмен валюты в аэропорту Ханоя Currency exchange at the airport

How to change money, not to deceive

In Russia when changing money at official offices and banks problems with deception is almost never found, only in very rare cases. Abroad with cheating tourists when exchanging currency to meet you more often. The list of scams is endless, but here are those that occur most frequently:

  • Cheating with the exchange rate and Commission. Is that on the signs write a high rate, but in exchange, it turns out that you got much smaller. The disturbance you will say that the sign of the old course, or that for sharing/cheating will incur a fee. Not to get into such a situation before sending money ask you to write on the calculator or on paper, how much do you get for sharing your specific amount. In fair exchange will do it without question.
  • The abandonment of the exchange. If for some reason the exchange did not take place and you return your money, be sure to recalculate them.
  • Substitution of bills. Again, if for some reason the exchange did not take place, in the terms check if have switched your bill for a fake.

In General, we (the authors) have developed such an algorithm and rules in the exchange:

  • Before you begin, be sure to verify that there is no fee and vague courses. To do this, ask to have written on paper or the screen of the calculator the exact amount that you get and count it yourself on a calculator smartphone on that which you offer.
  • If you have begun to share anything should not be distracted and focus only on the exchange: no talking with your companions or strangers, talking on the phone, surfing the Internet.
  • Money is best transferred through the paperweight, if possible. Ie you present your bills to obmanshik, it counts in your eyes, and puts them on the table between you, pushing a paperweight.
  • When you get an exchange, carefully counts them in the eyes and obmanschica, and compared with the sum agreed. Better to count twice to check every bill, because in countries with lots of zeros on the bills it is very easy for the inexperience to take 10 000 instead of 100 000, for example.

That's all you need to know about the currency before you travel. If you have something to add or discuss to this account, write in the topic on our forum or leave a message at the bottom of the page.

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admin 26 July, 2013

Without problems can buy cheques in almost any country and any foreign currency in banks. Russia is no exception: any citizen can buy checks. Just in case I will remind that now the savings Bank stopped selling the cheques they need to buy only from other banks. ...
9 September, 2013
from 1st August 2013. sale of traveller's cheques of American Express in Russia terminated....alas... ...
admin 9 September, 2013

I already know the problem :( :( :( :( . What kind of country we have, 19th century :roll:. The reason for the termination of sales is low demand. And how can he be high if they are just impossible to buy. Used to somehow the BEAC can be beneficial to buy, however I had to order them in advance, and large checks did not exist. And as the savings stopped sales of the like have no place at all was at a reasonable price to purchase. ...
Adaund 17 October, 2013

what does it mean? What are the implications of that are so "bad"? Explain, please, very interesting ...
admin October 17, 2013

As well, what is the consequence? Now they are not even in Russia to buy. ...
Kira777 30 August, 2017
Don'T know about others, but I have most of the money on the card. Beach valuables and money do not take. For all the negativity was not. ...
nausla 31 August, 2017

About the beach a little weird, not everywhere there are lockers.
I take Himachal from the smartphone on the neck where I put my money.
Also, try to leave at least one guard from the things. ...
kamneedoff 21 April, 2018
If going to the beach not one, not see a problem. If one, in the package (if you swim)...)) If just to sunbathe, then the problem of preservation, too, disappears... ...
Eric December 3, 2018
tell me please I have inherited travellers cheques American Express 200€ where I can change and what documents are needed if there is one signature ...
admin 3 December, 2018

Well, in Russia most likely anywhere else because we have more checks the entrance for many years. Therefore try to cash them abroad. If they can't, give to relatives/acquaintances who go, maybe they'll try it. Theoretically, nothing but a passport to exchange them is not necessary, but about the signature of course the question may arise that in the passport and on the receipt signatures are different. Try your best formal question to American Express to write There is also a contact form and email. ...