What is the vaccination, going on a trip

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The journey is always a thrill, a joy, a flurry of emotions from acquaintance with a new culture, with mysterious places. Often it can be complicated by poorly tolerated by acclimatization or intolerance to local cuisine. But you should always remember about one more serious aspect, especially when visiting exotic countries, the possibility of Contracting a deadly disease. In a potentially dangerous region, the traveler can avoid health problems in advance of making a vaccine. Before vaccination or use of any drug, be sure to consult with a specialist.

In different countries you can be infected with various diseases, but the greatest danger is posed by encephalitis, yellow fever and malaria. The most dangerous to visit are Equatorial countries with a humid climate. The African continent in the South and the North are relatively safe, but in the Equatorial part of the danger of catching a fever or malaria increases tenfold. Among other potentially dangerous regions - South America, South and South-East Asia. However, going to any exotic country is not worth it to panic. The fact that in most developed countries, the majority of tropical diseases in densely-developed areas are now quite rare. This is especially true of a major city and resort areas, which is constantly conducting chemical treatment to combat the infection.

If you are visiting Saudi Arabia are advised to be vaccinated against meningococcal disease, when traveling to Afghanistan, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian authority and Israel against polio. Of vaccination against rabies should think of visiting the country where you can be bitten by a bat, dog or cat, it is, in particular, India, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Cambodia. A must to visit some of the regions are vaccinated against typhoid, hepatitis A, dysentery and cholera, the latter is worth doing only in the identification of a disease outbreak in the state where you intend to go.

For entry to a number of countries (about 20) mandatory certificate of vaccination against yellow fever, which is transmitted through the bites of infected mosquitoes.

Vaccination against malaria, but if you are going in the neighborhood of the Amazon, in advance of you can take a course of medication. This course does not completely rule out the possibility of becoming infected with malaria, but it greatly reduces the chances. Courses of malaria medicines usually takes a month before the trip.

Mites, vector of encephalitis, in a huge number live in Russia, especially in Siberia and the Urals. To protect against tick-borne encephalitis vaccination there are.

Strong immunity after vaccination, the organism usually produces in a month, but some vaccinations to do much earlier prior to the trip, so think about the security measures of your health in advance.

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nausla March 25, 2019
If you are afraid, take your normal insurance.
I don't know where you are going and, accordingly, the insurance I can not advise. ...
dragon March 26, 2019

And here is what information You want to obtain? ...
Oksi_87 27 March, 2019

Information about the possibility that someone faced with the problem of Allergy to anything new and can give some useful advice regarding the medications that may purchased it abroad
I do not quite understand Your misunderstanding ...
nausla 27 March, 2019
Don't you think that such information should be obtained from specialists?
We're in the majority, not the doctors. ...
dragon 27 March, 2019

Don't you think that the information that You have stated, not even enough to communicate with the doctor?
And here, in fact, travel forum... ...
Oksi_87 28 March, 2019

So I'm with the doctors here to chat and not going
The travel forum, but the topic is "health Safety while traveling", respectively
Nevermind ...
AntonyS 19 April, 2019
Useful article, thanks. Especially in the journey, it is necessary to carefully choose the food, otherwise there is a risk to spend it in the arms of "white friend" ...
Dmitry Argunov May 31, 2019

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Ho4u_v_otpusk 8 July, 2019

Those who have a weak stomach and the whole digestive tract, in advance to prepare your body to accept new foods. Even different quality of water can play havoc with the body. ...
parll12 28 February, 2020
In my opinion you need to take the necessary (for a headache pill, Pepto, bandages, brilliant green or peroxide,stomach pills or suspension). Well, in case of urgency to acquire in the trip if you need some specific medication. And sat down the same journey with your child then I think questions should not arise. It is better to err and take everything he needed with him. ...