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Attention! The information in the article below only applies to citizens of the Russian Federation and for exit from the Russian Federation. The laws of other countries and the practice of traveling outside of the country may differ from Russian.

Паспортный контроль в аэропорту

In the Russian Federation the order of traveling abroad is regulated by the Federal law "On the procedure for exit from Russian Federation and entry into the Russian Federation" from 15.08.1996 N 114-FZ. Only the law may establish restrictions and limitations, and no other. And the law entitles all citizens to freely travel abroad and freely return. However, article 15 of this law establishes a temporary travel restrictions in certain cases. Here are the most common causes due to which you can "expand" on the border.

  • The availability of debt

    This is the first and the most common reason for denial of exit visas. A lot of tourists and travelers were "stunned" by the unexpected travel ban because of unpaid fines, arrears on utility bills, loans, alimony, etc. However, it is important not the mere presence of debt, and the decision of the bailiff on the establishment of travel restrictions. This topic is fairly complex, so if in doubt, better read the separate information on this subject – "Away if you: check ban on travel abroad".

    Well, if you don't read, you can check the possible existence of a prohibition online via a special service "Navylet". For this you need to enter your personal data* in search form, and get a detailed result.

    Check the ban:

    Click on the image to see an example of the full report Пример отчета по запрету на выезд за границу

    * website "Our planet" does not collect or store personal data of users of the service "NAVYLET". All the conditions for the use of personal data you can read directly on the website "NAVYLET".

  • Expired passport

    It is obvious that the validity of your passport should not end at the moments of departure and return. At the airport, this situation is unlikely, as tickets are bought on passport data and automatically checked during the purchase. But when crossing the land border by car or train it could happen. And in fact, but not so little people "wrapped" at the boundary due to the expired validity of the passport, as ordinary tourists in the best case you take it in hand only a few times a year, so it's easy to forget that he's already invalid.

    Moreover, for entry to another country there are requirements on the minimum duration. I.e. you, for example, it must be valid for at least 6 months at the time of entry. This problem is of another kind, because you are from the Russian release, but the rest or the journey will still be spoiled, because you have to go back.

  • The exit of the minor child

    To leave one of the parents, relatives or guardians with a child without power of attorney from the other parent or parents is impossible. And, from the other parent does not even require writing any special applications to establish limits, a ban is set automatically. So if you go on vacation abroad with the child without the other parent, or send it with my grandmother, for example, take care of attorney in advance.

    The power of attorney issued from any notary for a fee, costs from 1200 rubles. It is issued without the participation of the child, for up to several years (so profitable, as charged by the notary fee depends on the period), issued on a special form.

Other reasons

The law provides for other reasons for which you may not be released. This access to state secrets, military service or alternative military service, the recognition as a suspect or accused, conviction, and service to the FSB. In each of these cases, the passport shall be seized, so that surprises at the border arise simply can not.

There is another point with departure outside the Russian Federation, which applies only to employees of the interior Ministry

This is a very slippery topic, but if you think about the number of employees or workers of the interior Ministry, or just going to join them, you should know that. In 2014, the interior Ministry there is an informal, not documented and contradicts Federal law the ban on travel abroad. Employees simply do not sign the official report on travel abroad on leave, and many even have taken foreign passports, regardless of the form of access to state secrets. In each region of the Russian Federation, this prohibition works differently in some regions in individual countries even produce, so to find out about it directly at the place of work.

What are the consequences of violation of this prohibition? On the border of the MVD (if they have on hands the passport), no one will deploy, since the ban illegal. But on arrival back at the service will have to wait for very serious trouble up to and including dismissal, under various pretexts.

Attention! According to information available to us, from the beginning of 2018 to police officers mitigated the illegal ban on travel abroad, and now sign the report on travel to Vietnam, Cuba, China and former Soviet republics, except Ukraine and Georgia.
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admin 12 September, 2018
As in private messages and in the mail comes a lot of questions about the ban on travel abroad because of debts and other reasons that we can't answer in private, we have prepared a series of articles on the subject.
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In this section of the forum can ask questions on this topic, to share their experiences and so on. ...
Annabelle October 5, 2018
I have not paid the credit . I miss
to Kazakhstan? ...
admin October 5, 2018

The credit debt may be grounds for a ban, but in that case, if the amount of debt you have more than 30 000 rubles (this is considered interest and penalties, by the way). Though of course not forget that the Bank must first initiate a return in court, and then appeal the decision to the bailiffs, and they're covering the exit. ...
Outworld 30 October, 2018
Nightmare) ...
Vasya 17 December, 2018
I have Executive production from 21.09.2018 for child support debt. Can I travel abroad? And in a worst case, can I pay the duty at the airport? ...
admin 17 December, 2018

Hello Basil! It all depends on the amount of the debt. If you have a debt for alimony more than 10,000, it is almost certainly in your case the bailiffs have already installed a ban on travel, but if you want to know for sure, then contact personally to the officers or on their website, or check through Navylet. And if you see that the ban is, then you need to immediately repay bailiffs and include the receipt or receipts of repayment, so they lifted the ban.
At the airport to solve the problem yet unfortunately in any way. Even if you will repay on the spot via online Bank or something, the constraint is still removed only police officers, but they do it slowly, they act like 14 days. And the border guards that you produce or do not produce, do not care, you repaid the debt or not, the main thing that you in the banned list was not. Here we painted this mechanism in more detail, if interested, is it Possible to pay off your debts at the border. So it is better to redeem now before it's too late. ...
Bat523 17 January, 2019
Good day! The Website "Navylet.Russia" has shown the likelihood of departure 85% of "Serious debts not detected", but there nikitichny debt 29 thousand on the loan will release me abroad? ...
admin 17 January, 2019

Hello! If anything before the moment of departure you will not change and no other reason (criminal record, criminal prosecution, investigation, etc.), then release, you need not worry. ...

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