What to do if you messed up the name in the ticket

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Mixed up in the ticket the name is a common mistake that passengers in the online ticketing. Unfortunately, the sites of some of the airlines or reservation systems are sometimes so confusing that sometimes you can think that everything is done specifically to ensure that the buyers made mistakes.

Оформление авиабилета онлайн: если перепутана фамилия и имя

What do you do if after registration and payment you will discover that you mixed up name and surname in the ticket? Do I need to take a ticket, make a change, and for the free replacement?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer and all depends on the rules of the airline and the rules of fare purchased.

The fact that if you messed up the name, the ticket will be void and the law, for example, according to "the Order of Ministry of transport of Russia of 28.06.2007 N 82 (ed. by 14.01.2019) "On approval of Federal aviation rules "General rules of air transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo and requirements to service of passengers, consignors, consignees" the airline has the right to charge the passenger an additional fee for changes. These are some airlines, especially budget carriers, demanding for changes in the ticket a considerable amount, which is sometimes comparable to the entire cost of the ticket, and sometimes, as it is absurd, even above the new ticket.

For example, it is very much affected budget "Victory", leaving the passengers no chance of a free change or boarding for the wrong ticket. So, to independently make corrections to the ticket online, will have to pay 5000 rubles. But if you have to do it over the phone, you still have to pay for a pay phone call in support of the airline from 55 rubles per minute without VAT.

But luckily, most airlines value their reputation, and offer more loyal conditions. For example, a/to the S7, even for the economic rates allows free to correct the error, and Ural Airlines all ready to register and put on Board of the passenger with the incorrect ticket.


What to do if a mistake is found?

You should not rely on reviews and tips on the Internet, including the examples mentioned above on specific airlines because conditions may eventually change, and also depends on tariffs. Most likely, you will not be able to find the answer yourself and in the description of the plan, she's too complicated. So once you find an error, please contact the airline on this issue and describe the situation. Then you will get the answer: do I need to change the data in the ticket or you go to jail for wrongly designed, and if you want to change, will help to do it.

To contact most airlines by phone, via the feedback form on the website, or better yet via online chat on the website. However, remember that some carriers, mainly low-cost airlines do not intentionally add the sites contact form or chat, don't respond to emails and communicate with the passengers only on a pay phone.

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