Rip current and how to deal with it

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Sea and ocean is a source of joy, pleasure, but also high risk. Every year the sad statistics updated with latest data about the drowned tourists. People are dying for various reasons, however, one of the hidden dangers which sometimes can not cope even experienced swimmers, is the rip current.

Rip current, also called reverse wave, breaking wave, "Tyagun", Rip Curentinsidiously that carry man further and further from the shore. And in an unsuccessful attempt to return, the swimmer loses all power and dies in the water. Experts have developed rules of conduct that will help the people caught in the rip to escape and get safely to the shore. But first a bit of theory.

  • What is a rip current, reverse wave

    Rip Current is a type of sea and ocean currents, appearing in the coastline during low tide. At the time when the water previously came to the shore at high tide, with different intensity begins to retreat back into the sea, formed this wave is. The course, which is called bounce is always directed perpendicular to the coastline.

  • Where and what time meets Rip Current

    "Rip" may be formed during the low tide, near the shore. However, it occurs not everywhere, but only in those places where the bottom topography contributes to this. More specifically, there must be a bottleneck for the water outlet, which may be formed of coral reefs, rocks or just sand. What is bad, this relief may be hidden by the water, and to determine the possible formation of the impact wave is visually impossible.

  • How to recognize a rip current

    Professionals point out that rip can be recognized by their appearance. If you look at the sea surface, you can see a kind of corridor, width of about three meters, formed by return flow. If the flow rate is small (about 5 km/h) similar non-hazardous places.

    Threat to life had a greater impact flow, the flow rate which has 15 km/h. Therefore, before bathing, you need to carefully look at the water. The main visual signs of a reverse wave following:

    • on the surface of the visible channel of churning water directed perpendicular to the coastline. The steady movement captures the flow of sea vegetation and forms a foam;
    • outside the "rip" in the coastal zone, the water changes its color. If the sea surface is predominantly greenish or bluish, for she is white (so acts the waste stream);
    • on the waves of visible steady gap whose width in the middle reaches of 5-10 meters.
  • Spontaneous reverse wave

    The Flash Rip is the reverse ocean current that occurs suddenly and without any visual manifestations. This type of waves are especially dangerous, as they are able to pull in the ocean, even an adult, standing in water waist-deep.

What to do to avoid death in a pneumatic flow how to be saved

If the person is captured within rescuers recommended to follow this sequence of actions:

  • No need to panic. A state of panic and fear forced to expend energy on meaningless activities. Most people are drowning due to the inability to fight and the loss of power. Better to calm down and realize that "rip" is not a funnel, it will not drag on the bottom. This surface current, from which you can easily get out of, if done right.
  • Saving energy. Not just to swim back to shore, this is the wrong action. Better to do nothing than panic spending power, and there will be more chances to get out when the demolition wave will pass.
  • Do not go to the shore and along it. You must realize that the rip current has a width that is rare when it happens greater than 50 meters. It is advisable to move along the shore to leave the treacherous area and then head onto land, and not to shovel the wasted water and expend power, while remaining in place. "Rip" tends to quickly wear off, so you should have patience: in one hundred metres from the shore it loses its power, and it is possible to swim and move to the coast.
  • Do not swim to shore as soon as I get out of the thread. Reverse flow extends closer to the shore, and therefore have a chance to get back into it, but you will have little strength. Therefore, it is necessary to depart even a little from the stream, and then to go to the shore.
Как победить отбойное течение

Every person can fight with a pneumatic flow. If this struggle according to the rules described above, it is possible to swim out of any difficult situation.

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