What if I missed the plane

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If you have a flight, always keep in mind about punctuality, because check-in ends, usually 40 minutes before departure and for international flights check-in can be completed in one hour. However, if the unexpected happened — you overslept, got sick, got stuck in traffic, simply miscalculated and spent too much time on the charges — and eventually missed the plane? From these circumstances no one is immune, and it is important to know how to act in such a case.

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Some General information

But first, a little information for those who've never been about what the check-in, boarding and about the whole process at the airport:

You need to clearly understand that there are two options to be late for your flight not to arrive on time for registration, or after registration to be late for boarding.

The first stage of preparing the passenger for the flight at the airport is check-in. During registration, check your documents and airline tickets, take the Luggage and issue the boarding pass. After registration you have to pass security control, but if you have international flights, more and passport control procedures. Then you get to the waiting area landing (departure). And only when they announce boarding for your flight, you may proceed to Board the plane.

Learn more about the procedure at the airport you can read the article "flying for the First time on the air: practical information for those who have never been on a plane and going to your first flight".

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If the plane had already departed

What to do if by the time you arrive at the airport the plane was already up in the air?

In this case, you must contact your airline representative. It should help you to choose the most suitable your next flight right passenger conditions. In addition, you need to surrender or exchange an unused ticket. For the returned ticket is possible to obtain compensation, but this is not usually more than 75% of the ticket price, often even much less or nothing at all. Everything here depends on the tariff. Economic and promotional rates as Pavlo irrevocable and fully "burned" in case of absence.

More rights from the owners of the tickets in business or first class. Such passengers will easily be put on the next flight if it has seats, or you can rebook your ticket for any other date. But it also depends on the policies of each specific airline, and all the conditions prescribed in the ticket fare.

Chance to get paid for the ticket in full is only in case of fault of the airline that the flight has departed without you (so-called forced return ticket). Such circumstances may be schedule changes, delays, cancellation of flights due to adverse weather conditions, inconsistencies with transit. Return absolute value and in cases of replacement of the type of aircraft, and in failing to serve the passenger on the ticket class. To claim a refund is possible, if the delay was because of too long time to inspect or allowed by airline errors in the design of the ticket.

But navylet passenger due to not received a visa to another country does not guarantee the refund of the ticket price. In the case of illness of another together flying with you passenger, the carrier will provide preferential registration for the next available flight in the same class of service. If sick yourself, this reason does not give any special privileges in obtaining monetary compensation for the ticket. Friends or relatives who applied to the airline for compensation instead of the sick passenger, moreover, must have a power of attorney to act on his behalf.

Note, by the way, in mind that if you fly into the country, to enter which you need visa and there is no possibility to obtain it upon arrival, the airline may deny you boarding because according to international rules you will have to bring you back to the country of departure at their own expense. In this case the question of refund you the cost of the ticket can also be controversial: it's not the airline's fault that you did not care about obtaining a visa in advance.

You should pay attention to the conditions of preservation of booking if you have bought tickets for flights with transfers or class tickets "there — back". Airlines usually automatically withdraw the booking from the flight, to which the transfer is carried out, as well as for the return flight if the passenger missed the flight the first flight. Subsequent to the tickets weren't cancelled, you must notify the company of failing to appear for any of the flights, and then the tickets will be saved.

If you are late for registration, but the plane hasn't taken off yet

If by the time you got to the airport, the plane still up in the air until the flight left about 25 minutes — you still have a chance to get to your flight. In the way to get through to aviakompaniju and inform about being late, but to convince that you will arrive. At some airports there is a special reception late passengers. But this procedure is paid for its slowness will have to pay the sum equivalent to two thousand rubles. For passengers in business class, usually free.

At some airports there is no such bar, and in this case it is necessary as soon as possible to find the airline representative. Usually they are at reception until departure of the aircraft. Only the airline representative can get you on Board until the plane took off. However, to rely on such luck, if before departure remains only a few tens of minutes, hardly worth it. Any flight there is a procedure preflight preparation, starting after the passengers. And delay, for delivery on Board a late, can result in serious delay of the departure of the aircraft for a few hours and as a consequence in serious losses. It is unlikely that the airline will assume the risk of such penalties.

Not worth it, by the way, forget about the fact that for international flights after the registration you must also go through the procedure of passport and customs control may build up in long queues. So, even if you sign up for the flight, you still have a chance to get stuck in human traffic jams on the control and not to get on the flight, unless the airline representative will guide you without a queue.

Today, many airports and airlines offer an online check-in for flights. However, this does not mean that you can arrive at the airport 5 minutes before departure. Even if you register online, you still need to be at the front to take your Luggage (if any), and fall into the relegation zone. Therefore, if you arrive at the airport 25 minutes before departure even with the online registration will have to be made at the front Desk late passengers.

If you have registered but do not have time to land

Depending on the type of vessel and method of boarding (by bus, on foot or via jet bridge) boarding time for the flight can be closed for 10-20 minutes before departure. This is specified in your boarding pass, and it is not recommended to miss him.

Accidentally late by that time if you suddenly are addicted to shopping in the duty-free shops, get stuck at passport control, security control or customs control. Yes or we just slept through landing in the relegation zone. Usually, passengers who have registered and not arrived at the gate, further cause the speakerphone, but to delay a flight because of them no one will.

The chances that you will be put on the flight after the close planting very little, because delaying the departure Board for even a few minutes can lead to many hours of delay. However, you need to immediately find a representative of the airline and if the airline and the airport will go to a meeting, you can ordinarily manage to sit on the Board. But can and refuse. In this case, it will be assumed that you simply missed the plane with all the ensuing consequences in the form of a refund of the cost of the ticket (with deduction penalty) or full waiver of a refund for the ticket amount depending on the tariff.

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