How not to spoil the holiday when booking in advance

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Situation when tourists run into trouble at check-in already booked through Booking or other system of search and booking of hotel is not so rare. Can happen everything from the number mismatch the photos and description on the website, and ending with a lack of accommodation at the specified address.

Actually, nothing surprising in this, because, for example, so loved and popular worldwide Booking (Booking) and other world system of search and booking of hotels, are just intermediaries between you and the owners of hotels, hostels, apartments, etc., completely eliminate the negligence of hoteliers or apartment owners can't. Therefore, there are cases when tourists arrive at the hotel and found ourselves in front of closed doors; suddenly find out that the price for the room skyrocketed; or even can not find a hotel on the site.

Проблема после бронирования отеля Undue expectations from the hotel

However, despite the availability on the Internet of angry reviews on such cases, actually checked the reservation system does not leave its users and the responsibility off. Any such problem can be resolved in your favor, it is important to know how to act.

What problems can occur, and when you can expect to help in solving problems

You need to understand that if you arrived at the hotel, which subjectively will not meet your expectations, or if you have violated the rules of arrival, rules of stay, has not made timely payment, customer support may well refuse to solve your problem. However, this does not mean you have to give up. For example, if the description and photos the hotel is beautiful and clean, and you came in "pigsty", take pictures, send to support and try to achieve at least the free cancellation.

Номер фальшивого отеля в Ханое Typical "pigsty" is a good number

In the following cases, you can safely ask for help in the booking system:

  • You have not found the hotel at the specified address.
  • The hotel had the wrong address or did not specify it (this happens with private suites), and does not communicate.
  • You were denied in the settlement for any reason (no free rooms, the room, etc.).
  • At check in you request a higher price than was stated when booking, or require a Supplement if you have already paid for.
  • Description of services and photos on the website do not correspond objectively to the accommodation.
  • You are offered a room of a lower category or even relocated to another hotel.

How to act if there is a problem

First of all, you need to advance to prepare for the possible occurrence of the problem, to make it easier to solve. For contacting support you should have the booking number and pin code (only for treatment in the Booking), and ideally a printout or electronic form of armor in the smartphone. Also check carefully and make sure that the correct written address and contacts of the hotel.

Do not forget to record the phone customer service. It is desirable to have numbers for the country where you are to reduce communication costs, but you have to communicate at least in English. If the foreign language does not speak, write Russian numbers:

  • Contact customer support Booking

    Attention for registered customers of Genius level and above available to other phone numbers where to reach you easier. Learn their you can in your personal area on the page

  • Contact customer support Agoda

    • Phone numbers in Russian: +7 495 705 9247
    • Telephone for international calls (in English): +44 (0)20 3027 7900
    • Form on the website for feedback: (Please note that the feedback form does not work correctly when included Russian language, it is better to switch to English)
    • E-mail: (taking the letter in Russian and English)

To contact customer support, you will need a connection, and here most often the problem arises. Being abroad is not always possible to cheaply communicate by telephone, so telephone calls you can spend even more than the cost of the hotel. The main thing – to have patience and be able to get through, since waiting in the call queue can take several tens of minutes. This is especially true for Booking, where support in recent years has become less available. Therefore it is necessary to have a secure and either a local SIM card, or connect special option from your mobile operator, or at least have instructions on how to connect it if necessary.

You can also contact via the Internet if available (you can find Wi-Fi in a cafe or at the reception of hotels) and send a message through the form on the website or by e-mail, but then to expect a quick solution to the problem is not: we will get the answer in a day or two, maybe more. On the phone to solve your problems begin immediately.

When you call, be prepared to provide all data (name, number, pin), and describe the problem. Depending on the country and situation you can offer the replacement of the hotel (in case of emergency, when not colonize and nowhere to go); solve the problem with check-in at the same price at which you have booked (in case of overpricing on arrival); can offer yourself to find another hotel and the compensation for the difference in price. There may be other solutions, this is only the most basic. Also, you can pay compensation for the inconvenience and additional costs, if you justify. For example, in our experience (the authors website) for refusing to stay in one of the guest houses in Abkhazia in addition to compensation for another hotel was also additional-paid 25 euros, which more than covered the cost of telephone calls in roaming support.

But what to do if unable to contact customer support? In this case, to solve the problem on the spot you'll have for yourself, namely, you need to find another accommodation in the same city about the same price range. Which is good, this may be the hotel even more expensive than the one you booked. But it is important that the payment you have provided receipts. You can pay by card, but then you have to get a statement from the Bank on debit transactions. Then at the first opportunity, contact support, describe the problem and send the receipt scans to get a refund. If you're not impudent, and the book is a three star hotel for $ 20 a five star for $ 200, you fully compensate for the difference in cost. If there is objective expenses that you can document, you can count on their compensation, but within reasonable limits. The amount will be refunded to the Bank card.

And another important point. Even if for some reason you decide not to use the compensation, still let the booking system that is having problems and you are checked in to this hotel. This is required because the dishonest owners of hotels and apartments can send in the booking information that you are not stopped or live with them, for which the system can write in your card, the money for the stay (or return them if you paid in advance).

So, to sum up briefly, we need to do the following:

  • Have all the booking details, contacts customer support, and provide the opportunity to contact.
  • When a problem occurs, immediately contact customer support of the booking system, provide all the data and wait for the proposed solution.
  • If you are unable to communicate, to find their own another option of accommodation is about the same price range when you make payment to request a receipt. If you have any other objective additional costs in connection with this, collect all the receipts.
  • At the first opportunity get in touch via the feedback form on the website or by e-mail with customer support, describe the problem and send scans/photos of receipts for compensation.
  • Even if you decide not to receive compensation, still let the first chance of no-show, otherwise, you can deduct the penalty for the first or more days.

Where better to book to be less of a problem

We (the authors) have already decided where better to book, and who have the support system works best for you.

  • System With Agoda. Especially convenient and beneficial for the journey to Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Indonesia. As practice shows, the problems with check-in via Agoda happen extremely rarely (in our experience, only once out of several hundred bookings). And if something happens, it is solved very quickly, as in Southeast Asian countries hoteliers this system is very respected and feared.

    Make a hotel reservation

  • The Booking System. In the end a much wider whole world, so if you are planning a trip to Asia, it is better to use the booking. The support system also works reliably, but not so fast as we would like. Also very difficult to get through. It is easier to reach the Genius level of users and higher phone numbers available only from your personal account. In any case, if you act like we wrote above, any problems will be solved.

    Make a hotel reservation

As for the major hotel aggregators like Hotellook, Tripadvisor, Trivago, etc. Instead, it should be understood that they are merely intermediaries between you and the intermediaries (the actual system of search and booking). Most often, they just don't have any support and will simply redirect you to those Agoda or Booking, or take on the function of mediator in the settlement of the problem, why it will be solved only longer.

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