How to behave with monkeys, precautions

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Many tourists who travel to exotic countries, it is naive to believe that the monkey is a fun fun animals that do not pose any danger. But in fact, even the most ordinary macaques, so widespread in areas of human habitation and the most common tourists in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, India, etc. are dangerous animals. From fun and cute, they can quickly become angry and aggressive, and can even infect you with deadly diseases.

У обезьян тоже есть тяга к современным технологиям Craving for modern technology

Most tourists suffer from monkey theft and robbery: they steal and take away food and personal belongings. You can easily lose a water bottle, a packet of chips, caps, glasses, phone, camera and even wallet. There were occasions when they removed the jewelry and pulled out of the ears earrings. And, interestingly, they did not react to local residents, because I know them and I'm afraid, but easy to recognize the tourists and attack them.

They steal things, they are completely inconsiderate, as full owners. You can go to your backpack on the beach, and drag it entirely, or to undo and shake out contents. Attempts to ward off can only annoy, and as a result they become even more aggressive and flock together to repel. During this conflict they can scratch or bite, and that's very bad.

Often monkeys are moving abroad, and take things right out of your hands or backpacks, pull out of the pockets. Most often this happens in places where they are spoiled people, for example, on the tourist island of the apes or monkey in special parks.

Как вести себя с обезьянами Monkey theft on beaches is booming

Well, now that you know what to expect from monkeys, let's get to advice on how to behave:

  • Before Hiking in parks with monkeys and any other places where they can meet in large numbers, hide all things that can easily steal the backpack. Including remove all of the side pockets of backpacks, in order not to attract their attention. To forget the open pockets of trousers and shorts.
  • If the monkey will approach you very closely, will touch or even climb on the shoulders, no need to panic or make any sudden movements. Usually in such cases they are friendly and playful, and if you have nothing left to take away, will quickly lose interest and go on his way.
  • One should not look the monkeys directly in the eyes and show their teeth, for them it is a sign of aggressive intent.
  • If you decided to feed the monkeys, do not keep and hide food on their mind. They'll be all over you until you take it all. Therefore it is better to get a little food from his backpack, but that monkey didn't see it.
  • If it came to stealing things, try to ask the staff of the Park where it happened.
  • If no one to contact and return the stolen thing is necessary, one should act to be very carefully, but confidently. We would generally not recommend doing this, but if there's no other way, try to distract the monkey by another object. For example, they love the bottles with water or lemonade, and you can throw other loot for a new one. You can still just wait a bit, in the hope that inedible items uninteresting, and a bit of tinkering, monkeys just throw them.
  • Just like that, without reason, monkeys are not attacking. At least you have them angry, what can happen if you have something they do not give or take away. So if you rip stolen from her paws, ready to attack.
  • If monkeys attack, they do it in packs. Generally, in our experience (of the authors), alone they are cowards, but the attack showing teeth and growling, calling the pack. In the pack they become much bolder, but still afraid of sticks and other objects which can be hit. To drive them away from yourself, grab an object and swing them. Fit even backpack that can spin over your head or around you. At the same time and stepping on them is impossible, and it is better to dismiss and move back, but not turning my back on them. As soon as you step away from them, they lose interest and settle down, but you will remember.
  • If the monkey has bitten you is very bad. They carry rabies and many other dangerous diseases, and therefore immediately need to see a doctor, and there is no options. To start on the spot rinse the wound with water and apply antiseptics (Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, etc.), or alcohol. Use iodine and Zelenka is not recommended. Next you need to see a doctor, where you will be prescribed standarte in such cases treatment: multiple injections. In the case of insurance, you should first tell the insurance company and act according to their instructions, and if no insurance, have to pay for the treatment yourself. Therefore travel insurance is highly recommended.

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Useful article, thanks. Especially in the journey, it is necessary to carefully choose the food, otherwise there is a risk to spend it in the arms of "white friend" ...
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