How to verify a ban on travel abroad for free

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We already have discussed in detail the reasons why you may prohibit travel abroad and how to check themselves in the lists of the banned through the Internet here. You can use the commercial service NEVILL.

But if you do not wish to receive a detailed report with recommendations for removing or avoiding a ban, and you have a simple answer, whether you are in the moment, specifically among those who bailiffs prohibited to travel outside of the Russian Federation, then the easiest way is to use the free service. This service provides the Federal bailiff service of Russia (FSSP of Russia) on its website. To do this open the website once on the main page you will see a form for the request. By entering their full name and selecting the region, you will get a full list of enforcement proceedings in the chosen region:

Пример отчета по запрету на выезд за границу

In this list search for your data (check the date of birth), and if you are not there, so everything is in order. Also don't forget to test yourself on other areas in which you have lived or had any business.

If you have doubts still, you can additionally check through a commercial service NEVILL*:

Check the ban:

Rezultatam check you will get here's a detailed report and recommendations:

Click on the image to see an example of the full report Пример отчета по запрету на выезд за границу

* website "Our planet" does not collect or store personal data of users of the service "NAVYLET". All the conditions for the use of personal data you can read directly on the website "NAVYLET".

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Vasya 17 December, 2018
I have Executive production from 21.09.2018 for child support debt. Can I travel abroad? And in a worst case, can I pay the duty at the airport? ...
admin 17 December, 2018

Hello Basil! It all depends on the amount of the debt. If you have a debt for alimony more than 10,000, it is almost certainly in your case the bailiffs have already installed a ban on travel, but if you want to know for sure, then contact personally to the officers or on their website, or check through Navylet. And if you see that the ban is, then you need to immediately repay bailiffs and include the receipt or receipts of repayment, so they lifted the ban.
At the airport to solve the problem yet unfortunately in any way. Even if you will repay on the spot via online Bank or something, the constraint is still removed only police officers, but they do it slowly, they act like 14 days. And the border guards that you produce or do not produce, do not care, you repaid the debt or not, the main thing that you in the banned list was not. Here we painted this mechanism in more detail, if interested, is it Possible to pay off your debts at the border. So it is better to redeem now before it's too late. ...
Bat523 17 January, 2019
Good day! The Website "Navylet.Russia" has shown the likelihood of departure 85% of "Serious debts not detected", but there nikitichny debt 29 thousand on the loan will release me abroad? ...
admin 17 January, 2019

Hello! If anything before the moment of departure you will not change and no other reason (criminal record, criminal prosecution, investigation, etc.), then release, you need not worry. ...
Oksanak 7 February, 2019
It is better to know officially or not released. ...
admin February 7, 2019

But still better not to bring up such a situation to have a doubt that can not release. ...
4 March, 2019
Good evening, the issue of debt ID decided February 20, pass through the border March 7 if the bailiff has removed the limitation and was handed a copy of the decision on the abolition of restrictions? ...
admin 5 March, 2019

Yes, released. As far as I know, by law, the FSSP is given 14 days to removal, and if this does not happen, then theoretically you will be able then the court to claim compensation (tickets, vouchers). But I think you all will be in order, after the decision in the hands. ...
Xonik 11 March 2019
Hello, I live abroad, there is a ban on travel and put November 2019.took the car to his brother,he is not paid in full,the car police officers have for sale,the payment did not shy away,always in touch with the Bank and with police officers.but until the car sells, the ban is not removed..want to come with children for the summer to Russia. I come every year.allow me then to leave Russia on the basis that the children are in school abroad. The citizenship of another state with children is.married to a foreigner.or maybe there is some other option out.thank you ...
admin 12 March, 2019

Hello! technically you fall under the ban, but the law is clarification:
The ban may be temporarily removed in the following cases:
1. If you need to travel abroad for treatment
2. If you need to visit relatives abroad during their illness or death
3. Other important circumstances, if you can convince them of the importance of the bailiff. This may be an important business trip, temporary work, business trip.
Your third, and it all solves the bailiff. Ie you will need to personally contact the court bailiffs service, which issued a decision on the prohibition, with application for the provisional lifting of the ban. But I suppose that is unlikely to take off because you in fact will not be a temporary departure and return, and permanent. Another option is, at least was: through Belarus. But like, there was information that border guards have started to share information, and the loophole closed. ...

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