What you can and cannot carry in hand Luggage and Luggage of the plane

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There are very strict rules under which you can't bring certain things into the cabin (as cabin baggage), or even to carry them in the Luggage. They are all aimed at the safety of passengers, and must be implemented by all passengers without question. It is useless to argue or to persuade employees of the security control at the airport, if they found something forbidden in your baggage or carry-on baggage. You just have to remove the prohibited item and throw it away in a special container, which are installed in every airport, and this is the best. For the carriage of prohibited items like contraband, you can still get in trouble with the law, but that's another story.

So, what is prohibited in checked or carry-on baggage:

Prohibited for carriage in baggage

The following items are prohibited for carriage in the passenger aircraft at all, no matter, you hand over them in Luggage, or carry to the salon. Some of these items are allowed with the appropriate permits, which are issued in advance of the flight.

  • Weapons, including sports, explosives, blasting agents and objects containing them
  • Compressed and liquefied gases, including tear gas spray self defense
  • Flammable liquids
  • Flammable solids
  • Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides
  • Toxic substances, poisons
  • Radioactive materials
  • Caustic and corrosive substances (acid, alkali)

It is forbidden to carry in hand Luggage

Что нельзя провозить в ручной клади и багаже самолета

Hand baggage – those are the things that you do not hand in your Luggage and take into the cabin, and placed on the Luggage rack above the seats. Prohibited for carriage in baggage items must be checked in, unless of course they are not prohibited to be carried in the aircraft at all.

Besides the fact that there are prohibited items, there are also restrictions on weight and dimensions of hand Luggage. They are dependent on the purchased fare, and typically no more than 10 pounds for the normal rates, and not more than 5 kgs for non-refundable rates. Limitations on weight and size on the website of the carrier (airline) and the description of the price of your ticket.

So, in carry-on baggage is prohibited to carry:

  • Items prohibited for transportation in baggage (see above)
  • Toys similar to the weapons
  • Piercing and cutting items, up-to-nail scissors, nail files
  • Metal toolssuch as screwdrivers, pliers, etc.
  • Liquids, gels, aerosols, creams. Prohibited any liquids, including simple drinking water. It is allowed to conduct fluid only in packages of not more than 100ml each, and not more than 1 litre in total per person. And some airport security and reduce this amount. You can carry on Board medication in the presence of supporting help, and baby food. It is also possible to carry liquids (drinks or cosmetics) purchased at duty free shops Duty Free, but only in special shrinkwrapped packages, which is issued when buying
  • Food. The ban on bringing food on Board is installed not all airlines, but even if food is allowed, don't forget about the ban on liquids
  • Pets. Animals, even the sweetest, it is necessary to pass in special cages in the Luggage compartment
  • Lighters

More questions related to baggage and hand Luggage on the plane

  • What happens if I hide a forbidden item? Theoretically, it is possible to do so, but in practice it is useless. In most modern airports, especially in Russia, is equipped with modern scanning systems that detect forbidden items even on your body.
  • What to do if when I found forbidden to be carried in the aircraft object? Unfortunately, he will have to leave. No store or forward they will not, so such things are simply thrown away in special containers.
  • Can I bring fruit on the plane? Theoretically, it is banned by some airlines, but in practice this prohibition does not always work.
  • When and how looking for prohibited items when boarding the plane? Baggage is inspected upon check-in of passengers and baggage to the airport staff (usually it is put on the scales at check-in, after leaving on the conveyor belt, and there tested without your presence). Checking hand baggage is performed later when the boarding passes and documents you go to the boarding area (sending). But don't confuse, control, security and customs control are two different things.
  • Is it possible to put in the Luggage of hand Luggage prohibited items after they were discovered when testing? Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to do, because in the moment when you will have to check hand baggage at the entrance to the boarding area (sending), your baggage travels across many kilometers of conveyor lines to the airport, or may even be already loaded on the plane. And of course, no one will look for him, so you could put something.
  • Punish me if you find prohibited on the plane things? No, if the detected object is not prohibited by law. You simply will not pass with this Board, and have to leave/thrown out, as above.
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